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Institutional Repository: Institutional Repository

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Institutional Repository

This repository ( provides metadata of IIMB Publications and aims to create and preserve an archive of the Institute’s scholarship. IIMB Publications include Articles, Working Papers (Full Text), Book Chapters published by Faculty, Doctoral Dissertations by FPM Scholars, and Project reports of Students enrolled in various courses of IIMB. 


IIMB Institutional Repository (IR) is designed to collect, preserve, and provide broader access to the scholarly and creative output of the IIMB Community. Our policy is to maximize the visibility, citation, usage, and impact of our research output by maximizing online access to it for all users and researchers worldwide and to minimize the effort that each of us has to expend to provide open online access to our research output. 

Submission Policy

  • IIMB community can submit their scholarly content and other publication in IR.
  • Authors may only submit their work (including co-authored work) for archiving.
  • All the articles are to be submitted immediately upon acceptance for publication.
  • The depositor is responsible for the validity and authenticity of the content which is submitted for archiving. The copyright violation of contents is entirely responsible for the author/depositor.
  • IIMB community can deposit their publication at any point of time, but the visibility of particular work to the public will be restricted by institutional policy.
  • If any copyright violation is found against any content, the same item should be removed from the repository.
  • The repository administrator will ensure to add any acknowledgment to work specified by publisher policies.

Content Guidelines

 These are the criteria used for archiving work in the digital repository.

  • The work must be original and produced or sponsored by an IIMB faculty, staff, student, department, organization, etc.
  • Scholarly, creative, research-oriented, or significant to IIMB, many digital formats are acceptable (including text, images, video, audio, and data files). A non-exhaustive list of possible content includes:
  • Faculty publications, including books, articles, book chapters, preprints, etc.
  • Unpublished faculty works
  • Monographs
  • Working papers and technical reports
  • Conference /Seminar papers or presentation material
  • Journals and other contents published from the IIMB
  • Dataset and Data files
  • Image, Audio, Video Collections, etc.
  • Project Reports, Theses, Dissertations.

Restricted Contents

The following content is not acceptable for archiving in the Digital Repository.

  • The documents with Intellectual property rights, where the submitter does not have permission to distribute the work.
  • If content barred by law, regulation, contract, etc.
  • Non-public, personally identifiable contact or financial information (including, but not limited to, private residential addresses, account numbers or balances, etc.)

Photographs, images, audio, video recordings of individuals, unless all individuals depicted have given explicit written consent to the publication of these materials,

Data access policy

Access to the IR is fully controlled. Working papers are available in full text, but the full text of annual reports, student project reports, FPM dissertations, etc., is restricted. It will be provided to the user after the undertaking of copyright declaration. The content must be used for personal study, not for commercial purposes. The items must not be reproduced or distributed without formal permission from the institution or copyright holders. You can access the soft copies once you submit the copyright undertaking. You could get a maximum of 5 dissertations in electronic form in a month.