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PGPEM Library Orientation


1. What are the borrowing facilities IIM-B Library offers to me?
IIM-B Library is having various categories of users and privileges under each category. To know more privileges click here 
2. How to access library online catalogue?
On library webpage, you can click on Online Catalogue tab or click here for accessing OPAC.
3. How I can renew the books online and is there any limitation for renewal?
You can renew the books by using your credentials (ID no. + Password) in an OPAC
Steps to Login : Username is your Library Barcode ID and Password is (Default is welcome) Please change your password after logged-in with default password

Steps to change Password: After logged-in Go to My Account → Click on contact → Click on change password

Steps to Renew Books Online : Click on My Account → Select the books which needs to be renew→ click renew tab.
Note: Renewal is not possible if your fine amount exceeds more than Rs 50 and also if the book is in overdue status for more than seven days and if there is any request by any other to the book that is borrowed by you.
4. Which collection is not open for borrow?
References, Journals (Bound Volume and Currant issues), CDs/DVDs, Institution repositories.
5. Which collection is open for borrow?
Books and book with CD
6. How can reserve book in library?
You can reserve or hold the book by using Online catalogue (OPAC). Currently library offers this facility not only for Issued books but available books also.
7. Can I authorize someone to borrow and request library materials on my library account?
This facility is not available
8. If a book is lost or damaged unintentionally what are the remedies?
If the book is lost, you can either replace the book with the new one or else you have to pay current market price of the book + Handling charges (10% or Rs. 50)
9. Can I request book for borrow books from other libraries if required?
Library is offering Inter-Library Loan facility to you for borrowing books from other libraries. To place a request you have to fill the ILL requisition form
10. Can I place a request for purchase of new books?
You can place the request for purchasing new books by using Requisition Form for suggesting a new book to the library.
11. Whom do I contact for circulation related queries (No Dues, Lost of Book, Overdue, renewal notice, renewal request)?
Contact Mr. Joel David at Circulation Tel: 080 26993113 or mail to ; 
12. When my borrowing privileges will suspend?
If your borrowing limit exceed or if your fine is more than Rs.50 or if the particular book is reserved by other user.
Remote Access
1. Who can access electronic resource off campus?
All the currently affiliated Faculty, FPM, PGP, PGPEM, PGPPM, EPGP, EGMP and other courses with minimum duration of 6 months
2. How eligible users can access remotely?
At the beginning of the course, library sends a link to authenticate your credentials, you have click at the link to login and change the password. Alternatively, you can register at the link , we will authenticate your access if you are eligible.
3. What are the databases that can be accessed remotely?
All the databases can be accessed except Thomson Financials, PROWESS of CMIE and Bloomberg databases
4. How can I retrieve forgotten password?
The user can use “Forget password” option is to retrieve the password. If problem persists contact Ph: 3347
5. Can we register with any email ID?
No, you have to register only with IIMB email ID.
6. Can I share my credentials with my friends?
If you share your credentials, you will be responsible for any unauthorized use and penalties imposed by the publisher/ provider
7. Is there a download limit from the databases
Yes, unless you are sure about the relevance of the content, it is not recommended to download the same.
8. Whom to contact if I discover that my ID is compromised
Send an email to immediately, we will reassign the credentials.
9. Does Remote Access Facility compatible with Handheld/Portable device?
No, it is not compatible.
1. Do I need to come to Library to access the databases?
No, most of the Databases are having campus-wide Multi-user access. Some databases are registration based access & few are standalone Databases, for accessing Standalone database patron required to come to Library (Databases are located in Data Centre).
2. Where can I get the list of databases which are subscribed by the Library?
Patrons may get the List of Subscribed Databases in our INTRANETSARVAMin IIMB Webpage also.
3. How do I find company & Industry information?
You may access all the company related information through the Company & Industry Information databases.
Steps: Intranet Library page à E-resourcesàCompany/Industry Information
4. Where can I find the list of print and E-Journals?
User may find the list of Journals in Library INTRANET page alphabetically and publisher-wise and also user may get from EBSCO Journal finder also.
5. Who may suggest databases/Journals and how can they suggest to the library?
IIMB Faculty and FPM Schoolers can suggest the databases/Journals to the library. By filling the Database Suggestion Form and Journal Suggestion Forms.
6. Do we have any training sessions for E-resources?
Yes, we do arrange the E-resources training sessions during the beginning of the every Course and if there is huge demand to training we also arrange the sessions for bunch patrons.
7. How can I find electronic journals related to my subject?
You’ll the list of e- journals classified by alphabetic and publisher wise in the e-journal search page.
8. How can I search for articles?
You can search articles in the Journal finder search page this page is only for IIMB library internal users.
9. Do you make article search for us?
No, we don’t. However, when you visit the library, any library staff available in counter they will explain and show how to search the articles.
10. Why I cannot download an electronic book entirely, at a time?
Access to electronic book is determined by suppliers or publisher. And also it is has copyright issues.
11. Whom I need to contact if I have any problems related to the E-Resources?
For any query related to the databases please contact the staff who is sitting in the Circulation counter directly or through email ( Exn. No. 3113)

Usage Policy for Authorized Users of Subscribed Electronic Resources of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Library subscribes electronic databases of academic interest to support the academic activities of the Institute students, faculty and staff. These resources of electronic databases are purchased by the Institute either directly or through consortia. These are also governed by license and contract agreements. Each electronic resource database, whether purchased individually or through consortia, contains strict guidelines on the use of resources by authorized users.

  • Authorized Users are individuals who are affiliated to the organization by way of employment or students/scholars of an institution.
  • Individuals should use these resources for personal study or research purpose
  • Modification of learning resources available on electronic databases is prohibited.
  • Authorized users should not use the articles/documents of these electronic resources for commercial purpose. Wherever these articles/documents are used due credit of copyright should be given to the source.
  • Downloading resources through automatic programs or speed boosters is strictly prohibited.
  • Distributing these resources through photocopies, printouts for purposes other than academic interest or sharing one’s individual access details is strictly prohibited.
  • Mounting or distributing any part of the licensed material on any electronic network, including the Internet and the World Wide Web, other than the Secure Network (a network which is only accessible to "authorized users" whose conduct shall be subjected to regulation by the licensee) is prohibited.
  • Individual publishers have their discretion to terminate license for use of their resources on violation of any of the above instructions.

Application of Indian/International Laws

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore does not permit the illegal downloading and/or sharing of copyrighted material in any form or manner. Electronic resources are copyrighted and are subject to all applicable copyright and protection rights under the laws of India and other countries. All uses including downloading, printing or creating copies of content from these resources must be consistent with existing fair use laws as defined by the copyright law of India or international law.

Policy on Denying Access

Violators of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore electronic resource usage policy risk having their library access suspended and access to the resource(s) blocked. This is applicable to all users of this service.