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Lean Library: About the Lean Library

Find Fulltext with Browser Extension


IIM-B library introduces a new information accessing tool called Lean Library.  Lean Library is a browser extension that delivers full-text content, when a search is executed either in Single search or Google Scholar.  It is a  browser plug-in that allows  to access academic articles, eBooks, and other electronic resources, licensed by the IIM-B. If  a search is executed on Google Scholar, on-campus or off-campus, the plug-in will automatically link  to the full text of library resources if subscribed by us. If you are off campus, it will prompt to sign in through Remote Xs. After successfully logged in, it will take to the full text of the e-content

  • A lean Library browser extension is compatible with most browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari (MAC OS 10.15+), and iOS. 
  • Install the browser extension once and enjoy a simpler, faster way to get the full-text content. To install the browser extension, click on the URL: .


Seamless Access:

  • Remote access to the IIM-B library Electronic Resources.
  • Recognizes the IIM-B library e-resources and then prompts you to authenticate via Remote Access.

One login per browser session:

  • Once IIM-B is authenticated, Users can go about their research accessing the e-resources.
  • Provides alternative legal routes to full-text articles and eBooks when you don't have access through our Library, but the content that is delivered is available either as an open version  or author uploaded.