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HBS Cases and Materials: HBS Cases and Materials


HBS Cases and Materials

Copyright Information for HBS Cases and Materials


  1. Report any requirements and use of case studies, HBR articles, book chapters, and other materials to with a cc to

  2. Please mention clearly the name of the program, number of students, course name and faculty name while ordering. Library will procure the authorized master copy from HBP and make available to Faculty for sharing authorized copies with students as Library has to report with complete details of course, number of students, program name, faculty name, program start and end date etc.

  3. Faculty can download review copies and procure teaching notes directly from HBP’s educator website ( by registering as a “Premium Educator”.

  4. Color case items must be reproduced in color only. Black and white copies of color cases are in violation of this agreement.

  5. Simulations need to be licensed for each participant irrespective of whether it is an individual player or team simulation. Even if conducted in groups, each person in the group needs to be licensed. Once licensed, the simulations can be run more than once with the same group of students.

  6. Online courses, if used, need to be licensed for each participant.

  7. Multimedia cases and case videos may be used and is typically included in the site license pricing. HBP will provide master copy and IIM-B can make the necessary copies for its students or play DVD in class.

Not Permitted

  1. Use of cases or articles that are not obtained from the Library Department specifically authorized for use in the particular course is not permitted. And also use of materials that may be available with you from previous years or other sources.

  2. Electronic redistribution of protected or unprotected content files is not permitted, unless authorized. Electronic masters themselves must not be stored, saved, emailed, shared, or posted on any course site.

  3. Teaching notes will not be sent by HBP for security reasons. These can be accessed by faculty at no cost through the educator website by registering as a “premium educator”.

  4. HBR articles/cases for use in classroom cannot be accessed from any other source (e.g EBSCO). Articles, cases, video’s etc from EBSCO can be used only for research purposes and not for courseware or class discussion.