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Databases Subscribed/Renewed

Databases Renewed


Bloomberg has data on more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies & funds. It covers most every publicly traded company in the world and has profiles on more than a million people. Navigation in Bloomberg is different from most other databases you use. Bloomberg is a decentralized command driven system. The commands are represented by codes. It can be use Bloomberg mnemonic shortcuts and the color-coded keyboard for various functions.

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Bloomberg Data Services Pvt Ltd Access : Credential Required (Contact to Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.


Indian Business Insight covers 1,493,752 business stories summarized and compiled since 1993 and adds over 80,000 records every year. The database has an index of 96,320 organisations under 44 industry segments and 12,220 products. Besides, articles of INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT are indexed under 75 Business concepts.
Data Coverage: • 91,000 companies • 44+Industries • 12,200+Products • 75+Key business terms • 325+Sources

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Informatics Publishing India Pvt Access : IP-Based (multiuser) Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.


Manupatra is Indian Legal information database comprising Legal and Business module. Database includes case updates from Supreme Court and all High courts, Orders of Tribunals· 1100 Central Acts with all amendments incorporated, Notification Circulars of 36 Government of India ministries including SEBI & RBI- updated daily. Full Text of Bills in Parliament & Ordinances, Agreements & Drafts, Committee Reports, Stamp Duty, Court Fees & Court Rules etc.

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Manupatra Information Solution pvt ltd Access : IP-Based (multiuser) Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

New Image Statista

Statista is a statistic portal containing data on over 80000 topics including media, business, politics, society, finance, technology and education. It provides access to data from market and opinion research institutions. Statista offers statistics and survey results in the form of bar charts and tables. Apart from Statistics, Statista also provides data on market forecasts, white paper studies, dossiers, industry reports, digital market outlooks and consumer market outlooks. Industry and Country Reports and other reports can be downloaded in PDF format and charts can be downloaded in PNG, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF formats.
Features: • Access to roughly 80% Exclusive Data, including Forecasts for up to 50 countries worldwide: • Digital Market Outlook - DMO • Consumer Market Outlook – CMO • >1.5 million Statistics (Daily almost 500 new and updated) obtained from more than 22,500 sources • >4,500 dossiers and > 20,000 studies • International Data (English, German, French, and Spanish Platforms) • Over 170 Industries and more than 80,000 topics • Full publication rights to all data

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Statista Access : Multi-user on IPs Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

Venture Intelligence - Capita Mergers and Acquisitions

The Venture Intelligence Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Database lists inbound, outbound and domestic deals involving India-based companies. Each deal listed in this database typically includes the name of the target company and acquirer, their locations, the Industry & Sector (of the target), transaction amount and the deal date. Apart from the deal-by-deal listing, the database also provides aggregate M&A statistics.
Data Coverage: Mergers & Acquisitions Database from Jan 2004

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : TSJ Media Pvt Ltd Access : IP-Based (multiuser) Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

Venture Intelligence - Private Equity Deal Database 

The Venture Intelligence Private Equity Deal Database lists cash-for-equity investments (since 1998) and exits (since 2004) in India-based companies by private equity and venture capital firms. The database also includes financial investments by Strategic Investors which function similar to PE/VC firms and often co-invest with them. The database also includes sub-databases tracking Angel Investing, Social Venture/Impact Investing.
Data Coverage: • PE/VC Investments from Jan 1998 • PE/VC Exits – IPO(PE) from Jan 2000

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : TSJ Media Pvt Ltd Access : IP-Based (multiuser) Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

Journals Subscribed/Renewed

International Journals Subscriptions Renewed


Wired is the monthly magazine focussing on emerging technologies and its impact on culture, economy, politics etc.

Publisher: Conde Nast Publication Format : Print.

The RMA Journal

RMA Journal is published by Risk Management Association and it offers practical advise on managing risk across the enterprise.

Publisher: The Risk Management Association Format : Print.

Useful Information

New Image  First issue of "Regulatory Insights" a quarterly newsletter of the Centre for Energy Regulation (CER).

New Image  Economic Outlook added two new data sets under the ‘Corporate Sector’ :

  1. Aggregate financial performance of companies forming the four popular indices - S&P BSE Sensex, S&P BSE 100, Nifty 50 and Nifty Next 50.
  2. Size-wise aggregates of interim financials of companies for two sets - non-financial companies and financial companies.

The aggregates are generated by distributing the full set of companies into 10 size groups based on the size of their assets and net sales. The group consisting of the top ten per cent companies by size is classified as Decile 1 companies, the next 10 per cent of companies by size are classified as Decile 2 companies, and so on till Decile 10, which comprises the smallest 10 per cent of companies by size.

The financial aggregates are sourced from CMIE’s proprietary database ‘Prowess’ that covers financial performance of Indian companies. These comprise detailed information on all indicators from the interim profit & loss statement of companies and interim balance sheets.

Tabulations containing the two new datasets are available in the ‘Corporate Sector’ chapter on Economic Outlook, under the sub-chapter ‘Financial Performance’ and ‘Interim Financials’. Tabulations are available for both quarterly and annual frequencies.

New Image  Google launches new search engine to help scientists find the datasets they need.

New Resources to Library Collection

Top 10 Journals Used in the Month of July-2018

           ISSN : 0162-1459 Publisher : Taylor & Francis No. of Downloads :  116

            ISSN : 0025-1909 Publisher : Informs No. of Downloads :  80

            ISSN : 0167-4544 Publisher : Springer No. of Downloads :  66

            ISSN : 0020-7543 Publisher : Taylor & Francis No. of Downloads :  62

            ISSN : 1047-7039 Publisher : Informs No. of Downloads :  56

            ISSN : 1523-4614 Publisher : Informs No. of Downloads :  55

            ISSN : 0047-2506 Publisher : Springer No. of Downloads :  46

            ISSN : 0002-8282 Publisher : AEA No. of Downloads :  43

            ISSN : 0146-1672 Publisher : Sage  No. of Downloads :  43

            ISSN : 0921-898X Publisher : Springer No. of Downloads :  41

Webinars / Presentation

Training  which was scheduled in August 2018
1       Geometrics for Banks 
       3rd August,2018 at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (Completed)
2      Venture Intelligence 
       9th August 2018 at 3:00PM, Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (Completed)  



     20th August, 2018 at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (Completed)


     World Bank e- library 

     27th August, 2018 at 4:00PM Location: Webinar  (Completed)


  Training scheduled in September 2018
1    Orbis Bank Focus ​
      7th September 2018  at 2:00PM Location: Skype session (scheduled)
2    NSE Infobase 
     19th September 2018   at 3:00PM Location: Skype session (scheduled)

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