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IIMB Library Newsletter September // October 2018: Cambridge E-Books

List of Cambridge E-Books

1) 3264 and all that : a second course in algebraic geometry / David Eisenbud, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Joe Harris, Harvard University, Massachusetts.
2) A brief history of economic thought / Alessandro Roncaglia.
3) A company's right to damages for non-pecuniary loss / Vanessa Wilcox.
4) A course in finite group representation theory / Peter Webb, University of Minnesota.
5) A democratic bearing : admirable citizens, uneven injustice, and critical theory / Stephen K. White, University of Virginia.
6) A dictionary, practical, theoretical and historical, of commerce and commercial navigation / J. R. McCulloch.
7) A first course in computational fluid dynamics / H. Aref, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, S. Balachandar, University of Florida.
8) A First Course in Statistical Programming with R
9) A formal theory of commonsense psychology : how people think people think / Andrew S. Gordon, University of Southern California, Jerry R. Hobbs, University of Southern California.
10) A further study of visual perception / by M. D. Vernon.
11) A general algebraic semantics for sentential logics / Josep Maria Font, Ramon Jansana.
12) A global analysis of tax treaty disputes : BRICS countries and beyond / edited by Eduardo Baistrocchi.
13) A global force : war, identities and Scotland's diaspora / edited by David Forsyth and Wendy Ugolini.
14) A global political morality : human rights, democracy, and constitutionalism / Michael J. Perry, Emory University School of Law.
15) A guide to trade credit insurance / by the International Credit Insurance & Surety Association.
16) A handbook of primary commodities in the global economy / Marian Radetzki and Linda Wårell.
17) A handbook on the WTO dispute settlement system / prepared by the Legal Affairs Division and the Rules Division of the WTO Secretariat, and the Appellate Body Secretariat.
18) A history of Australian tort law 1901-1945 : England's obedient servant? / Mark Lunney.
19) A history of drinking : the Scottish pub since 1700 / Anthony Cooke.
20) A history of law in Europe : from the early middle ages to the twentieth century / Antonio Padoa-Schioppa.
21) A history of military occupation from 1792 to 1914 / Peter M.R. Stirk.
22) A history of the future : prophets of progress from H.G. Wells to Isaac Asimov / Peter J. Bowler, Queen's University Belfast.
23) A history of the mathematical theory of probability : from the time of Pascal to that of Laplace / Isaac Todhunter.
24) A history of the psychology schools at Adelaide's universities / edited by Tony Winefield and Ted Nettelbeck.
25) A Life of Resistance : Ada Prospero Marchesini Gobetti (1902–1968) / Jomarie Alano.
26) A Monetary History of Norway, 1816-2016
27) A New Era for Mental Health Law and Policy : Supported Decision-Making and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities / Piers Gooding.
28) A new history of management / Stephen Cummings [and three others].
29) A quiet revolution? : the rise of women managers, business owners and leaders in the Arabian Gulf States / Nick Forster.
30) A regional economic history of Thailand / Porphant Ouyyanont.
31) A relational theory of world politics / Yaqing Qin.
32) A republic of law / Frank Lovett.
33) A retake please! : Night mail to Western approaches / Pat Jackson.
34) A social history of British naval officers, 1775-1815 / Evan Wilson.
35) A theory of mediators' ethics : foundations, rationale, and application / Omer Shapira.
36) A theory of world politics / Mathias Albert.
37) A tragedy of errors : the government and misgovernment of Northern Ireland / Kenneth Bloomfield.
38) A wealthier, fairer Scotland : the political economy of constitutional change / edited by Michael Keating.
39) A world of babies : imagined childcare guides for eight societies / edited by Alma Gottlieb and Judy S. DeLoache.
40) Abbas Kiarostami and film-philosophy / Mathew Abbott.
41) Abortion rights : for and against / Kate Greasley, University College London, Christopher Kaczor, Loyola Marymount University, California.
42) Above politics : bureaucratic discretion and credible commitment / Gary J. Miller, Andrew B. Whitford.
43) Accepting assistance in the aftermath of disasters : standards for states under international law / Stefanie Jansen-Wilhelm.
44) Access to medicines : the interface between patents and human rights : does one size fit all? / Jennifer Anna Sellin.
45) Accommodating rising powers past, present, and future / edited by T.V. Paul, McGill University.
46) Adaptation, specialization, and the theory of the firm : foundations of the resource-based view / Birger Wernerfelt, MIT Sloan School of Management.
47) Adapting tests in linguistic and cultural situations / Dragos Iliescu.
48) Adaptive behavior and learning / J. E. R. Staddon.
49) Administrative law from the inside out : essays on themes in the work of Jerry L. Mashaw / edited by Nicholas R. Parrillo.
50) Admissible sets and structures : an approach to definability theory / Jon Barwise.
51) Advances and innovations in university assessment and feedback : a festchrift in honour of Professor Dai Hounsell / edited by Carolin Kreber, Charles Anderson, Noel Entwistle and Jan McArthur.
52) Advances in economics and econometrics : Eleventh World Congress. edited by Bo Honoré [and three others].
53) Advances in economics and econometrics : Eleventh World Congress. edited by Bo Honoré [and three others].
54) Advances in two-dimensional homotopy and combinatorial group theory / edited by Wolfgang Metzler, Stephan Rosebrock.
55) Affective communities in world politics : collective emotions after trauma / Emma Hutchison, the University of Queensland.
56) African coalitions and global economic governance / Michael Byron Nelson.
57) African perspectives on trade and the WTO : domestic reforms, structural transformation and global economic integration / edited by Patrick Low, Chiedu Osakwe, Maika Oshikawa.
58) African, American and European trajectories of modernity : past oppression, future justice? / edited by Peter Wagner
59) After Obama : renewing American leadership, restoring global order / Robert S. Singh.
60) After rape : violence, justice, and social harmony in northern Uganda / Holly Porter.
61) After the enlightenment : political realism and international relations in the mid-twentieth century / Nicolas Guilhot.
62) Agamben and radical politics / edited by Daniel McLoughlin.
63) Age of secession : the international and domestic determinants of state birth / Ryan D. Griffiths.
64) Agenda crossover : the influence of state delegations in Congress / Sarah A. Treul.
65) Agent-based models in economics : a toolkit / edited by Domenico Delli Gatti [and four others].
66) Agents of neoliberal globalization : corporate networks, state structures, and trade policy / Michael C. Dreiling, University of Oregon, Derek Y. Darves, Independent Scholar.
67) Agility.X : how organizations thrive in unpredictable times / edited by Christiane Prange, Loizos Heracleous.
68) Airport competitiveness : models and assessment methods / Małgorzata Bednarczyk, Ewa Grabińska.
69) Algebraic groups : the theory of group schemes of finite type over a field / J. S. Milne.
70) Algorithms and models for network data and link analysis / François Fouss, Marco Saerens, Masashi Shimbo.
71) Allies or adversaries : NGOs and the state in Africa / Jennifer N. Brass, Indiana University.
72) Al-Qaida in Afghanistan / Anne Stenersen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.
73) Alternative dispute resolution of shareholder disputes in Hong Kong : institutionalizing its effective use / Ida Kwan Lun Mak.
74) Alternative organisations in India : undoing boundaries / edited by Devi Vijay, Rohit Varman.
75) Alternative visions of the international law on foreign investment : essays in honour of Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah / edited by Chin Leng Lim.
76) Ambiguous citizenship in an age of global migration / Aoileann Ní Mhurchú.
77) American cinema in the shadow of 9/11 / edited by Terence McSweeney.
78) American constitutional law / by Bernard Schwartz ; with a foreword by A. L. Goodhart.
79) American grand strategy and East Asian security in the twenty-first century / David C. Kang.
80) American Imperialism and the State, 1893-1921 / Colin D. Moore, University of Hawaii.
81) American independent cinema : an introduction / Yannis Tzioumakis.
82) American independent cinema : rites of passage and the crisis image / Anna Backman Rogers.
83) American Indians and the trouble with sovereignty : structuring self-determination through federalism / Kouslaa T. Kessler-Mata.
84) American mourning : tragedy, democracy, resilience / Simon Stow, The College of William and Mary.
85) American pragmatism and poetic practice : crosscurrents from Emerson to Susan Howe / Kristen Case.
86) America's middlemen : power at the edge of empire / Eric Grynaviski.
87) America's war on same-sex couples and their families : and how the courts rescued them / Daniel R. Pinello.
88) An economic history of Portugal, 1143–2010 / Leonor Freire Costa, Pedro Lains, Susana Münch Miranda.
89) An introduction to botany : in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings / Priscilla Wakefield.
90) An introduction to description logic / Franz Baader [and three others]/
91) An introduction to the theory of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces / Vern I. Paulsen, Mrinal Raghupathi.
92) Analysis of multiple social networks / Mark E. Dickison, Matteo Magnani, Luca Rossi.
93) Analysis on Polish spaces and an introduction to optimal transportation / D. J. H. Garling.
94) Analytic semigroups and semilinear initial boundary value problems / Kazuaki Taira, Waseda University, Japan.
95) Anarchist seeds beneath the snow : left-libertarian thought and British writers from William Morris to Colin Ward / David Goodway.
96) Anatomy of a campaign : the British fiasco in Norway, 1940 / John Kiszely.
97) Anatomy of authoritarianism in the Arab republics / Joseph Sassoon.
98) Ancient and modern democracy : two concepts of liberty? / Wilfried Nippel ; translated by Keith Tribe.
99) Andrews on civil processes. Neil Andrews.
100) Andrews on civil processes. Neil Andrews.
101) Anti-impunity and the human rights agenda / edited by Karen Engle, University of Texas School of Law, Zinaida Miller, Seton Hall University, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, D. M. Davis, High Court of Cape Town Faculty of Law.
102) Aperiodic order. edited by Michael Baake, Uwe Grimm.
103) Applied conic finance / Dilip Madan, Wim Schoutens.
104) Applied psychology : actively caring for people / E. Scott Geller.
105) Applying the constitution of the Republic of Poland in horizontal relations / Monika Florczak-Wątor.
106) Approaches to Kurban Said's Ali and Nino : love, identity, and intercultural conflict / edited by Carl Niekerk and Cori Crane.
107) Aquinas on the metaphysics of the hypostatic union / Michael Gorman, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.
108) Aquinas's Summa theologiae : a critical guide / edited by Jeffrey Hause, Creighton University, Omaha.
109) Arbitrating the conduct of international investors / Jose Daniel Amado, Jackson Shaw Kern, Martin Doe Rodriguez.
110) Arbitration in the Digital Age : The Brave New World of Arbitration / edited by Maud Piers, Christian Aschauer.
111) Are politics local? : the two dimensions of party nationalization around the world / Scott Morgenstern.
112) Argentina's partisan past : nationalism and the politics of history / Michael Goebel.
113) Aristotle on religion / Mor Segev.
114) Aristotle's concept of mind / Erick Raphael Jimenez.
115) As terrorism evolves : media, religion, and governance / Philip Seib.
116) ASEAN and the EC : The Impact of 1992
117) ASEAN Beyond the Regional Crisis : Challenges and Initiatives
118) ASEAN champions : emerging stalwarts in regional integration / Seung Ho Park, Gerardo Rivera Ungson, Jamil Paolo S. Francisco.
119) ASEAN Economic Co-operation : Transition and Transformation / edited in consultation with ASEAN Secretariat.
120) ASEAN in the New Asia
121) ASEAN-China Relations : Realities and Prospects
122) ASEAN-Russia Relations
123) Asia after the developmental state : disembedding autonomy / edited by Toby Carroll, Darryl S.L. Jarvis.
124) Asia-Pacific judiciaries : independence, impartiality and integrity / edited by Hoong Phun (H.P.) Lee, Monash University, Marilyn Pittard, Monash University.
125) Aspects of Incompleteness / Per Lindström.
126) Assessing constitutional performance / edited by Tom Ginsburg, Aziz Z. Huq.
127) Assessing the World Trade Organization : fit for purpose? : World Trade Forum / edited by Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman, Joost Pauwelyn.
128) Astral science in early imperial China : observation, sagehood and the individual / Daniel Patrick Morgan, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris.
129) Asymptotic analysis in general relativity / edited by Thierry Daudé, Dietrich Häfner, Jean-Philippe Nicolas.
130) Australia's constitution after Whitlam / Brendan Lim.
131) Authoritarian capitalism : sovereign wealth funds and state-owned enterprises in East Asia and beyond / Richard W. Carney.
132) Authoritarian legality in China : law, workers, and the state / Mary E. Gallagher.
133) Authoritarianism and the elite origins of democracy / Michael Albertus, Victor Menaldo.
134) Automated planning and acting / Malik Ghallab, Dana Nau, Paolo Traverso.
135) Autonomous weapons systems : law, ethics, policy / edited by Nehal Bhuta [and four others].
136) Auxiliary polynomials in number theory / David Masser, Universitat Basel, Switzerland.
137) Balibar and the citizen subject / edited by Warren Montag and Hanan Elsayed.
138) Balloon Madness : Flights of Imagination in Britain, 1783–1786 / Clare Brant.
139) Bankruptcy and the U.S. Supreme Court / Ronald J. Mann.
140) Basic concepts in data structures / Shmuel Tomi Klein, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
141) Bayesian models for astrophysical data : using R, JAGS, Python, and Stan / Joseph M. Hilbe, Rafael S. de Souza, Emille E.O. Ishida.
142) Beauty and sublimity : a cognitive aesthetics of literature and the arts / Patrick Colm Hogan.
143) Becoming Madam Chancellor : Angela Merkel and the Berlin Republic / Joyce Marie Mushaben.
144) Bedouins into bourgeois : remaking citizens for globalization / Calvert W. Jones, University of Maryland, College Park.
145) Before anarchy : Hobbes and his critics in modern international thought / Theodore Christov.
146) Behavioral economics for cost-Benefit analysis : benefit validity when sovereign consumers seem to make mistakes / David L. Weimer.
147) Being and Becoming European in Poland : European Integration and Self-Identity / Marysia H. Galbraith.
148) Being Maasai : ethnicity & identity in East Africa / edited by Thomas Spear & Richard Waller.
149) Believable evidence / Velislava Mitova.
150) Bergson and the art of immanence : painting, photography, film / edited by John Mullarkey and Charlotte de Mille.
151) Between depression and disarmament : the international armaments business, 1919-1939 / Jonathan A. Grant.
152) Between resistance and adaptation : indigenous peoples and the colonisation of the Chocó, 1510-1753 / Caroline A. Williams.
153) Between rights and responsibilities : a fundamental debate / edited by Stephan Parmentier, Hans Werdmölder, Michaël Merrigan.
154) Beyond ethnic politics in Africa / Dominika Koter.
155) Beyond evolutionary psychology : how and why neuropsychological modules arise / George Ellis, Mark Solms.
156) Beyond politics : the private governance response to climate change / Michael P. Vandenbergh, Jonathan M. Gilligan.
157) Beyond Shariati : modernity, cosmopolitanism, and Islam in Iranian political thought / Siavash Saffari.
158) Beyond US hegemony in international development : the contest for influence at the World Bank / Jiajun Xu.
159) Big crisis data : social media in disasters and time-critical situations / Carlos Castillo.
160) Bilateral legacies in East and Southeast Asia / edited by N. Ganesan.
161) Biological classification : a philosophical introduction / Richard A. Richards.
162) Biologically modified justice / Colin Farrelly.
163) Biology and feminism : a philosophical introduction / Lynn Hankinson Nelson.
164) Blasphemy and freedom of expression : comparative, theoretical and historical reflections after the Charlie Hebdo massacre / edited by Jeroen Temperman, Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam, András Koltay, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest.
165) Bollywood and postmodernism : popular Indian cinema in the 21st Century / Neelam Sidhar Wright.
166) Border crossing : Russian literature into film / edited by Alexander Burry and Frederick H. White.
167) Borrowing together : microfinance and cultivating social ties / Becky Yang Hsu, Georgetown University.
168) Bosnia-Herzegovina : the Vance/Owen Peace Plan / edited by David Owen.
169) Boundaries of state, boundaries of rights : human rights, private actors, and positive obligations / edited by Tsvi Kahana, Anat Scolnicov.
170) Bounded variable logics and counting : a study in finite models / Martin Otto.
171) Bourbon Peru 1750–1824 / John Fisher.
172) Breeding superman : Nietzsche, race and eugenics in Edwardian and interwar Britain / Dan Stone.
173) Brexit : sociological responses / edited by William Outhwaite.
174) Brexit : why Britain voted to leave the European Union / Harold D. Clarke, Matthew Goodwin, Paul Whiteley.
175) Bringing down the educational wall : political regimes, ideology and the expansion of education / Dulce Manzano, Complutense University, Madrid.
176) Britain's soldiers : rethinking war and society, 1715-1815 / edited by Kevin Linch and Matthew McCormack.
177) Britannia's shield : Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Hutton and late-Victorian imperial defence / Craig Stockings.
178) British Expeditionary Warfare and the Defeat of Napoleon, 1793–1815 / Robert K. Sutcliffe.
179) British prisoners of war in First World War Germany / Oliver Wilkinson, University of Wolverhampton.
180) Buddhism, politics and the limits of law : the pyrrhic constitutionalism of Sri Lanka / Benjamin Schonthal, University of Otago.
181) Buddhism, politics, and political thought in Myanmar / Matthew J. Walton.
182) Building a treaty on business and human rights : context and contours / edited by Surya Deva, City University of Hong Kong, David Bilchitz, University of Johannesburg.
183) Building democracy in the Yugoslav successor states : accomplishments, setbacks, and challenges since 1990 / edited by Sabrina P. Ramet, Christine M. Hassenstab, and Ola Listhaug.
184) Building ethics for a material world : an ecological approach to object stewardship / Ryan Burg.
185) Building responsive and responsible financial regulators in the aftermath of the global financial crisis / editor, Pablo Iglesias-Rodríguez.
186) Building the bloc : intraparty organization in the U.S. Congress / Ruth Bloch Rubin.
187) Building the constitution : the practice of constitutional interpretation in post-apartheid South Africa / James Fowkes.
188) Bureaucracy and development : reflections from the Indonesian water sector / Diana Suhardiman.
189) Bureaucratizing Islam : Morocco and the war on terror / Ann Marie Wainscott.
190) Business and human rights : beyond the end of the beginning / edited by Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito.
191) Business ethics : a Kantian perspective / Norman E. Bowie, University of Minnesota.
192) Business history in Latin America : the experience of seven countries / edited by Carlos Dávila and Rory Miller ; translated by Garry Mills and Rory Miller.
193) Butler and ethics / edited by Moya Lloyd.
194) C.S. Lewis on politics and the natural law / Justin Buckley Dyer, University of Missouri, Micah J. Watson, Calvin College.
195) Calendrical calculations : the ultimate edition / Edward M. Reingold, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Nachum Dershowitz, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
196) Cambridge handbook of creativity across domains / edited by James C. Kaufman, University of Connecticut, USA, Vlad P. Glaveanu, University of Bergen, Norway, John Baer, Rider University, USA.
197) Cambridge handbook of organizational project management / edited by Shankar Sankaran, Ralf Müller, Nathalie Drouin.
198) Cambridge handbook of research approaches to business ethics and corporate responsibility / edited by Patricia H. Werhane, DePaul University, Chicago, University of Virginia, R. Edward Freeman, University of Virginia, Sergiy Dmytriyev, University of Virginia.
199) Can banks still keep a secret? : bank secrecy in financial centres around the world / [edited by] Sandra Booysen, National University of Singapore, Dora Neo, National University of Singapore.
200) Can Delaware Be Dethroned? : Evaluating Delaware's Dominance of Corporate Law / edited by Stephen M. Bainbridge, Iman Anabtawi, Sung Hui Kim, James Park.
201) Candidates and voters : ideology, valence, and representation in US elections / Walter J. Stone, University of California, Davis.
202) Cannabis use and dependence : public health and public policy / Wayne Hall, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula.
203) Capital mobility in Asia : causes and consequences / Juthathip Jongwanich.
204) Captives of war : British prisoners of war in Europe in the Second World War / Claire Makepeace.
205) Caring capitalism : the meaning and measure of social value / Emily Barman.
206) Carnal knowledge : regulating sex in England, 1470-1600 / Martin Ingram, Brasenose College, University of Oxford.
207) Carnap, Quine, and Putnam on methods of inquiry / Gary Ebbs, Indiana University, Bloomington.
208) Caste, class, and capital : the social and political origins of economic policy in India / Kanta Murali, University of Toronto.
209) Caste, Entrepreneurship and the Illusions of Tradition : Branding the Potters of Kolkata / Geir Heierstad.
210) Catholicism, politics, and society in twentieth-century France / edited by Kay Chadwick.
211) Causation in European tort law / edited by Marta Infantino, Eleni Zervogianni.
212) Central banks at a crossroads : what can we learn from history? / edited by Michael D. Bordo [and three others].
213) Central simple algebras and Galois cohomology / Philippe Gille, Tamás Szamuely.
214) Challenges of party-building in Latin America / edited by Steven Levitsky [and three others].
215) Changing Perceptions of Nature / with contributions by Andrew Ramsey, Angus Lunn, Arthur MacGregor, Charles Nelson, Chiara Nepi, Chris Loynes, Christopher Donaldson, Darrell Smith, Erwin van van Maanen, Ghillean T. Prance, Gina Dougl.
216) Cheating, corruption, and concealment : the roots of dishonesty / edited by Jan-Willem van Prooijen, Paul A.M. van Lange.
217) Child welfare and social action in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries : international perspectives / edited by Jon Lawrence and Pat Starkey.
218) Children and violence : politics of conflict in South Asia / edited by Bina D'Costa.
219) Children remembered : responses to untimely death in the past / Robert Woods.
220) Children's rights in intercountry adoption : a European perspective / Claire Fenton-Glynn.
221) China and Sustainable Development in Latin America : The Social and Environmental Dimension / edited by Rebecca Ray, Kevin Gallagher, Andres Lopez, Cynthia Sanborn, Andres L�pez.
222) China as a polar great power / Anne-Marie Brady.
223) China-Central and Eastern Europe cross-cultural dialogue : society, business and education in transition / edited by Joanna Wardȩga.
224) China's crisis behavior : political survival and foreign policy after the Cold War / Kai He (Griffith Univeristy, Australia).
225) China's crisis of success / William H. Overholt.
226) China's governance puzzle : enabling transparency and participation in a single-party state / Jonathan R. Stromseth, Edmund J. Malesky, and Dimitar D. Gueorguiev ; with Lai Hairong, Wang XiXin, and Carl Brinton
227) China's healthcare system and reform / edited by Lawton Robert Burns, Gordon G. Liu.
228) China's innovation challenge : overcoming the middle-income trap / edited by Arie Y. Lewin, Martin Kenney, Johann Peter Murmann.
229) China's troubled waters : maritime disputes in theoretical perspective / Steve Chan, University of Colorado, Boulder.
230) Chinese contract law : civil and common law perspectives / edited by Larry A. Dimatteo, University of Florida, Lei Chen, City University of Hong Kong.
231) Chow Yun-fat and territories of Hong Kong stardom / Lin Feng.
232) Christianity and family law : an introduction / edited by John Witte, Jr., Gary S. Hauk.
233) Chronicles of the Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath : 2011-2016 /
234) Cicero's law : rethinking Roman law of the late Republic / edited by Paul J. du Plessis.
235) Cinema of the dark side : atrocity and the ethics of film spectatorship / Shohini Chaudhuri.
236) Citizenship, alienage, and the modern constitutional state : a gendered history / Helen Irving.
237) Civic hope : how ordinary Americans keep democracy alive / Rodrick P. Hart.
238) Civil society and memory in postwar Germany / Jenny Wüstenberg.
239) Civil Society in Southeast Asia
240) Civil war in Syria : mobilization and competing social orders / Adam Baczko, Gilles Dorronsoro, Arthur Quesnay.
241) Claims reserving in general insurance / David Hindley (FIA).
242) Clarity of responsibility, accountability, and corruption / Leslie A. Schwindt-Bayer, Margit Tavits.
243) Class attitudes in America : sympathy for the poor, resentment of the rich, and political implications / Spencer Piston, Boston University.
244) Classical economics today : essays in honor of Alessandro Roncaglia / edited by Marcella Corsi, Jan Kregel and Carlo D'Ippoliti.
245) Codes, cryptology and curves with computer algebra / Ruud Pellikaan [and three others].
246) Cognition meaning and action : Lodz-Lund studies in cognitive science / eds. Piotr Łukowski, Aleksander Gemel, Bartosz Żukowski.
247) Cognitive capitalism : human capital and the wellbeing of nations / Heiner Rindermann.
248) Cognitive motivation : from curiosity to identity, purpose and meaning / David Beswick.
249) Cold war legacies : systems, theory, aesthetics / edited by John Beck and Ryan Bishop.
250) Collaborative capitalism in American cities : reforming urban market regulations / Rashmi Dyal-Chand, Northeastern University School of Law.
251) Collateral frameworks : the open secret of central banks / Kjell G. Nyborg.
252) Collecting qualitative data : a practical guide to textual, media and virtual techniques / Virginia Braun, University of Auckland, Victoria Clarke, University of the West of England, Bristol, Debra Gray, The University of Winchester.
253) Collective remembering : memory in the world and in the mind / Ludmila Isurin.
254) Colours and colour vision : an introductory survey / Daniel Kernell, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
255) Combinatorics, words and symbolic dynamics / edited by Valérie Berthé, Michel Rigo.
256) Commanding military power : organizing for victory and defeat on the battlefield / Ryan Grauer.
257) Commentary on Plato's Timaeus. translated with an introduction and notes by Harold Tarrant, University of Newcastle, Australia
258) Commentary on the First Geneva Convention : Convention (I) for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field / editorial committee Knut Dörmann [and three others] ; project team Jean-Marie Henckaerts [and five others].
259) Commentary on the second Geneva Convention : Convention (II) for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick, and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea / editorial committee, Knut Dörmann, Liesbeth Lijnzaad, Marco Sassòli, and Philip Spoerri ; project team, Jean-Marie Henckaerts, Head of Project; Lindsey Cameron, Bruno Demeyere, Eve La Haye, and Heike Niebergall-Lackner.
260) Commentary on Thomas Aquinas's virtue ethics / J. Budziszewski, University of Texas at Austin.
261) Commerce and peace in the Enlightenment / edited by Béla Kapossy, Isaac Nikhimovsky, Richard Whatmore.
262) Commercial remedies : resolving controversies / edited by Graham Virgo, Sarah Worthington.
263) Communal violence, forced migration and the state : Gujarat since 2002 / Sanjeevini Badigar Lokhande.
264) Communications and British operations on the Western Front, 1914-1918 / Brian N. Hall, University of Salford.
265) Compact data structures : a practical approach / Gonzalo Navarro.
266) Comparative defamation and privacy law / edited by Andrew T. Kenyon.
267) Comparative governance : rediscovering the functional dimension of governing / B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh, Jon Pierre, University of Gothenburg.
268) Comparative takeover regulation : global and Asian perspectives / edited by Umakanth Varottil and Wai Yee Wan.
269) Competing memories : truth and reconciliation in Sierra Leone and Peru / Rebekka Friedman.
270) Competition law, regulation & SMEs in the Asia-Pacific : understanding the small business perspective / edited by Michael T. Schaper and Cassey Lee.
271) Complexity dichotomies for counting problems. Jin-Yi Cai, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Xi Chen, Columbia University, New York, New York.
272) Computability in analysis and physics / Marian B. Pour-El, J. Ian Richards.
273) Computational modeling of cognition and behavior / Simon Farrell, University of Western Australia, Perth, Stephan Lewandowsky, University of Bristol.
274) Computational phylogenetics : an introduction to designing methods for phylogeny estimation / Tandy Warnow.
275) Computational social science : discovery and prediction / [edited by] R. Michael Alvarez.
276) Computer age statistical inference : algorithms, evidence, and data science / Bradley Efron, Trevor Hastie.
277) Comrades against imperialism : Nehru, India, and interwar internationalism / Michele L. Louro.
278) Confidence, likelihood, probability : statistical inference with confidence distributions / Tore Schweder, University of Oslo, Nils Lid Hjort, University of Oslo.
279) Conflict and sustainability in a changing environment : through the eyes of communities / Gwendolyn Smith and Elena P. Bastidas.
280) Conflict in Myanmar : war, politics, religion / edited by Nick Cheesman, Nicholas Farrelly.
281) Conflict-related violence against women : transforming transition / Aisling Swaine.
282) Confounding powers : anarchy and international society from the assassins to Al Qaeda / William J. Brenner.
283) Congress and policy making in the 21st century / edited by Jeffery A. Jenkins, Eric M. Patashnik.
284) Conservative but not Republican : the paradox of party identification and ideology among African Americans / Tasha S. Philpot.
285) Conservative political parties and the birth of modern democracy in Europe / Daniel Ziblatt.
286) Constituents before assembly : participation, deliberation, and representation in the crafting of new constitutions / Todd A. Eisenstadt, A. Carl LeVan, Tofigh Maboudi.
287) Constituting Scotland : The Scottish national movement and the Westminster model / W. Elliot Bulmer.
288) Constitution writing, religion and democracy / edited by Asli U. Bali, University of California, Los Angeles, Hanna Lerner, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
289) Constitutional courts as mediators : armed conflict, civil-military relations, and the rule of law in Latin America / Julio Rios-Figueroa.
290) Constitutional triumphs, constitutional disappointments : a critical assessment of the 1996 South African Constitution's local and international influence / edited by Rosalind Dixon, Theunis Roux.
291) Constitutionalism and the rule of law : bridging idealism and realism / edited by Maurice Adams, Anne Meuwese, Ernst Hirsch Ballin.
292) Constitutionalism beyond liberalism / edited by Michael W. Dowdle and Michael A. Wilkinson.
293) Constitutions, religion and politics in Asia : Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka / Dian A. H. Shah.
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