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Digital Map Data: Copyright Compliance

Digital Map Data Datasets Profiles




  1. Place the Digital Map Data on the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Network while acknowledging the data source for Digital Map Data.
  2. Install and store Digital Map Data on a storage device such as a network server, used to access the data on the internal network.
  3. Use Digital Map Data for research purposes of the users of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
  4. Make derivative works, including but not limited to translations, adaptations, arrangements or maps or other output generated with the Digital Map Data by acknowledging the data source from Digital Map Data.
  5. Publish maps and other results of analysis from Digital Map Data in academic/research journals with proper source referencing to Digital Map Data.
  6. Place raster map derivatives of the Digital Map Data on the Internet for public viewing.


  1. Use Digital Map Data  for any commercial purpose whatsoever without specific written agreement with Digital Map Data 
  2. Copy, decode, reverse engineer the Digital Map Data 
  3. Rent, lease or lend the Digital Map Data 
  4. Share the data with any other entity
  5. Enter into any reseller, distribution or third party arrangement for such distribution as, but not limited to, electronic, online, subscription, “fee for service” or general, uncontrolled availability to the public without a prior written agreement with Digital Map Data.