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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Remote Access


IIM-B Library is having various categories of users and privileges under each category. To know more privileges click here .

On library webpage , click on Online Catalogue tab or click here for accessing OPAC.

You can renew the books by using your credentials (ID no. + Password) in OPAC (Steps ) or you can visit circulation desk in case of any problem Multiple times renewal allowed if there is no request by any other to the book that is borrowed by you.

References, Journals (Bound Volume and Currant issues), CDs/DVDs, Institution repositories.

Books and book with CD

You can reserve or hold the book by using Online catalogue (OPAC). Currently library offers this facility not only for Issued books but available books also.

This facility is not available

If the book is lost, you can either replace the book with the new one or else you have to pay current market price of the book + Handling charges (10% or Rs. 50)

Library is offering Inter-Library Loan facility to you for borrowing books from other libraries. To place a request you have to fill the ILL requisition form

You can place the request for purchasing new books by using Requisition Form for suggesting a new book to the library.

Contact Mr. Mihir Panda at Circulation Tel: 080 26993113 or mail to ;

If your borrowing limit exceed (to know limit click here ) or if your fine is more than Rs.50 or if the particular book is reserved by other user.

Remote Access

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All the currently affiliated Faculty, FPM, PGP, PGPEM, PGPPM, EPGP, EGMP and other courses with minimum duration of 6 months.

At the beginning of the course, library sends a link to authenticate your credentials, you have click at the link to login and change the password. Alternatively, you can register at the link , we will authenticate your access if you are eligible.

All the databases can be accessed except Thomson Financials and Bloomberg databases.

The user can use “Forget password” option is to retrieve the password. If problem persists contact Ph: 3113.

No, you have to register only with IIMB email ID.

If you share your credentials, you will be responsible for any unauthorized use and penalties imposed by the publisher/ provider.

Yes, unless you are sure about the relevance of the content, it is not recommended to download the same.

Send an email to immediately, we will reassign the credentials.

No, it is not compatible.