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New Arrivals: Databases

Newly Added Databases


Capitaline AWS

Capitaline AWS covers financial and other information on over 55,870 companies, including listed and unlisted companies. It provides historical financial data for 15-20 years, and annual reports are available for the last five years.

Capitaline AWS has main 5 different modules:
a) Company –Information available like annual financials, interim results, corporate announcements, Share price data, etc.
b) Industry – It covers industry aggregate data like annual financials, interim results also news, and sector report or trend.
c) House – It provides business house or group level information like annual financials, interim results, and news.
d) Peerset – Peerset is nothing but your own list of companies or portfolio which you want to track by analyzing financial performance and price performance.
e) Screener or Query module – The powerful screener module helps to search companies based on different parameters.


Orbis contains comprehensive information on private and public company. It covers currently more than 375 million entities, 175 million people in 567 million roles, and 150 million beneficial owners in all countries across the globe.

Content Coverage: 1. Private companies in comparable formats
2. M&A deals
3. FDIs, Crossborder investment flows, projects and data
4. Economic metrics and forecasts
5. Banks, insurance companies and non-bank financial institutions
6. Corporate ownership structures, including beneficial ownership, Corporate Groups, Subsidiaries, Shareholders, Director & Managers.
7. Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents

Credo Reference

Credo Reference provides 700 “must-have” digital reference titles from 100+ top publishers. It covers the primary disciplines of Higher Education, including Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. Its sources are such as Choice Outstanding Academic Titles, Recommended College List, RUSA, Doody’s Core Titles, Booklist Editor’s Choice, Library Journal Best Reference, etc.

Coverage:2.2 million full-text articles from 750+ top-tier reference titles, 475,000+ images and 1,100+ videos & 11,000+ curated summary articles for pre-search and topic exploration.

Bank Focus

Bank focus covers around 1,19,487 banks. It provides information on banks worldwide, including financials, agency ratings, and credit scores, ownership, stock data as well as country ratings and news. It allows us to build a customized dataset and filter on specific variables as per your requirement. Some basic charting, analysing, and reporting tools are available, and the data-sets can be exported to Excel.

Data Coverage: • Total No. of Banks: 1,19,487; • No. of Non-Bank Financial Institution: 1,01,598; • Financial data: Available for 44,000 banks; • Historical data: Available last 10 years.


It is a research tool for financial statement analysis, financial accounting, and auditing of public companies using SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) XBRL data. It is web-based access to US Financial Statement data that allows for textual analysis. Calcbench will be useful in the classroom setting in courses that involves valuation and financial statement analysis.


Pivot includes a scholar’s information and funding information. It provides access to the most comprehensive global source of funding opportunities. It consists of all of the Papers Invited functionality. It is a worldwide database of more than 20,000 active opportunities across more than 11,000 sponsors.

Features: • Enhances communication, monitoring, and tracking amongst individual faculty, teams, or researchers and the Research Development office. • Allows the focus to be on winning the necessary awards and grants • Fosters collaboration by cultivating essential partnerships and alliances .

Press Display

Press Display covers online Newspapers & Magazines Kiosk, including more than 7000+ Publications from 100 countries in 60 different languages. Back-Issues are available up to 90 days, and most publisher allows 60 days. You can bookmark articles for later reading, and stories can be shared through email or Facebook or Twitter.


PropEquity is a market leader in the Real Estate domain providing a ‘Business Intelligence subscription based service.’ PropEquity is a one stop shop for data & analytics pertaining to real estate projects across all verticals (residential, commercial & retail). It is the only established brand in the real estate data and analytics space.

PropEquity regularly tracks over 1,29,124 projects of 38,134 developers across 44 cities on a real-time basis. The company has over 36 months of catalogued data and an exhaustive database of projects with a subscriber base of 60 Real Estate PE Funds, Institutions (related to Construction) & Developers, Banks (Mortgage lenders) with long-term contracts. The business model is robust and has shown steep growth despite the recession and the existing subscriber base has increased by over 70% in the past 2 quarters.

WTO Library

The WTO iLibrary comprises 18 themes mostly covering different aspects of the trade including the commercial Dispute Settlements that are core to their activity. It provides full publications, direct access to articles, chapters, reports, and working papers.

Coverage: • Serials-42; • E-books-512; • Reports-1172.

NAV India

NAV India (Offline):
Coverage: • It covers all (44) AMC actively present in the Mutual Fund Industry and around 5000 scheme details. • A powerful Query module helps to filter Schemes based on different parameters. • Auto-update Excel Facility is available • NAV data available from since inception • Movement of Funds like Scheme value, % holding covered • Sector-wise movement of funds historical data covered from 2003 • Statistical Ratios historical data available more than ten years
Access: Three Concurrent users (Installation based), Please contact to for access.

NAV India (Online version):
Coverage: • It covers all (44) AMC actively present in the Mutual Fund Industry and around 5000 schemes details. • Schemes Portfolio data available for last five months • AMC % change period available from 2008 to the latest • AMC data covered for the last five-months • NAV data available from 2010 onwards
Access: Multiuser Access.