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Economic Census Data: Profile

Economic Census Data Datasets Profiles

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The Economic Census is a complete count of all establishments located within the geographical boundary of India.

Economic Census provides disaggregated information on various operational and structural variables of all establishments of the country. It also provides valuable insights into geographical spread/clusters of economic activities, ownership patterns, persons engaged, etc. of all economic establishments in the country. All this information is very important for policymakers in the government at all levels for evolving policy interventions. It also provides an updated sampling frame for follow-up enterprise surveys undertaken for detailed and comprehensive analysis of all establishments in the country.

Why an Economic Census?

Economic Census gives a detailed account of the state of the economy, prospects and the policy challenges. It carries sectoral overviews and comments on reform measures that are required. The survey’s outlook serves as a marker about future policy moves. As such the Economic Census serves the following requirements:

  • A nation-wide Dynamic Statistical Business Register as per international practices adopted by developing countries and in line with the UNSD recommendations.
  • Detailed information on economic variables, activity-wise, of all the non-agricultural establishments of the country including its distribution at all India, State, District, Village/Ward levels for comprehensive analysis of the structure of the economy
  • Information on establishments registered under the MSME Development Act, their assets and other economic criteria
  • Information on the number of workers working in establishments (which are under operation), activity-wise and area wise
  • List of all establishments, tagged by geographical location up to village/ward level for local-level planning purposes

History of the Economic Census:

In 1976, the Government of India launched a planning scheme called “Economic Census and Surveys”. In 1977 Central Statistical Organization conducted a first economic census in collaboration with the Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES) in the States/Union Territories.

The economic censuses of 1980 and 1990 were integrated with the house listing operations of the population census. The data collected by the census organization were handed over to the state Directorates of Economics and Statistics for processing and publication.

All other economic censuses were conducted by the Directorates of Economics and Statistics of the states under the overall guidance of the Central Statistical Office (CSO)

The economic census data are available from 1990 to 2014 (Round 3 to 6) in CD/DVD form. These data can be downloaded in HTML, XML, doc, and pdf formats through the CD-Mirroring Platform.     

One can download the data freely following link

Guidelines for Statistical Data Dissemination (GSDD), February 2019

OM-Online Microdata Dissemination Census / Survey conducted by MOSPI

Guide to download Microdata

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