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( These datasets are licensed for use by the IIMB Community only. )



This guide provides information on various sets of data available to the IIMB community for research and academic use. The profiles of these datasets also include copyright information and software and hardware requirements. Some of these are stored in CD mirroring server and are easily downloadable to your laptops. Please download the copyright form, sign and scan it to send it to the email ID. If you wish to use any of these datasets for your research, please write to with a CC to


Here are definitions: Source ODLIS


Data set:

A logically meaningful collection or grouping of similar or related data, usually assembled as a matter of record or for research, for example, the American FactFinder Data Sets provided online by the U.S. Census Bureau or the National Elevation Dataset available from the U.S. Geological Survey. Also spelled dataset. See also: social science data set.



A large, regularly updatefile of digitized information (bibliographic records, abstracts, full-text documents, directory entries, images, statistics, etc.) related to a specific subject or field, consisting of records of uniform format organized for ease and speed of search and retrieval and managed with the aid of database management system (DBMS) softwareContent is created by the database producer (for example, the American Psychological Association), which usually publishes a print version (Psychological Abstracts) and leases the content to one or more database vendors (EBSCOOCLC, etc.) that provide electronic access to the data after it has been converted to machine-readable form (PsycINFO), usually on CD-ROM or online via the Internet, using proprietary search software. Most databases used in libraries are catalogs, periodical indexes, abstracting services, and full-text reference resources leased annually under licensing agreements that limit access to registered borrowers and library staffAbbreviated db. Compare with data bank. See also: archival databasebibliographic databaseembedded databasemetadatabase, and niche database.


Social Science Data Set:

file of structured data, usually statistical in nature, for use in social science research. The most common types contain census and survey data. Archives of social science data sets are available online, often by subscription. The University of Amsterdam provides Social Science Data Archives maintained by Holly Ackerman. Also spelled social science dataset.