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UNIDO - IDSB: Profile

UNIDO - IDSB Datasets Profiles

( These datasets are licensed for use by the IIMB Community only. )



UNIDO provides online access to different sets of data, variables like the import world, export world, apparent consumption, imports developing, exports developing, export industrialized. Data can be tabulated using different dimensions (e.g., years, countries) and filtered (e.g., Output of India). Data can be download in excel format and also can view and save a graphical representation of the selected data in different types of a graph like a line chart, map, bar chart, and scatter plot.
It covers data like Dairy products, Grain mill products, Bakery products, Sugar, Other food products, Soft drinks, mineral waters, and other bottled waters, Carpets and rugs; footwear, Plastics products, etc.

The database contains data on output and trade-related items, such as imports, export, and apparent consumption. The data are arranged at the 4-digit level of the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Revision 3 and four about the manufacturing sector, which comprises 127 manufacturing categories in Revision 3 and 137 categories in Revision 4.

IDSB contains annual time series data (in current US dollars) for eight items:

1. Domestic output.
2. Total imports (=5 + 6).
3. Total exports (=7 + 8).
4. Apparent consumption (=1 + 2 - 3).
5. Imports from developing and emerging industrial economies.
6. Imports from industrialized economies.
7. Exports to developing and emerging industrial economies.
8. Exports to industrialized economies.


IDSB Revision 3 IDSB Revision 4
Industries: 127 Industries: 137
Number of countries: 121 Number of countries: 68
Reference period: 2005-2015 Reference period: 2005-2015

UNIDO Metadata:

We can choose metadata as shown in the below image like the country list, ISIC code list, ISIC Combination code list, variable list (Table Code List), and variable list (Table Definition Code List) for all UNIDO databases. We can download code from Metadata, which helps to search/extract data for the industry, country, and variables using code.