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Database Guide: Private & Public Companies

Company Research Resources

Scope: This guide provides information on the useful resources for various types of Private, Public, & Global company information. It is divided into sections based on what kinds of information is needed. The following information may retrieve on companies.

  • Overview, contact information & Annual report of a company
  • Financial information, Share Price, Board of directors, Competitors, and history
  • Company News and articles
Public A company is considered public if its shares of equity is traded on a stock exchange. Public companies are required to submit filings to the SEC, making information much easier to locate.
Private A company is considered private if it is not traded on a stock exchange and is not owned by a larger parent company. They are not required to submit SEC filings, which can make finding financial information a bit trickier, if it is available.
Subsidiary A company that operates under the control of a larger parent company is a subsidiary. The parent company may be a private or public company. The parent company may not disclose financial performance of individual subsidiaries. You may need to read the management discussion in SEC filings such as 10-K, study the information provided on the subsidiary’s and parent company’s websites, or find news articles in order to find information about financial performance and strategy.
Ticker Symbol Publicly traded companies have ticker symbols, which act as a unique identifier on the exchange they are traded on. You can search databases using a company's ticker symbol narrowing your results to get the exact company you are looking for.

Private and Public Companies

Datasets on Companies

  • CRSP
  • Factset Revere Relationship Data
  • Prime Database
  • Prime Infobase
  • WRDS Compustat

For more information on Datasets, please click here

Brief Description


Bloomberg has data on more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies, and funds. It covers 1,80,000 publicly traded companies globally. 9000+ Indian companies are available.


Calcbench includes a financial statement viewer, a multi-company viewer, an analytics page, and a data query. It covers 12,000 listed public companies globally.


The CapExdx database contains the history of implementation of projects since 1995. Over 50,000 projects have been tracked. It includes projects for infrastructure, manufacturing, or even services.

Capitaline AWS

Capitaline AWS covers financial and other information on over 72,707 Indian companies, including listed and unlisted companies. It provides historical financial data for 15-20 years, and annual reports are available for the last five years.

CMIE ProwessDx

It covers data for about 50,107+ Indian companies, including listed companies, unlisted public companies, and private companies of all sizes and ownership groups. It contains time-series data since 1990.

CMIE ProwessIQ

It covers 54,000 companies on financial performances of Indian listed, unlisted and private limited companies from 1990.

Dion Insight

Dion Insight covers 8000+ listed and unlisted companies. Annual reports are available dating back to 1995. It provides live market data, the latest and most historical NAVs, portfolio composition, portfolio allocation, performance statistics, etc.

EMIS Intelligence-Global

EMIS provides data, research reports, and news across three pillars: country, industry, company, and company financials. It covers 11 million+ company profiles and 3 million with financial data.


Factiva provides global information on economic, financial, and current news. It covers 40+M companies and provides data on peer comparison, reports, news & articles.


Marketline provides a wide array of proprietary business research information, including company profiles and data books (company financials and global market reports). It covers 7M+ company profiles.


It covers 375 million+ Companies globally, including private companies, public companies, banks, Insurance companies, etc. It provides company ownership information, including bank and subsidiary-level information. It also includes a visual ownership chart.

Prime Database

Primedatabase covers comprehensive information on all capital market offerings, including public issues, rights issues, investment trusts, and more. Data is available from 1989 case to case basis.

Prime Infobase

Primeinfobase provides all listed companies on NSE and companies exclusively listed on BSE with a market capitalization of more than INR 1000 crore. Annual reports are available from 2009 onwards.

Private Circle

Private Circle covers 30+ Lacs Listed & Unlisted Indian companies on a single screen. The platform covers 500+ data points. It provides 1,57,000 profiled Companies, adding 3000+ companies every month. It includes Financials, Deals History, Directors, Ratings, Filings in PDF etc.

Refinitiv-Workspace (EIKON)

Forty-four million filing documents are available, with 2.9 million sourced annually, covering 200,000 companies and 60,000 active and public companies across approximately 160 countries.

Refinitiv-Workspace (SDC Global New Issues)

It provides data on Global New Issues (IPO). It covers industry-leading capital markets transaction information for the global deal-making industry. It covers equity 4,40,000+equity deals, Bonds-1.15+million deals and Loans-4,00,000+deals.

Refinitiv-Workspace (SDC Mergers and Acquisitions)

It provides the most detailed financial transaction information on Mergers and Acquisitions. It provides 1.45 million+ deals globally, 400000+US M & A deals and 10,50,000+ non-US M & A deals

Venture Intelligence-Private Company Financials

It covers data on company financials. Data is available for the last six years. Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets of over 50,000+ private limited companies available.


Watchoutinvestors covers 43 regulators like the Bank, National Housing Bank, Association of Mutual Funds of India, Company Law Board, and Delhi Stock Exchange Ltd.