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Institutional Repository: How to Search

Search FAQs

How to Search


Go to Library website >> Click on Institutional Repository

Home Page



You can browse the items in three ways. You can use the search box to find a title, author, publication type, etc., or select a main community from the landing page and choose the items from the collections, or you could use the "Research Output option on the header bar for Advanced Search.



Once you search a keyword or author name in the search box, it will give the search result. You can find a discover option on the right side. You could refine your search result by using Discover. It will help you to filter the Publications, Researcher profiles, conference materials, issue date, item type from the search results.




Advanced Search (Research Outputs)

   Please select the "Research outputs" on the header bar for advanced search. You can use the boolean operators for advanced search, and select the indicators such as Author, title, year (Date issued), subject, full-text, etc. for refining the search results.


Request an Item

There is restricted access to the Full-text of Project Reports, Dissertations, Research Reports, etc. If you want to get the full text, please click on the " Request a copy", it will pop up a form to fill up. Please provide your name, email Id and purpose, etc., or Send an email at, including title, author, year of publication, report number, etc. Once we receive your request, we will send a copyright declaration form, you have to fill-up this form and send back the print copy or scanned copy. We would provide the soft copies once you submit the copyright undertaking. You could get a maximum of 5 dissertations in electronic form in a month.