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IIMB Library Newsletter February // March 2018: Home

Databases Renewed

Business Standard Archive (Annual Subscription)

Business Standard Archive provides news on markets, companies, technology, etc. It covers the period 1997 to till date.
Access : 50 concurrent user access on IP
Supports: IPhone, IPAD, ANDROID

CAPA (Airline Industries)

CAPA includes 2500 airline and 90 airline group profiles including news, analysis & data of the airline sector. It covers of over 57000 aircraft including values, lease rates, and hours/cycles data, profiles of the major global suppliers across all industry sectors. It provides data on industry data tools which cover capacity, traffic, rankings, fleet, LCCs, Financials, Start up, Code Sharing and Alliances.
Access : Two concurrent access on IIMB LAN, Please contact for accessing the database.

CMIE - CapEx

This database covers new and ongoing investment activities in India. It includes projects in the mining, manufacturing, and electricity and infrastructure sectors. Currently the database includes about 12,000 projects, which are classified by industry, ownership, status of implementation, type of investments, etc. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser

CMIE - Commodities

This databases provides real time information on prices, market intelligence, and historical data for agricultural crops. Covers data on prices for 200 commodities from `50 markets. It also contains statistics on area, production and yield up to district level. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser

CMIE - Economic Outlook

This databases provides an overview on the Indian economy. Provides forecasts on growths, inflation, fiscal balance, balance of payments, corporate earnings etc. Contains hundreds of original government publications. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser

CMIE - Industry Outlook

Industry Outlook is a comprehensive service that provides detailed information on Indian industries. It includes the mining, manufacturing, utilities and services industries. A total of 193 industries are covered. The service provides detailed historical data on capacity, production, foreign trade, sales, prices, annual and quarterly financial performance of the industry and its detailed break-up by companies. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser

CMIE - Prowess IQ

This is a database of the financial performance of over 27,000 Indian companies. It includes all the NSE and BSE traded companies along with unlisted public limited and private limited companies.

Client Installation: Please download the free app from the website and click on "Download ProwessIQ." After downloading, double click on the ProwessIQ setup.exe to install it on your local computer to use the service. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser (Register with IIMB webmail)

CMIE - States of India (SAS)

This database produces a monthly review on the states of India called the State Analysis Service. It covers statistics from official government publications and also scanned copies from the original official documents such as the statistical abstracts. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser

CMIE - Tradexdx

Tradedx is a database comprising data for India's foreign trade and for World Trade. India's trade data is collected and disseminated by Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (DGCI&S) in two classification systems - Principal Commodities (PC) and Indian Trade Classification (ITC). PC data is of relatively faster frequency but it does not provide data by detailed classification. PC data is available for 168 commodities each for exports and imports. It is available for monthly, cumulative and annual frequency. ITC data is released by DGCI&S with a lag but is a more detailed presentation. It is available for commodity classification at the 2-4-6-8 digit level for around 20,000 commodities. World Trade data is updated yearly and is derived from the United Nations trade database. The classification of World Trade data is based on the Harmonised System (HS) of classification. It is available for annual frequency. In World Trade, data is available at the 2-4-6 digit level classification. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser (Register with IIMB webmail)

EMIS Intelligence(Previously known as ISI Emerging markets)

EMIS covers Company, Industry and Country Intelligence data. It facilitates search company profile information and in-depth financial data for private and public companies. Company Screener tool helps to delve into deep company analyses and industry ranking. Industry data can be filtered and analyze to get latest industry trends across 100 industries, premium industry reports, and industry forecasts. 
Coverage: Around 35,000 listed & unlisted companies 
Reports: Available last 5 Years data 
Archive Data: last ten-year data available on request 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser.


CEIC provides access to two premium datasets:
World trends: The World Trend Plus database contains information on a broad range of hot topics concerning the global economy. It integrates economic and financial benchmarks with forecasting services that allow users to monitor and understand the global development of individual economies and regional markets.
India Premium:  CEIC Data’s India Premium Database boasts the most accurate and in-depth information on the Indian economy. As one of our standalone BRIC country databases, it offers you a comprehensive source of knowledge.

Access : Five concurrent users on IIMB LAN. (Register with IIMB webmail).

Marketline Advantage

formerly known as Datamonitor, this database provides wide array of proprietary business research information including 31,000+ company profiles, 850+ Data books (company financials and global market reports), 7000+ industry profiles and 100+ country profiles. 
Access : Campus Wide multiuser.

OAG (Airline Industries)

OAG Schedule Analyzer: This provides data across different dimension, airlines, alliance, departure /arrival airports, city, country, region, date, week, month, season & year, Data on 24 hours flow of flights for a given period, Top carrier, top departure/arrival airports (Seats / Frequency ), It also provides reports on airports, aircraft types, cities, countries & region.

OAG Traffic Analyzer: This include Passenger traffic based on GDS Bookings, Unadjusted Books, Adjusted bookings to represent issue total marked figures, and fare date from transport issued tickets, Historic traffic data from 2010 
Access : Restricted to one concurrent user. Please contact for accessing the database.

Watchoutinvestors covers 31 regulators like Bank, National Housing Bank, Association of Mutual Funds of India, Company Law Board, Delhi Stock Exchange Ltd., Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and Reserve Bank of India, etc.


  • Unique Companies/Firms: 1, 41,505
  • No of unique Individuals: 90,270
  • MCA Defaulting Companies: 1, 29,994
  • MCA Defaulting Individuals: 2, 57,494

Access : Campus wide Multi-user.

Journals Renewed

Asia Insurance Review

Resource Type: Print Journal

Description: Serves as the voice of Asia's insurance industry in meeting the information needs of insurance practitioners in Asia.


For more Indian Journals please Click here 

Indian is a vast collection of interdisciplinary Indian Journals and Research Publications, providing:

  • A pan-global web exposure for Journals.
  • A chance to preserve your research, online.
  • An international door to knowledge-sharing.
  • A mode to generate interest in your field.

For readers, Indian offers:

  1. A fast and user friendly search engine.
  2. Text accessibility in XML and PDF formats.
  3. Table of Content alerts.
  4. Digital Archives.
  5. External links for Associates' websites.
  6. Multiple online ordering options.
  7. Sample issues and online trial access facilities.
  8. User access option of a user-based one or an IP-based one.

Recommending Books for Purchase

Webinars / Presentation

Henry Stewart Talks (WebEx Meeting) Completed.

Date: 5th February, 2018 (Monday)
Trainer: Leanne Milner, Manager of Academic Subscriber Services

ICRA Industry Reports Completed.

Date: 12th February, 2018 
Trainer: ICRA Team
Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room

SAGE Videos-Business and Management Collection Completed.

Date: 27th February, 2018 
Trainer: Sage Team
Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room

TRACXN Completed.

Date: 6th March, 2018 
Trainer: Tracxn Team
Location: IIMB Library Seminar Room