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Library Space Booking: Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

‚ÄčTerms and conditions for space booking

 Discussion room, meeting room, digital wall, and special databases are available for prior booking using this online portal. IIMB community can pre-book the rooms in the Library for a specific date and time, a maximum of 3 hours in a day. You have to select the slot as per the availability and fill the registration form. Once if you have finished your registration, the mediator has to approve your booking, and you will get a confirmation email to the registered email id.


  • Discussion rooms intended only for the academic and educational purpose, it is not meant for interviews, appointments and other non-educational meetings.
  • Discussions rooms are categorized as formal and informal.
  • There should be minimum of two and maximum of six users for booking formal discussion room.
  • There should be minimum of two and maximum of eight users for booking informal discussion room.
  • The meeting room is available only for faculty.
  • Rooms must be booked online by the user
  • Rooms will be allotted on the basis of registration, as first come first served basis.
  • If a user is using the space without pre-booking, he/she must be vacate the room when a user checked in with valid reservation.
  • The person who booked the room should be responsible for the use of the room during the period of booking.
  • Each room will be occupied on the basis of seating capacity. It will not be permitted to keep more chairs without permission.
  • Reservation will be cancelled by moderators if the reserved person is not checked in to the room within 15 minutes.
  • The users are responsible for their belongings, the library is not liable for loss or damage to any property.
  • Users should maintain moderate noise level in the discussion rooms, don’t disturb the others while discussing.
  • Leave the room in good condition, clean up the white board, table, etc. after your use.
  • Discussion rooms are not intended to provide privacy, the authorised person may enter the rooms as need for security, maintenance, or other reasons.
  • Food items are not allowed inside the rooms.