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ICSSR and MOSPI Datasets: How to download datasets from MOSPI

How to download datasets from ICSSR

  1. Please visit the MOSPI website
  2. Select the tab "Micro Data Catalogue" from quick links on the right side. It will redirect to you an external website.


    3. Click on the tab "Microdata Catalog, and it will redirect to you a tab "Central Data Catalog"

    4. Select any title that you required, e.g.:- Index of Industrial Production (IIP) with Base year 2011-12

    5. Once you click on the title, you can find four tabs: supporting document, Study description, Data description, and Get microdata.

    6. If you want to download the microdata, you have to do one-time registration on this site. Click on Get Microdata >> Click on "Register" if you did not register on it before. Please provide your details, email IDs, Postal address, Country, email address, password, etc. Once you provide your details, you will receive an email on your registered email ID regarding your account's activation.


Once you click on the " Get Microdata", it will redirect you to the registration page.


7. Once you log in with your account, you have to fillup a copyright undertaking form for accessing the microdata.


8. You could download the data once you accept the agreement.

Click on the filename, and you can save it into your system. By default, it will save in Rar format. You can extract it into a preferred folder.