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Find Book Using Online Catalog

You can locate the online catalog by clicking on the following URL

You can perform a keyword search in the Basic search window visible on the landing page of OPAC or combine two or more terms and perform a complex search to get more accurate results; the Advance Search option will be selected from the menu.

In the result list, after performing a Keyword search as "Marketing Management," you need to check the call number to locate the book on the shelves and its availability, whether it is available or issued to someone.

How to login in Online Catalog to access the personal account?

If you wish to check the status of the number of borrowed items from the library, renew the book or place a reserve request for the book without coming to the library, you need to first log in to your account in an online catalog.

You can locate the login window on the left pane. To log in to your account, use your roll no. as your username, and the default password set by the library is "welcome."



Shelf Check-in/Check-out Kiosk

Shelf Check-in/Check-out Kiosk helps you do the circulation transaction without assistance from the library staff.

To use the kiosk, you must activate or program your ID card with the assistance of library staff at the desk. It is a one-time process.

Once the card is programmed, you can borrow, return, and renew books on the Self kiosk machine. You can find there are four functions on the touch screen. i.e., Borrow, Return, Renew and Account. The module Borrow helps you borrow the items from the library, and the Return module allows you to return the borrowed items; the renew module helps you renew the borrowed items, and the Account option helps you check the summary of transactions.

Detailed help guide on Self Check-in/ Check-out Kiosk:


How to renew the books?

You can see the borrowed items list once you log in to your account.

Step 1: First, you need to select the book which needs to renew.

Step 2: Click on the "Renew" button, and it will be renewed. In case the book is very much in demand and some users have already placed a request for it, then it will not allow you to renew.

Link to the Help guide for renewal of Books:

How to reserve books?

If you wish to reserve any book available in the library collection in advance without coming to the library. You can do the same by using OPAC.

Step:1 You need first to perform searching in OPAC to check whether the book is available or not. If available, click on the "Reserve Button" located on the right side of the item.

Step:2 It will prompt you to log in with your OPAC account and complete your reservation request later.

Link to the Help Guide for Book Reservation in OPAC: