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How to access full-text articles from Google Scholar: Home


How to access full-text articles from Google Scholar

How to access full-text articles from Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine of Google that provides full-text of the articles subscribed by the library or full-text to the free articles. Scholar also provides articles from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, and scholarly articles posted on the web.

Step: 1 Like other Google search products, Google Scholar starts with a basic search blank. You might need the results of more specific searches - access the Advanced Search via the expansion menu on the left side of the page.

Step: 2 Enter the Search term in the Advance Search Box. If want to perform exact Phrase search put your search term in quotes (“”)

Linking Google Scholar to URL:  You can configure Google Scholar to offer links back to articles you can get through the University Libraries? Changing a few simple settings is all that's needed.

Step: 1 First, go to Google Scholar - Click on the expansion menu in the upper left, then the Settings link that appears in the side panel.

Step: 2 On the page that follows, Click on Library Links

Step: 3 Enter University Name in the blank and click the search button. You'll then see the options for connecting to URI's Full Text databases. Check all boxes and save. The next time you search, you'll be linked back to URI to locate full text of documents.

Step: 4 In case full text is not available in the library check all N versions such as preprints might be available. Even you can refine your search results by using time periods.