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Lean Library: Additional Features of Lean Library

Find Fulltext with Browser Extension



Highlight & Search

You read an interesting article, and you come across a promising concept. With the Highlight and Search application of Lean Library, you can use multiple search engines at the touch of a button: Search@IIM-B, Google Scholar, and Web of Science. You select the piece of text that it is about, click the right mouse button and choose "Library access."

Google Scholar Enhanced Search

If you are using Google Scholar for your search, it will automatically add up the search link as Full-text@IIMB Library.


Alert to New Articles- TOC Alert

Suppose you find any journal which published more articles in your area of interest. In that case, you can subscribe to the TOC alert, which will notify you automatically as and when a new article is published.


Lean Library Access: Smart Citations (Scite)

The Library Access browser extension now displays article-level smart citations through a partnership with scite! Smart citations quickly and easily show how a research paper has been cited by providing its context.

A popup will appear within Google Scholar, publisher websites, and other academic resources that help you discover and understand research by describing whether it supports or contrasts evidence for the cited claim, including retraction information.