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Markets & Industry Information: Industry Ratio

Markets & Industry Information

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Industry Ratio

ACE Equity Analyser
It covers data industry ratios like margin ratios, performance ratio, growth ratio, financial stability ratios etc. Financial data is available for last nine years.
Select Industry & Type Industry name in search box >> Click on “Go” >> click on ratios from the left side >> click on excel to download the data.

Capitaline AWS
It covers Key Fins Ratios on industries. data is available for the last ten years.
Click on ‘Industry’ from top >> Type industry name and select from listed results>> choose parameters key ratios >> click on ‘Key Fins Ratios’ >> refine your search to download the data
Dion Insight
Key ratios of companies are available based on the industry type.
Please go to Research tab >> Click on “Select Industry” >> Type Industry name or select Industry from Industry Fundamentals >> click on ‘Financials” >> click on ‘Ratio Analysis’ >> click on excel to download the file.