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Industry Data: Airline Industry

This guide will provide industry related data.


CAPA includes 2500 airline and 90 airline group profiles including news, analysis & data of the airline sector. It covers of over 57000 aircraft including values, lease rates, and hours/cycles data, profiles of the major global suppliers across all industry sectors. It provides data on industry data tools which cover capacity, traffic, rankings, fleet, LCCs, Financials, Start up, Code Sharing and Alliances.

How to export Fleet data from CAPA database?

Steps: Log-in CAPA database>>Click on Data tab>>Select Fleet>>Select Result Range from the left side>>Click on Search>>Click on Export to export the data>>you may select particular columns to export the data.

Please note: you may filter fleet data country wise with the variables like Operator, Ownership, Aircrafts, Engines, APU and others.

Access: Two concurrent access on IIMB LAN

To access CAPA, Please contact to

CAPA Fleets    CAPA Fleet Data   Capa Profiles  CAPA Alerts


OAG Schedule Analyzer: This provides data across different dimension, airlines, alliance, departure /arrival airports, city, country, region, date, week, month, season & year, Data on 24 hours flow of flights for a given period, Top carrier, top departure/arrival airports (Seats / Frequency ), It also provides reports on airports, aircraft types, cities, countries & region.

OAG Traffic Analyzer: This includes Passenger traffic based on GDS Bookings, Unadjusted Books, Adjusted bookings to represent issue total marked figures, and fare date from transport issued tickets, Historic traffic data from 2010.

How to access data from OAG?

Steps: Log-in OAG database>>Click on top right Schedule Analyser or Traffic analyse>>Select schedule changes report>>Define parameter from left side like period, types of flight, carrier, origin & destination, equipment and service type>>Click on Run option right side on bottom>>Click on top Export option to save your report with name and different format like CSV, XLS etc>>go to Job Bin to download reports.

Access: Restricted to two concurrent user.

Please contact for accessing the database.

User Guide

ICRA Industry Reports

ICRA Sectoral research reports provide reports on Airline and Airport infrastructure. The frequency of Publication of these reports is Quarterly/Bi-annual/Annual basis. Reports can be downloaded only pdf format. 

How to access Airlines Industry Report?

Steps: Log-in ICRA database>>go to Research tab>>select Airlines from the corporate sector list>>download the report list.

Access: 10 concurrent user access, for credential contact to 


Airline Industry-Online News paper




Online Journals-Airline Industry

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan: It provides statistical & cumulative data and annual report on Airline industry.

Steps: Type Airline industry—Tick on Aerospace & Defense option—filter year wise data from Filter by date—filter by region (Ex: world)—Filter by deliverable table (Ex: Industry Research)—Download report/data as per requirement.

Access: Multiuser