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Markets & Industry Information: Consumer Research

Markets & Industry Information

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Consumer Information

CMIE-Consumer Pyramidsdx
Consumer Pyramids is the largest survey of households of India. It covers information on household assets and amenities, household sentiments, employment / unemployment, income from wages, pensions, dividends, and interest of individual earning members of households, monthly series of household consumption expenditure & snapshots of weekly expenses etc.
Log-in with your registered credentials >> click on available modules (e.g. Income Pyramids dx) >> click on ‘data download’ from top >> click on CSV/TXT link to download.
CMIE-Economic Outlook
Economic Outlook covers data on Employment, Income, spending on essential items & non-essential items, household circumstances and Current Interest Levels from Borrowers' and Depositor' Point of View etc.
Please go to CMIE Economic Outlook >> click on consumer sentiment from Statistics >> Click on M, W or D to download report Monthly, weekly, or daily as per your requirement
District Metrics
DM covers Consumption Expenditure data state-wise for India. Available parameters are household appliances, textiles, milk & milk products, personal care & transport services etc. Data is available from 2015 onwards.
Go through District Metric>> click on PFCE (Private Final Consumption Expenditure) >> Select Month-Year >> Select ‘rural/urban/total >> Select 'State' (e.g. Karnataka)>> Select 'Category"(e.g. Household Appliances) >> Click on Type & Select from dropdown box >> Select Condition >> Put a Value (e.g. 114)>>Click on Search >> click on ‘Get as excel’ to download the data.
It provides data on consumer behavior like reports, forecast, chart etc. These data can be filter country-wise..
Please click on Ecommerce tab >> choose consumer behavior >> choose any available option to download the data as per your requirement.
It covers consumer data like market value, forecast, market value, category segmentation, geography segmentation, market value forecast, market volume, market volume forecast, market share, market rivalry and market analysis etc.
Please go to Sector’s tab >> Choose any one ‘Consumers Goods Retail, Food Services’ >> Consumers Goods >> filter the results like geography, content type & date from left panel to download the data as per your requirement.
National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO)
Library has the NSSO data from 1983 to 2016 (38, 43, 45 to 64, 66 and 68 rounds). NSSO round covers information on socio-economic statistical data about India like Employment and Unemployment, housing condition, domestic tourism, Drinking water, sanitation, Land and livestock holdings, Social consumption, health, Domestic tourism expenditure and Labour Force
Log in to CD Server ( with your credentials >> click on ‘Annual Survey of Industries’ folder and select files to download as per your requirement.
Note: Access is restricted to IIMB community and on-campus only. Please contact for credentials and data can be downloaded freely following from MOSPI website (
Software required: Nesstar (
Passport Euromonitor
It covers statistical & analysis reports on digital consumer, households, income & expenditure, lifestyle, population etc.
Please go to passport Euromonitor >> click on ‘Accept’ button for accepting terms & conditions >> click on ‘consumers’ on top >> choose any one parameter (e.g. life styles) >> Select Country under ‘Country Reports’ section >> click on ‘Go’ >> choose & click any report (e.g. Consumer Behaviour in India) and click on download.