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IIMB Library Newsletter July // August 2018: Home

Databases Subscribed/Renewed

Databases Renewed

Thomson - EIKON

Database provides financial and economic information on equities, bonds, market indices, exchange rates, interest rates, derivatives and analysts’ reports from investment banks.

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Thomson Reuters. Access : Credential Required (Contact to . Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

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Thomson - SDC - Mergers & Acquisitions

Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™, the online historical financial transactions database, provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bonds, Syndicated Loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more.
Coverage: Over 1,000,000 global M&A transactions from the 1970s to the present; including 300,000+ US-target and 700,000+ non-US-target transactions

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Thomson Reuters. Access : Credential Required (Contact to Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

Thomson - SDC - Global New Issues

It provides data on Global New Issues (IPO).It covers industry-leading capital markets transaction information to the global deal making industry.
1-Debt Capital Markets: Over 823,000 bond deals since the 1960s, including investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market corporate bonds and ABS/MBS/Agency issues
2- Equity Capital Markets: Over 259,000 equity capital markets new issues including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades, and convertible bonds since the 1970s.

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Thomson Reuters. Access : Credential Required (Contact to . Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

UN Comtrade

This database covers 140 countries detailed by commodity and partner country. It is the largest depository on International trade data with Times series from 1962 onwards.

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : United Nations Publication . Access : Single user (Contact to for the log-in credential) . Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

World Bank - e-Library

World Bank e-Library is an electronic portal to the World Bank's full-text collection of books, reports, and other documents on social and economic development. It brings together in a fully indexed and cross-searchable database, over 1,200 titles published by the World Bank during the past several years plus every new title as it is published. 

Resource Type : Online. Company Name : Total Library solutions Pvt Ltd. Access : IP-Based (multiuser). Browser Support : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari.

Faculty Publications

New Books  


Title:  Operations management : theory and practice

Authors: Mahadevan, B

Publisher : Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd

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Title: Influence of national culture on IPO activity

Authors: Deepika R. Gupta; Rajaram Veliyath and Rejie George

Journal : Journal of Business Research

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Title: Improving Supplier Compliance Through Joint and Shared Audits with Collective Penalty

Authors’ Names: Felipe Caro, Prashant Chintapalli, Kumar Rajaram and Chris S. Tang.

Journal Name: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Publication Details: April 17, 2018



Title: Does brand experience translate into brand commitment?

A mediated-moderationmodel of brand passion and perceived brand ethicality

Authors’ Names: Gopal Das, James Agarwal, Naresh K. Malhotra and Geetika Varshneya

Journal Name: Journal of Business Research

Publication Details: 26 May 2018



Title: Procurement Practices and the Municipality Auditing Market                     

Authors’ Names: Ana Marques and Ana Pinto

Journal Name: Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance

Publication Details: March 13, 2018



Title: Internal Auditing in India and China: Some Empirical Evidence and Issuesfor Research

Authors’ Names: R. Narayanaswamy, K. Raghunandan and Dasaratha V. Rama

Journal Name: Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance

Publication Details: March 22, 2018


Library Metrics

Library Metrics 

New Resources to Library Collection

New Books to Library Collection

New E-Books to Library Collection

New E-Books to Library Collection
New E-Books to Library Collection from the Publisher Edward Elgar

1)Research Handbook on International Financial Regulation 

2)Research Handbook on Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Alternative Investments 

3)Handbook of Water Economics 

4)Handbook of Research on Venture Capital  Volume 2

5)Handbook of Research on Global Stock Market Globalization 

6)Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment 

7)Research Handbook of Employment Relations in Sport 

8)Handbook of Research on Leadership and Creativity 

9)Handbook of Research on Governance and Entrepreneurship 

10)Handbook of Research Methods on Social Entrepreneurship 

11)Handbook of Research Methods on Intuition 

12)Handbook of Longitudinal Research Methods in Organisation and Business Studies 

13)Handbook of Advances in Trust Research 

14)Handbook of Service Marketing Research 

15)Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume I 

16)Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization Volume II 

17)Handbook of Research Methods on Trust 

18)Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise ( New Horizons in Entrepreneurship series) 

New E-Books to Library Collection from the Publisher Edward Elgar

1)#Share: How to Mobilize Social Word of Mouth (sWOM) 

2)Conducting Survey Research,A Practical Guide 

3)Practical Performance Improvement,How to Be an Exceptional People Manager 

4)Precision Recruitment Skills,How to Find the Right Person For The Right Job, The First Time 

5)The Global Supply Chain and Risk Management 

6)Competing in Financial Markets,How to Play With the Best of Them 

7)Corporate Maturity and the 'Authentic Company' 

8)Conflict and Leadership,How to Harness the Power of Conflict to Create Better Leaders and Build Thriving Teams 

9)A Profile of the Oil and Gas Industry, Second Edition,Resources, Market Forces, Geopolitics, and Technology 

10)Understanding the Family Business, Second Edition,The Differences Between Family and Non-Family Businesses 

11)Everything Old is New Again,How Entrepreneurs Use Discourse Themes to Reclaim Abandoned Urban Spaces 

12)Basics of Foreign Exchange Markets, Second Edition,A Monetary Systems Approach 

13)Pick a Number, Second Edition,US and International Accounting 

14)How to Get Inside Someone's Mind and Stay There,The Small Business Owner?s Guide to Content Marketing and Effective Message Creation 

15)Moving into The Express Lane,How to Rapidly Increase The Value of Your Business 

16)Navigating Entrepreneurship,11 Proven Keys to Success 

17)The Effect of Supply Chain Management on Business Performance 

18)Risk and Win!,A Simple Guide to Managing Risks in Small and Medium-Sized Organizations 

19)Managing Organizational Change,The Measurable Benefits of Applied iOCM 

20)Using Accounting and Financial Information, Second Edition,Analyzing, Forecasting, and Decision Making 

21)Management Accounting in Support of Strategy,How Management Accounting Can Aid the Strategic Management Process 

22)Computer Support for Successful Project Management,Using MS Project 2016 with Information Technology Projects 

23)Business Strategy in the Artificial Intelligence Economy 

24)English Business Jargon and Slang,How to Use It and What It Really Means 

25)Essentials of Financial Risk Management,Practical Concepts for the General Manager 

26)Managing Using the Diamond Principle,Innovating to Effect Organizational Process Improvement 

27)Data Mining Models, Second Edition 

28)Climate Change Management,Special Topics in the Context of Asia 

29)Innoliteracy,From Design Thinking to Tangible Change 

30)Creating Leadership,How to Change Hippos Into Gazelles 

31)Consumer Behavior Theories 

32)African American Entrepreneurs,Successes and Struggles of Entrepreneurs of Color in America 

33)Numbers that Matter,Learning What to Measure to Achieve Financial Success in Your Business 

34)Power Quotes,For Life, Business, and Leadership 

35)Corporate Governance in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crises, Volume I,Relevance and Reforms 

36)Corporate Governance in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crises, Volume 2

37)Corporate Governance in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crises, Volume 3

38)Corporate Governance in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crises, Volume 4

39)Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume One,How to Protect Information and Business Integrity in the Modern World 

40)Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume TWO

41)Global Mergers and Acquisitions, Volume I,Combining Companies Across Borders 

42)Global Mergers and Acquisitions, Volume 2

43)Financing and Managing Projects, Volume I : A Guide for Executives and Professionals 

44)Financing and Managing Projects, Volume 2

45)Tips & Tricks for Excel-Based Financial Modeling, Volume I : A Must for Engineers & Financial Analysts 

46)Tips & Tricks for Excel-Based Financial Modeling, Volume 2

47)Maintain a Clear Intention 

48)Pitching Your Business to Retailers 

49)Pitching Your Business to Investors 

50)How to Lead IT Workers 

51)The Soft Skills are the Hard Ones,Emotional Intelligence and Leadership 

52)When the Brand Promise Fails to Deliver 

53)The Art of Launching Your Product Massively with Strategy and Soul 

54)Your Beliefs System Dictates Your Life 

55)Five A's to Presenting Your most Authentic Self 

56)A Short Guide on Doing Business in South Korea 

57)Improving the Productivity of an IT Organization 

58)Developing the Agile Organization 

59)Retail Audits Are a Mirror of Your Brand's Retail Performance 

60)Introduction to Accounting Information Systems 

61)Understanding Enterprise Accounting Information Systems 

62)The Art of Procrastination,Business Management in the 21st Century 

63)Human Resources for Non-HR Managers 

64)Free Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses 

65)Spring Cleaning for Empowered Speaking 

66)Develop the Leader Within,A Practical Guide for New Managers 

67)15 Tips for Becoming a Confident Presenter 

68)Doing Things Differently to Effect Cultural Change in an IT Organization 

69)The First 100 Days for New Team Leaders,How to Make a Successful Transition in 100 Days and Beyond 

70)What Makes an Unhappy Work Place? 

71)New Lease Standard with Excel Shortcuts 

72)Modern Corporate Responsibly,How to Benefit Your Business and Motivate Your People Through Ethical Business Practices 

73)The Engaged Employee Blueprint 

74)How to Drive Quality in Your IT Development Activities 

75)Getting your Project Proposal Approved 

76)Generation  Entrepreni 

77)Accounting in a Nutshell 8,Cost, Volume and Profit Analysis 

78)Rhetorical Invention and Technology Innovation in Business Settings 

79)The Seven Essential Tips for Marketing in Today?s 24/7 Digital World 

80)Top Ten Startup Mistakes From Maliah's Kitchen 

81)Using Word to Create Great Looking Reports 

82)Excel + R (Free Download Statistics & Graphics) 

83)B2B Marketing,How to Provide Promotion of Brands 

84)Effective Listening Skills 

85)Leading in a Disruptive VUCA World 

86)What makes a Great NextGen Leader? 

87)Developing a High-Performance Organization in a VUCA World 

88)How to Transform Perfect Strangers into Paying Customers 

89)Twitter Tips and Tricks for Business 

90)Organization Design,Theory and Practice 

91)Facilitating a Meeting When Ambushed by Self-Oriented Behavior,...Or Bringing It Back To 'Us' 

92)Successfully Moving to an Executive Role 

93)Managerial Challenges in Leading and Engaging Teams 

94)Leading the Digital Transformation of Organizations 

95)Identifying, Assessing, and Selecting NextGen Leaders 

96)Tough and Smart,An Auditor?s Guide to Ethics and Compliance 

97)A Beginner's Guide to Using Twitter for Business 

98)Twelve Clues to Successful Marketing in China 

99)Leading Change and the Use of Self,Organization Development in Practice 

100)Linking Social Media with Your Business Website and Blog 

101)How Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Have Changed Human-Robot Interaction 

102)Game-Based Learning in Universities,A Life Learning Experience 

103)Leveraging the Power of Storytelling to Successfully Influence Change 

104)Development and Coaching of NextGen Leaders 

105)HR Strategy Development 

106)Accounting in a Nutshell 9,Variance Analysis 

107)Accounting in a Nutshell 10,Activity-Based Costing (ABC) 

108)Making Online Customer Data Secure,Understanding GDPR 

109)Using Agile Project Management Techniques to Improve Your Business 

110)Accounting in a Nutshell 7,Financial Ratios and Analysis 

Top 10 Journals Used in the Month of July-2018

            ISSN : 0025-1909 Publisher :  Informs No. of Downloads : 80.

            ISSN : 0047-2506 Publisher :  Springer No. of Downloads : 61.

            ISSN : 1047-7039 Publisher :  Informs No. of Downloads : 60.

            ISSN : 0309-1325 Publisher :  Sage No. of Downloads : 49.

            ISSN : 1523-4614 Publisher Informs No. of Downloads : 47.

            ISSN : 0002-8282  Publisher :  AEA No. of Downloads : 44.

            ISSN : 0167-4544 Publisher :  Springer No. of Downloads : 42.

            ISSN : 0735-0015 Publisher :  Taylor & Francis No. of Downloads : 36.

            ISSN : 0020-7543 Publisher :  Taylor & Francis No. of Downloads : 35.

            ISSN : 0018-7267  Publisher :  Sage No. of Downloads : 34.

Webinars / Presentation

Training  which was scheduled in July 2018
1       Gartner​
       2nd July,2018 (Monday) at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (Completed)
2      Crisil Database 
       9th July,2018 (Monday) at 3:00PM, Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (Completed)  


     Infraline Database 

     30th July,2018 (Monday) at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (Completed)
  Training scheduled in August 2018
1    Geometrics for Banks 
      3rd August ,2018 (Monday) at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (scheduled)
2    Venture Intelligence 
      6th August ,2018 (Monday) at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (scheduled)
3    EPWRF 
     20th August ,2018 (Monday) at 3:00PM Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room (scheduled)