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Frequently Asked questions (FAQ): Electronic Resources

Subject Guide

Electronic Resources FAQ

1. Do I need to come to Library to access the databases?
No, most of the Databases are having campus-wide Multi-user access. Some databases are registration based access & few are standalone Databases, for accessing Standalone database patron required to come to Library (Databases are located in Data Centre).
2. Where can I get the list of databases which are subscribed by the Library?
Patrons may get the List of Subscribed Databases in our IIMB Webpage also.
3. How do I find company & Industry information?
You may access all the company related information through the Company & Industry Information databases.
Steps: Intranet Library page à E-resourcesàCompany/Industry Information
4. Where can I find the list of print and E-Journals?
User may find the list of Journals in Library INTRANET page alphabetically and publisher-wise and also user may get from EBSCO Journal finder also.
5. Who may suggest databases/Journals and how can they suggest to the library?
IIMB Faculty and FPM Schoolers can suggest the databases/Journals to the library. By filling the Database Suggestion Form and Journal Suggestion Forms.
6. Do we have any training sessions for E-resources?
Yes, we do arrange the E-resources training sessions during the beginning of the every Course and if there is huge demand to training we also arrange the sessions for bunch patrons.
7. How can I find electronic journals related to my subject?
You’ll the list of e- journals classified by alphabetic and publisher wise in the e-journal search page.
8. How can I search for articles?
You can search articles in the Journal finder search page this page is only for IIMB library internal users.
9. Do you make article search for us?
No, we don’t. However, when you visit the library, any library staff available in counter they will explain and show how to search the articles.
10. Why I cannot download an electronic book entirely, at a time?
Access to electronic book is determined by suppliers or publisher. And also it is has copyright issues.
11. Whom I need to contact if I have any problems related to the E-Resources?
For any query related to the databases please contact the staff who is sitting in the Circulation counter directly or through email ( Exn. No. 3113)