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Library Space Booking: How to Book a Space

How to Book a Space

Discussion rooms and particular databases are available for prior booking using this online portal. IIMB community can pre-book the rooms in the Library for a specific date and time, a maximum of 3 hours a day. You have to select the slot as per the availability. 

How to Book Library Space

Step 1: Please visit the URL  or scan the QR code.

Step 2: Login to your account

Please use your email alias as username, and the default password is "Welcome123" (Here, W is uppercase)

Step 3: Click on the module "Bookings."

Step 4: Select the space/room from the list. Suppose you want to access a standalone database. Please select the module "Databases."


Step 5: Select the Room/Database/space and time slot from the list. Please click "Space/Room name" for more details on a particular room/space/Database.



Please tick enable multiple selection if you want to book more than one hour slot at a time. Please note you can book a maximum of three hours per day.

Step 6: Create a booking 


Step 6:  Collect the Room Key

The user has to collect the room key from the circulation counter by depositing their ID Card.