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Databases: Airline Industry


Airline Industry

CAPA (Airline Industries)

CAPA includes 2500 airline and 90 airline group profiles including news, analysis & data of the airline sector. It covers of over 57000 aircraft including values, lease rates, and hours/cycles data, profiles of the major global suppliers across all industry sectors. It provides data on industry data tools which cover capacity, traffic, rankings, fleet, LCCs, Financials, Start up, Code Sharing and Alliances.
Access: Two concurrent access on IIMB LAN. To access CAPA database, Please contact to

OAG (Airline Industries)

OAG Schedule Analyzer: This provides data across different dimension, airlines, alliance, departure /arrival airports, city, country, region, date, week, month, season & year, Data on 24 hours flow of flights for a given period, Top carrier, top departure/arrival airports (Seats / Frequency ), It also provides reports on airports, aircraft types, cities, countries & region.

OAG Traffic Analyzer: This include Passenger traffic based on GDS Bookings, Unadjusted Books, Adjusted bookings to represent issue total marked figures, and fare date from transport issued tickets, Historic traffic data from 2010
Access: Campus Wide 2 concurrent user. Please accessing the database.

Rdcapex (Airline Industries)

Rdcapex fare analysis module provides extensive data on real airline fares from Jan 2013 onwards for Indian Airlines such as Indigo, Spicejet & Jet Airways; data is available from 2016 onwards.

Access: Campus wide One concurrent user. Please contact for accessing the database.