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Datasets-DB: CMIE-Consumer Pyramidsdx

CMIE-Consumer Pyramidsdx

( These datasets are licensed for use by the IIMB Community only. )



Consumer Pyramids is the largest survey of households of India. It makes estimates of income, expenses, savings, borrowings, investments, and ownership of assets of households. It also makes estimates of the age, gender, education, occupation, health, and financial inclusion of individuals. CPHS is conducted thrice every year. Thus, there are three Waves every year. The sample size of the survey is around 170,000 households, and the sample is maintained as a panel surveyed over multiple Waves. CPHS includes the following databases:

a)-People of India dx: The People of India database is particularly rich in capturing labour market supply characteristics. It provides information on the employment/unemployment status of every individual over 14 years of age. It covers in detail of the duration of the place of work, type of employment, and nature of engagement. Data is available from Jan 2014 to date.

b)-Aspirational India dx: The Aspirational India database offers several kinds of data that throw light on household assets and amenities, household sentiments, their perceptions, and decisions regarding the purchase of assets or to make investments. It covers data on ownership of a dozen assets by households and insights into the standard of living of Indian households. Data is available from Jan 2014 to date.

c)-Income Pyramids dx: This database presents information on income from wages, pensions, dividends, and interest of individual earning members of households. Each source of income is revealed separately. It offers income received by the household from sources that are usually not attributable to a specific household individual. These include private transfers, government transfers, business profits, profits from the sale of assets, the imputed income of home-grown agricultural products used for self-consumption, lotteries & gambling. It delivers monthly data for its sample households from January 2014 onwards.

d)-Consumption Pyramids dx: Consumption Pyramids deliver a monthly series of household consumption expenditure & snapshots of weekly expenses on select fast-moving expense items. The Consumer Pyramids Household Survey focuses on two questions. First, how much do households spend, in rupee terms, on consumption expenditure & second, what is the broad distribution of this spend. Consumption Pyramids also provides snapshots of weekly expenses on 27 items on which expenses are made with faster frequency. Data is available from Jan 2014 onwards.