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Economic Census Data: Software & Hardware Requirement

Economic Census Data Datasets Profiles


The Nesstar Explorer is a free software developed by Nesstar Ltd. 
It is used to browse the content of Nesstar files produced by the Microdata Management Toolkit Metadata Editor. A Nesstar file contains survey microdata along with metadata structured in compliance with the DDI specifications (information on the survey, files and variables) and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. The Explorer includes a tool to export the microdata to common formats such as SAS, STATA, SPSS, ASCII, and others.

Click here to install the Nesstar Explorer
(Current version is 3.5 Beta-9)

International users can also install the IHSN Multilingual Pack to add support 
for the French, Russian and Spanish user interfaces (Nesstar Explorer must be installed first)

For more information on Nesstar products, contact or visit