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PGPEM Library Orientation

Steps For Accessing the Database

CAPITALINE is corporate database of Indian companies which contains extensive data on Company such as Bio-data, Collaborators, Expansion Plans, Shareholding Patterns, 10-year Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Schedules & Notes to Account, Fund Flows, Financial Ratios (in all 650 finance fields per company which cover almost 98% of any annual report). It also covers full text of Director's Reports, Auditor's Report, and extensive news clippings of companies.

Coverage: Capitaline covers Indian company and Industry data from last 10 years, includes public, private, co-operative and joint sector companies, listed and unlisted of over 35,000 companies.

How to get company information (For e.g. Reliance Capital Ltd.)

Step 1. Go to the IIMB Library website: or Venus site select Databases tab >> A to Z >> Capitaline

Step 2. Type Company name “Reliance Capital Ltd.” in search box from left corner of the window >> Click on GO. Then select Reliance Capital Ltd. from the result list.

Step 3. Click on necessary data tab from left corner of the window >>  Click on ICON of Print or Excel for download.

Access: Campus wide Multiuser

Similar Reference: CMIE, CRISIL RESEARCH, Dion INSIGHT, Emarketer, EMIS Intelligence, Marketline Advantage.

Prowess database provides financial performance of around 28,162 Indian companies. It covers listed and unlisted companies, large and medium, public sector companies, Government owned companies, some private companies and cooperatives. Annual reports of the companies is the principle source of this database and incudes data sourced from the stock exchange and other reliable sources.

Access: Needs client installation.


Step 1. Go to the IIMB Library website: or Venus site select Databases tab >> A to Z >> CMIE - Prowess IQ>> One time registration with IIMB email credentials. 

Step 2. Select the companies you want to get data and add these companies to a sheet, then come to bottom right there are three options i.e.  a) Add to current OSC, b) Send to new OSC and c) Replace current OSC. Send these companies to new OSC if you want, click on “Send to New OSC

Step 3. Click on query builder which is appeared in top left and select the variables for data you want

Step 4. There are two options in the bottom of the window under “Select Domain” 1) All companies and 2) Companies in current OSC, Click on Companies in current OSC and send it to your sheet by clicking in “Add data to OSC” you can get any data from the query builder.

To access CMIE ProwessDx in the library one has to log on to or and then click on E-Resources and search on CMIE ProwessDx from A to Z List.

CMIE ProwessDx is a delivery of the Prowess database, and its interface is designed in such a way which is highly useful for the academic purpose.

In this, 38,000+ companies covered which include listed, unlisted and private companies. All companies listed on BSE and NSE is also covered. Annual report of the companies and their data available from India's two largest stock exchanges are the principal sources of this database. It includes Profit and loss statement, balance sheet and ratio based on these.

How to retrieve Company Report with full financial Data, Merger and Acquisitions, Deals and Company News in ProwessDx Database:

Step: 1 Select the database vintage >> Choose the live (continuously updated) database or a snapshot like March 2014 or December 2013 as per requirement >> Next step

Step: 2. Select the set of companies “All companies listed on BSE and NSE Current."  OR Users may upload set of companies file or can create their own set of companies for requisite information >> Next step

Step: 3. Select set up of variables from left side of the screen “Investment” >> Select Indicators and time-period >> Next step

Step: 4. Select Output Preference (date, Currency and units)

Step: 5. Run the search query >> Save specifications and Extract data

EMIS provides country data from local and international sources. Provides Company profiles, financial analysis and research and Industry analyses, research, statistics, top companies in a selected industry. EMIS financial score reflects the company position with the internal financial strength.


This database covers about 80 emerging markets and 1.4m+ Companies (around 100 unlisted companies)It includes financial statements, Annual statements, Interim statements, 5,40,000+ research reports every year (Broker research and Non-broker research reports)3000+News Publication, 2700+ Research Publication and 25000+news articles everyday

Ex: Report of Wipro Company

Step 1. Go to the IIMB Library website: Venus site select Databases tab >> A to Z >> EMIS Intelligence

Step 2. Click on Client log in >> Select My full subscription >> Continue >>Type Company Name “Wipro Ltd” >> Search

Step 3. Select Report from left side of the window >> Click on file to download or click on ‘Add to My EMIS’ to add to dashboard.

The database provides financial information on stock market, listed companies, mutual fund, derivatives, IPO, commodity, world indices and forex. Provides access to financial information on 10,000 listed, unlisted and PSU companies of India and it covers all aspects of the Indian financial markets also gives access to news abstracts from the leading business dailies and newspapers. It gives financial and non-financial information of the companies including Director’s reports, quarterly results, stock prices, etc. and more than 50,000 digital annual reports of the companies.


Step 1. Go to the IIMB Library website: Venus site  >> select Databases tab >> A to Z >> Dion Insight

Step 2: Click on ‘Research’ appears ‘Company Data’ and ‘Industry Data’ click on Company Data for company information >> Set Active Company and enter company name ‘Wipro Ltd’ and click on ‘GO’ button.

Step 3: Select the variable appeared left side of the screen (i.e., Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, etc...) >> Click on it and get the company data >> Export data into Excel or Word. Get industry data in the same way.

LexisNexis Academic provides access to full-text news, business, and legal publications. Company Dossier module may be used to retrieve detailed company information and financial performance measures or identify and compare companies matching specific criteria. This product also provides access to the renowned Shepard's Citations® service for all federal and states court cases back to 1789.


The company dossier on LexisNexis provides comprehensive information on more than 80 million public, private and international companies including industries and executive data. Access includes over 10,000 news, business, and legal sources.

To access LexisNexis Company Dossier search (Ex: Microsoft)

Step 1: Go to IIMB Library website or Venus site​  select databases tab, click on A to Z select LexisNexis Academic

Step 2: Click on “Search by Subject or Topic” >> Select “Dossier (Company, Executive, & Industry)” under Company

Step 3: Enter the company name (Ex: Microsoft) or ticker (MFST) in the appropriate box >> Click on "Go"

Step 4: Select the variable appeared left side of the screen (i.e., Current news, Company Hierarchy, Brands, Competitors etc...) >> Click on it and get the company data >> Download

Factiva is a business information and research tools owned by Dow Jones & Company. It aggregates content from both licensed and free resources. Factiva’s content is focused on companies, topics, industries, and people


 It covers 500,000 companies, 17 million unlisted companies. It includes 36,000 global news and information sources which is having coverage of nearly 200 countries.


Step 1. Go to the IIMB Library website: Venus site select Databases tab >> A to Z >> Factiva

Step 2. Go to Source (Select from the Left-Hand side of the screen) >> Enter “BSE Company Announcements (India)” >> Enter search form“fds=INFCON” (company=company name)

Step 2. Go to Company (Select from the Left-Hand side of the creen) >> Enter “Infosys” or select from the drop down menu >> Click on Search

Step 3. From the Result List >> Select Infosys from the facets which is enlisted in left side under Companies subdivision.

Step 4. Select desired subject from the menu, mentioned at the left hand side under “Subject” facet >> for e.g. Click on “Mergers and Acquisition” >> Download the desired Information for the same.