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Annual Survey of Industries: ASI - Profile

Annual Survey of Industries Datasets Profiles

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Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). ASI is the principal source of industrial statistics in India. ASI, an annual event, not only facilitates suitable data collection based on appropriate sampling techniques but also ensures timely dissemination of statistical information to asses and evaluate the dynamics in composition, growth, and structure of the organized manufacturing sector. The structure and function of the industrial sector is an important perspective of the Indian Economy. It is imperative for industries to grow both qualitatively and quantitatively to boost the economy. The well-being of the industries depends truly on the formulation and promotion of industrial policies framed by the policymakers. To frame suitable industrial policies the policymakers need to be aware of the quantified aspect of the existing scenarios in the industries in the country. This is where the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is conducted by the National Sample Survey Office, Government of India.


Understanding the importance of collection and compilation of data relating to the industrial sector of the country, the Government of India, after 1930, launched a voluntary scheme for the collection of detailed data from important industries in India. During the Second World War, in order to cater to the specific requirement of war management, each government department created its own statistical sections. In 1942, Industrial Statistics Act was formed on the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Labour. A Directorate of Industrial Statistics (DIS) was formed in 1945 under the Ministry of Commerce to administer the act. DIS started the Census of Manufacturing Industries in 1946. After independence, Central Statistical Organization (CSO) was set up under Cabinet Secretariat by the Government of India in 1951 as an apex statistical body for co-ordinating the large variety of data collected by various agencies which were necessitated for the adoption of the planned economy by the government. In 1956, the Industrial Statistics Act 1942 was repealed with the passing of a more comprehensive Collection of Statistics Act 1953. Subsequently, DIS was transferred to the Cabinet Secretariat in 1959 and was attached to Central Statistical Organization as Industrial Statistics Wing (IS Wing). Now it has become the IS Wing, Data Processing Division, National Sample Survey Office.

Present Structure

IS Wing is an important wing under the Data Processing Division of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) accomplishing the task of producing principal industrial data of organized manufacturing sector through the Annual Survey of industries (ASI). It is headed by a Deputy Director-General and assisted by officers and staff. The main responsibility of this wing is conceiving, designing, validating and analyzing Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) which is a major source of industrial statistics in India

ASI (Detailed) unit-level data with common factory –ID is available from 1998-99 to 2017-18. These data can be downloaded in HTML, XML, doc, and pdf formats through the CD-Mirroring Platform.     

Currently, we have ASI (detailed) unit-level data from 1983-84 to 1984-85; 1989-90; 1994-95, 1996-97 to 2013-14.


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Guidelines for Statistical Data Dissemination (GSDD), February 2019

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