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Datasets: Datasets ASI and NSSO


Datasets ASI and NSSO

ASI Detailed and Identity of 2013-14 

The Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is one of the large-scale sample survey conducted by Field Operation Division of National Sample
Survey Office with the objective of collecting comprehensive information related to registered factories on annual basis. ASI is the primary source of data for facilitating systematic study of the structure of industries, analysis of various factors influencing industries in the country
and creating a database for formulation of industrial policy.

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Census Data (1881 – 1941) & (1991 – 2011)

Library has digitized Census reports from 1881 to 1941. A census workstation is set up at International Data Centre from which comprehensive census reports from 1991-2011 are accessible.
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NSSO Data Sets

The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), now known as National Sample Survey Office, is an organization under the Ministry
of Statistics of the Indian Government. Primarily data are collected through nation-wide household surveys on various socio-economic 
subjects, Annual Survey of Industries (ASI),  etc. Besides these surveys,   NSSO collects  data on rural and  urban prices and   plays a significant role in the improvement of crop statistics through supervision of the area enumeration and crop estimation surveys of the State agencies.

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UNIDO - INDSTAT 2 2016 (ISIC Revision 3)

INDSTAT2 provides data by a single classification standard for more than 40 years, which makes it particularly valuable for long-term structural analysis. As with INDSTAT2 presents data for seven principle indicators (number of establishments, employment, wages and salaries, output, value added, gross fixed capital formation and number of female employees). The value figures are presented in current prices. The database includes the index numbers of industrial production, which show the real growth of the volume of production by 2-digit of ISIC Rev. 3.


  • Industries-23
  • Number of countries: 170
  • Reference period: 1963 - 2014

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UNIDO - IDSB 2016 (ISIC Revision 3 & 4)

The database contains data on output and on trade related items, such as imports, export and apparent consumption. The data are arranged at the 4-digit level of the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Revision 3 and 4 pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 127 manufacturing categories in Revision 3 and 137 categories in Revision 4.
IDSB contains annual time series data (in current US dollars) for eight items:

  1. Domestic output.
  2. Total imports (=5 + 6).
  3. Total exports (=7 + 8).
  4. Apparent consumption (=1 + 2 - 3).
  5. Imports from developing and emerging industrial economies.
  6. Imports from industrialized economies.
  7. Exports to developing and emerging industrial economies.
  8. Exports to industrialized economies.


IDSB Revision 3 IDSB Revision 4
Industries: 127 Industries: 137
Number of countries: 121 Number of countries: 68
Reference period: 1990-2013 Reference period: 2000-2013

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