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About BX-Recommender performance with SUMMON


Q: What is SUMMON Single Search Platform?

SUMMON is a single search platform that allows you to search all the resources subscribed by the IIM-B library from one interface. SUMMON provides easy access to full-text articles & e-book chapters and will enable you to quickly search many library resources.

Q: What is Bx-Recommender and where to locate this service?

Article recommendations are provided by bX Recommender, a hosted service of Ex Libris Group. Recommendations are generated based on anonymized usage data collected from over institutions worldwide, using a growing database of over 22 million articles. The service makes connections between articles as searchers discover and access them, so it is continually being refined and improved as more people use it and contribute their data to the system.

Currently, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore library is using this service via integration of Bx-Recommender through SUMMON single search platform.

Q: Who can use SUMMON Single Search Platform & Bx-Recommender?

Access to full text via SUMMON Single Search Platform is available to current IIM-B students, staff, Research Scholars, and faculty, as well as Alumni and walk-in users.

Q: Which button is used for locating Bx-Recommender in SUMMON Single search result page?

Here is the button which shows next to the full-text of Journal Article on the SUMMON search result page shows the recommended Article related to your search.