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New subscriptions_ Databases

by Rama Patnaik on 2022-11-30T15:31:07+05:30 | Comments

IiAS Adrian: 

Adrian is a cloud-based analytical tool, a data repository of over 62,000+ resolutions of 1,000+ companies representing 96% of the market cap of the Indian listed companies. It provides historical data on how institutional investors voted on various resolution categories. It also covers notices of over 10,500+ shareholder meetings over eight years, Investor, and company-wise voting data, and tracks corporate action, market trends, and peer group strategies. 

Campus Link: 

Remote Link: 

Access: Five Con-current users 

(Note: For Login credentials, please write a mail to

PRIME Database: 

Prime database includes the following DBs:

  • Public Issues (Ipos, Fpos & Ofs(Se)): April 1989 Onwards 
  • Public Debt Issues: April 1989 Onwards 
  • Rights Issues: April 1990 Onwards 
  • Debt Private Placements (Tenor And Put/Call Option Of Above 365 Days): April 1995 Onwards 
  • Debt Private Placements (Tenor Or Put/Call Option Of Only 365 Days & Less): April 2000 Onwards 
  • Commercial Paper: April 2003 Onwards 
  • Certificate Of Deposit: April 2011 Onwards 
  • Qualified Institutional Placements (Qips): April 2006 Onwards 
  • Institutional Placement Programmes (Ipps): April 2011 Onwards 
  • Investment Trusts (Invits / Reits): April 2017 Onwards 
  • Investment Trusts (Invits / Reits)- Public Debt Issues: April 2021 Onwards 
  • Investment Trusts (Invits / Reits)- Rights Issues: April 2021 Onwards 
  • Investment Trusts (Invits / Reits)-Debt Private Placements: April 2018 Onwards 
  • Investment Trusts (Invits / Reits)-Qips: April 2020 Onwards 
  • Overseas Capital Market Offerings (Gdrs/ Adrs/ Fccbs/ Bonds/ Ecb): April 1992 Onwards 
  • Preferential Equity Issues (Listed At Nse): April 2000 Onwards 
  • Preference Shares: April 1998 Onwards 
  • Takeover Open Offers: April 1997 Onwards 
  • Delisting Offers: April 2003 Onwards 
  • Buyback Offers: April 1998 Onwards 
  • Sme Issues (Ipos & Fpos): April 2011 Onwards 
  • Sme Institutional Trading Platform: April 2013 Onwards 
  • Sme Rights Issues: April 2014 Onwards 
  • Indian Depository Receipts (Idrs): April 2010 Onwards 
  • Domestic Issuances Combined League Tables (Investment Bankers): January 2000 Onwards 
  • Domestic & Overseas Issuances Combined League Tables (Investment Bankers): January 2009 Onwards 
  • Combined League Tables (Solicitors): April 2006 Onwards 
  • Combined Industry-Wise Summary: April 2006 Onwards 
  • Combined Issuer`S History: April 1989 Onwards 
  • Alerts 
  • The Prime Directory 

Campus Link: 

Remote Link: 

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