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IIMB Library Newsletter April // May 2018: Home

Databases Subscribed/Renewed

Databases Renewed

District Metrics

District Metrics(DM) is built with three major datasets, namely Census 2011, Household Purchasing Power and Indices of Economic Activities. While Census 2011 and Purchasing Power data is available for districts with rural and urban break-up and for over 500 most populous towns, indices of economic activities is available for districts which indicates the sectors that drive the income for the population in the district.

Browser : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari. Access : Registration based (Multi-user, IP based).

GeoMetrics for Banks

RBI releases quarterly data pertaining to deposits & credit, at a granular level, by category of banks. The data is an extremely valuable input for the retail banking industry. The GmB service provides the entire RBI data-series, along with the visualisation of data on the map for a granular understanding of the retail banking market in terms of its size, growth & market shares amongst category of banks.

Browser : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari. Access : Registration based (Multi-user, IP based).

Thomson - EIKON

Database provides financial and economic information on equities, bonds, market indices, exchange rates, interest rates, derivatives and analysts’ reports from investment banks.

Browser : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari. Access : Contact to for the log-in credential.
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Thomson - SDC - Global New Issues

Data on Global New Issues (IPO).

Browser : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari. Access : Available only in Library Data Center.

Thomson - SDC - Mergers & Acquisitions

Provides M&A and corporate transactions data and is powered by the SDC Platinum databases of content. Contains approximately 700,000 transactions globally including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and more dating back to the 1970s. It also has equity transactions, bond deals, syndicated loans, finance projects, corporate governance, and much more..

Browser : IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari. Access : Available only in Library Data Center.

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Journals Subscribed/Renewed

International Journals Subscriptions Renewed

International New York Times

The International New York Times provides information with 24/7 flow of geography, politics, business, sports, lifestyle and fashion coverage with global perspective. One can read, share,email and bookmark the article of their interest. Artciles can be save into the individual account for later readings. Videos are also available under different areas covered by NYT.

Publisher: The New York Times Company. Format : Online. Access : One time registration is required with IIMB credentials within the campus. Activation can’t be done off campus or via Proxy server. Once registration is completed, It allows full access to, and NYT mobile apps from any location on or off campus just logging into your NYTimes account. More on Registration


The Economist is the weekly magazine. Its' primary focus is world events, politics and business, it also includes regular sections on science and technology as well as books reviews and the arts.

Publisher: The Economist Newspaper Ltd. Format : Print.

Note: Mobile App wont work as it is available on digital subscription basis.

Useful Information

CEIC : New Reports in CEIC's Application - Global Industrial Reports

Special research reports from one of group companies “EMIS” to CEIC platform. These reports carries analysis of various Industry Sector across various Global Economy. You may check the reports in the “Analytics” section (allows word search),

Access: Five concurrent users on IIMB LAN, One time registration with IIMB provided email address.

Search, Filter, Find with EBSCO Information Services A Newsletter For Learning Professionals, Researchers, Faculties, Students, Medical Professionals, Librarians and Corporate Researcher

Online courses provide training and demonstration for users and administrators on a variety of EBSCO products and interfaces. Online courses help users to quickly surface relevant academic/research insights and improves knowledge. New sessions are offered each month. register for email monthly training newsletter at Free online training sessions are always listed on WebEx portal at Register to attend any of the sessions listed! Here you can also access recorded online training sessions when ever your schedule allows.

AMA Online Webinars : Webinars on Email Tactics, Social Analytics, Content Strategy & More

Engaging Your Audience with Visual Content: 6 Takeaways from the 2018 Industry Report : May 8 at 12:00pm CT Walk away with tons of inspiration from organizations who are doing exciting things with visual storytelling — all to gain advocates, delight their followers and grow their businesses.

Winning Email Strategy for your Events: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint : May 15 at 12:00pm CT Sign up to get the latest proven email marketing strategies for your live and digital events.

5 Social Analytics Best Practices: Insights from Industry-Leading Luxury Brands : May 16 at 12:00pm CT Join social analytics experts from NetBase as they share the 2018 social media rankings of major luxury brands in Fashion, Hotel, Jewelry, Automobile, Beauty and other industry categories.

Featured Replay: Use Content to Drive a Successful Post-Sale Customer Experience : May 18 at 2:00pm CT Tune in to explore how different companies have developed a focused, post-sale content strategy to drive a consistently excellent customer experience throughout the entire funnel, and learn how you can do the same.

AMA Martech Virtual Conference : June 13 at 9:30am CT We all use technology—but are you using the right marketing technology in the right way? Top minds in the martech industry will give you tips and tricks for choosing the best technology for your needs, and using those tools to their fullest capacity. Join us for a free all-day conference with actionable presentations on budgeting, planning and agile data use.

White Paper | How to Avoid the Eight Pitfalls of Marketing Campaign Planning : White Paper Today’s marketing campaigns require a tightly-run effort that juggles multiple teams and various types of marketing tactics. When juggling so many factors, it’s easy to overlook the basics. Download this free guide to get a breakdown of the eight most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. .

Gartner : Complimentary Weekly Research from Gartner – Available through May 14 2018

Weekly Picks :

After May 14 these Weekly Picks will be available for purchase.

An I&O Leader's Guide to Serverless Computing
Doc ID: 351867
Serverless computing is an emerging software architecture pattern that promises to eliminate the need for infrastructure provisioning and management. I&O leaders need to adopt an application-centric approach to serverless computing, managing APIs and SLAs, rather than physical infrastructures.

Cool Vendors for AI in Computer Vision
Doc ID: 353960
Artificial intelligence for computer vision is ripe for experimentation. Now is the time for data and analytics leaders to evaluate the competencies and functionality of AI/CV vendors to drive practical business benefits.

Cool Vendors in Edge Computing, 2018
Doc ID: 355087
Edge computing continues to gain significance, but its multifaceted nature creates unique challenges for enterprise architecture and innovation leaders. This research document highlights four Cool Vendors that are easing such challenges in four different areas.
Deep Customer Understanding Is Critical for Successful Digital Business Innovations
Doc ID: 352479
Digital business is driving innovation teams to create new offerings. But creating a great product or service is not enough. To drive success, CIOs who guide these efforts should cultivate a mindset on the innovation team built around deep customer understanding using design thinking approaches.
How to Secure the Human Link
Doc ID: 353146
Peoples' online security is subject to cyberattacks in both personal and work lives. Security and risk management leaders must provide awareness training to focus on the personal aspects of cybersecurity, thereby, transferring good habits to protect the enterprises' data and intellectual property.
Recruit, Renovate and Retrain to Gain the Skills Needed for the Digital Workplace
Doc ID: 354977
Sweeping changes to the technologies and processes that power end-user computing will create ongoing skills gaps for operations and support staff. I&O leaders responsible for end-user computing must keep the skills matched with rapidly evolving needs.
Revitalize Your Zombie PMO
Doc ID: 355267
"Zombie" PMOs merely go through the motions, like the walking dead, performing compliance and clerical tasks, and not knowing how to improve their contribution. Program and portfolio management leaders should help them see how to provide the real value of PPM.
Salesforce Acquires MuleSoft in the Race to Cloud Leadership
Doc ID: 355918
Market leadership requires excellence in customer engagement, and a unified view of the customer; Salesforce aims to be your one-stop cloud-shop provider. Application leaders using Salesforce or MuleSoft for CRM or API-led integration must craft a strategy for a hybrid, multicloud future state.
SAP Revises Indirect Access Pricing and Extends to Digital; Proceed Carefully to Mitigate Cost and Risk
Doc ID: 350951
Sourcing and vendor management leaders negotiating software contracts with SAP can use new document-based licensing for both indirect "and digital" access. But, it requires careful financial modeling, guardrails to contain costs and SAP's agreement that the negotiated outcome is comprehensive.
Three Best Practices Toward GDPR Compliance in Web Content Management Programs
Doc ID: 354982
The GDPR affects organizations globally, and many are struggling with readiness and compliance. Application leaders can use this research to identify how the GDPR affects WCM programs along with some best practices toward GDPR compliance.

Industry Picks :

Content from industries marked with an asterisk is from our premium Industry Advisory Services product.
Banking and Investment Services*

How Bank CIOs Can Use Robotic Process Automation to Improve Customer Experience
Doc ID: 351860
Robotic process automation can improve the customer and employee experience by removing keying errors, decreasing processing time and supporting regulatory compliance. Bank CIOs could include RPA when evaluating technology options that can eliminate customer service issues.
Blockchain Not Ready to Unchain Customer Rewards
Doc ID: 350907
Blockchain technology provides an option to make reward models more flexible while delivering operational gains. However, the challenges facing such initiatives will demand CIOs go beyond the initial intent and deliver truly transformational business models.

The K-12 Evolution and the Role of the CIO
Doc ID: 355187
Despite its static nature, K-12 education is evolving, driven by the changing future of work, the demand for more relevance and a need for more-student-centric focus. K-12 CIOs need to understand these changes, take on a larger role and engage with partners to prepare for digital opportunities.
Practical Business Analytics Strategy for Higher Education
Doc ID: 346672
CIOs in higher education institutions need to turn demand for data and analytics into tangible business outcomes. Gartner's strategy compass will guide higher education CIOs to develop a comprehensive and agile business analytics strategy.

Energy and Utilities*
Top 10 Trends in 2018 Driving the Utility Industry Toward a Decarbonized, Distributed, Digital and Democratized Future
Doc ID: 354874
A confluence of socioeconomic drivers and technology innovation is forcing utilities to transform into digital enterprises. Utility CIOs should evaluate these trends as input to digital innovation and considerations for future digital business and operating models in the utility sector.
Use a One-Page Strategy to Drive Business Success in Upstream Oil and Gas
Doc ID: 351821
One-page strategies are an effective tool for communicating how information and technology will be used to achieve business success. This research demonstrates how upstream oil and gas CIOs can use leading industry practices as a starting point to create their own one-page strategies.

Government APIs Are About Delivering Outcomes, Not Technology
Doc ID: 353204
APIs are the building blocks for both open and digital government, enabling technology platforms, open data and innovation. APIs power ecosystems and can deliver operational efficiency. Government CIOs must focus on the value APIs represent and the outcomes they will deliver, rather than technology.
CIOs Must Assess Digital Urgency and Organizational Readiness to Lead Government Transformation
Doc ID: 352432
There is no uniform way to pursue digital transformation in government — every organization responds differently to digital change and disruption. This research helps CIOs evaluate the levels of urgency and readiness and provides context-sensitive advice to lead transformation.

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Provider CIOs Must Hone These Arts to Become Extraordinary
Doc ID: 351129
CIOs must drive digital health advancement strategies that have paradigm-busting potential. Achieving high performance in healthcare's politically charged and resource-constrained environment requires a heavier dose of "art." We present four specific arts along with self-development recommendations.
What Healthcare and Life Science CIOs Need to Know About Blockchain
Doc ID: 350747
Blockchain has reached the peak of hype, yet the reality is becoming clearer of its potential to contribute to complex healthcare and life science processes. This research articulates blockchain's possibilities, use cases and potential benefits and provides CIOs a roadmap for planning.

Innovation Insight for P&C Claims Insurtechs
Doc ID: 350360
In contrast to bold announcements about fixing a "broken" industry, most claims insurtechs offer narrow capabilities within established business models. They may be a source for innovation, but P&C insurance CIOs should prepare for significant work to realize their disruptive potential.
How to Scale RPA in Insurance as the Foundation of Your Automation Strategy
Doc ID: 350319
RPA adoption is accelerating in the life and P&C insurance industry, but most deployments are for point solutions. Insurance CIOs can learn from their peers who have scaled RPA and used it for the foundations of broader automation initiatives to achieve wider agility, efficiency and ROI.

2018 CEO Survey: CIOs in Manufacturing Must Advance Executives' Digital Capabilities
Doc ID: 354166
Gartner's 2018 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey reveals industry differences on digital business. CIOs in manufacturing must manage a higher corporate risk appetite and lower executive leadership capabilities than peers in other industries and must advance executives' digital capabilities.
Automotive and Smart Mobility CIOs Must Play a Crucial Role in the Autonomous Driving Technology Stack
Doc ID: 353378
Autonomous driving technology will have a significant impact on future mobility and the companies providing it. CIOs in automotive and smart mobility must understand the AD technology stack and play a driving role in developing and operating this complex ecosystem.

Forecast Analysis: Consumer Video Media Services, Worldwide, 1Q18 Update
Doc ID: 354389
Sports-centric IDLTV offerings will accelerate net-new adoption of pay-TV services, increasing total end-user spending by $7.1 billion by 2021 compared with 4Q17. Technology strategic planners at pay-TV providers must embrace new distribution models to address audience fragmentation.
An Overview of Digital Design for CIOs
Doc ID: 346851
The growing importance of stakeholder engagement as a key measurement of IT success creates a need for a digital design capability. To help CIOs lead this effort, this research answers some fundamental questions about digital design.

Learning From Leaders — Align Unified Commerce Retail Planning and Execution Activities
Doc ID: 342069
Retail MIOE and S&OE processes align merchandise planning with supply chain execution. This research provides supply chain leaders responsible for planning in retail best practices gleaned from Gartner's MIOE/S&OP self-assessments.
10 Things Retailers Must Get Right to Succeed at Unified Commerce — Part 1
Doc ID: 347108
Retailers must relentlessly focus on evolving and implementing unified commerce strategies to deliver consumer service and fulfillment excellence. This research advises chief supply chain officers how to capture consumer experience demands and align the organizational governance to succeed.

New Resources to Library Collection

New Books to Library Collection

New E-Books to Library Collection from the Publisher Business Expert

1 ) 21st Century Skills for Non-Profit Managers : A Practical Guide on Leadership and Management

2 ) 64 Surefire Strategies for Being Understood When Communicating with Co-Workers

3 ) A Communication Guide for Investor Relations in an Age of Activism

4 ) A Freelancer?s Guide to Legal Entities

5 ) A Practical Guide for Holistic Project Management

6 ) A Primer on Corporate Governance : Italy

7 ) A Primer on Corporate Governance: Turkey

8 ) A Professional and Practitioner's Guide to Public Relations Research, Measurement, and Evaluation : Third Edition

9 ) A Profile of the United States Toy Industry, Second Edition: Serious Fun

10 ) A Refresher in Financial Accounting

11 ) Accounting Fraud, Second Edition,Maneuvering and Manipulation, Past and Present

12 ) Accounting History and the Rise of Civilization, Volume I

13 ) Across the Spectrum : What Color Are You?

14 ) Agile Human Resources : Creating a Sustainable Future for the HR Profession

15 ) Agile Management,The Fast and Flexible Approach to Continuous Improvement and Innovation in Organizations

16 ) Analytics Boot Camp: Basic Analytics for Business Students and Professionals

17 ) Applied International Finance Volume I : Managing Foreign Exchange Risk (Second Edition)

18 ) Arts and Entrepreneurship

19 ) Basic Cost Benefit Analysis for Assessing Local Public Projects: Second Edition

20 ) Bioinspiration in Business and Management,Innovating for Sustainability

21 ) Business Research Reporting

22 ) Catering and Convention Service Survival Guide in Hotels and Casinos

23 ) Citizen-Centered Cities, Volume II : City Studies of Public Involvement

24 ) Coastal Tourism, Sustainability, and Climate Change in the Caribbean, Volume I: Beaches and Hotels

25 ) Co-Create : Harnessing the Human Element in Project Management

26 ) Collaborative Innovation: How Clients and Service Providers Can Work By Design to Achieve It

27 ) Common Sense Finance : Finance for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

28 ) Communicating to Lead and Motivate

29 ) Conflict First Aid : How to Stop Personality Clashes and Disputes from Damaging You or Your Organization

30 ) Contemporary Issues in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

31 ) Corporate Communication Crisis Leadership: Advocacy and Ethics

32 ) Cross-Selling Financial Services : A Professional?s Guide to Account Development

33 ) Data Visualization, Vol.II : Uncovering the Hidden Pattern in Data Using Basic and New Quality Tools

34 ) Decision Analysis for Managers : A Guide for Making Better Personal and Business Decisions (Second Edition)

35 ) Decision Support, Analytics, and Business Intelligence (Third Edition)

36 ) Deconstructing Management Maxims, (2 Vols) Vol. I : A Critical Examination of Conventional Business Wisdom

37 ) Designing Learning and Development for Return on Investment

38 ) Developing Sustainable Supply Chains to Drive Value, Volume I : Management Issues, Insights, Concepts, and Tools? Foundations

39 ) Digital Branding Fever

40 ) Econometrics for Daily Lives, Volume I

41 ) Economics of Sustainable Development

42 ) Educating Social Entrepreneurs : From Idea Generation to Business Plan Formulation Volume I

43 ) Employee Ambassadorship: Optimizing Customer-Centric Behavior from the Inside-Out and Outside-In

44 ) Enterprise Risk Management in a Nutshell

45 ) Entrepreneurial Selling : The Facts Every Entrepreneur Must Know

46 ) Escape from the Central Bank Trap: How to Escape From the $20 Trillion Monetary Expansion Unharmed

47 ) European Employment Law: A Brief Guide to the Essential Elements

48 ) Globalization Alternatives,Strategies for the New International Economy

49 ) Hedge Fund Secrets,An Introduction to Quantitative Portfolio Management

50 ) How Can Digital Technologies Improve Public Services and Governance?

51 ) How Creating Customer Value Makes You a Great Executive

52 ) How to Manage Your Career: The Power of Mindset in Fostering Success

53 ) How to Write Brilliant Business Blogs, Volume I : The Skills and Techniques You Need

54 ) Human Resources As Business Partner : How to Maximize The Value and Financial Contribution of HR

55 ) Hypocrisy of the African Public Finance Management Framework : The Case of Malawi

56 ) Infectious Innovation : Secrets of Transforming Employee Ideas into Dramatic Revenue Growth

57 ) International Economics : Understanding the Forces of Globalization for Managers (Second Edition)

58 ) Leading Adaptive Teams in Healthcare Organizations

59 ) Licensing Myths & Mastery : Why Most Ideas Don?t Work And What To Do About It

60 ) Life of a Lifetime: Inspiration for Creating Your Extraordinary Life

61 ) Magnificent Leadership,Transform Uncertainty, Transcend Circumstance, Claim the Future

62 ) Major Sociocultural Trends Shaping the Contemporary World

63 ) Managerial Communication and the Brain: Applying Neuroscience to Leadership Practices

64 ) Managing for Responsibility:A Sourcebook for an Alternative Paradigm

65 ) Marine Tourism, Climate Change, and Resiliency in the Caribbean, Volume I : Ocean Health, Fisheries, and Marine Protected Areas

66 ) Marketing Essentials for Independent Lodging

67 ) Mastering Leadership Alignment : Linking Value Creation to Cash Flow

68 ) Money and Banking: An Intermediate Market-Based Approach, Second Edition

69 ) M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World

70 ) MS Excel : Let's Advance to The Next Level

71 ) Negotiating with Winning Words,Dialogue and Skills to Help You Come Out Ahead in Any Business Negotiation

72 ) New Macroeconomics

73 ) Organizational Design in Business,A New Alternative for a Complex World

74 ) Producing Written and Oral Business Reports: Formatting, Illustrating, and Presenting

75 ) Project Management and Leadership Challenges, Volume I,Applying Project Management Principles for Organizational Transformation

76 ) Project Management for Archaeology

77 ) Public Relations Ethics,Senior PR Pros Tell Us How to Speak Up and Keep Your Job

78 ) Public Speaking Kaleidoscope

79 ) Responsible Management Education : Some Voices From Asia

80 ) Rethinking Risk Management: Critically Examining Old Ideas and New Concepts

81 ) Slow Down to Speed Up : Lead, Succeed, and Thrive in a 24/7 World

82 ) Social Development Through Benevolent Business

83 ) Social Media Marketing : Marketing Panacea or the Emperor?s New Digital Clothes?

84 ) Statistical Process Control for Managers, Second Edition

85 ) Strategic Cost Analysis, Second Edition

86 ) Strategic Management Accounting: Delivering Value in a Changing Business Environment Through Integrated Reporting

87 ) Strategic Managerial Accounting ? A Primer for the IT Professional

88 ) Successful ERP Systems

89 ) Sustainability and the City

90 ) Sustainable Operations and Closed Loop Supply Chains, Second Edition

91 ) Temperatism, Volume I : A New Way to Think About Business and Doing Good

92 ) The 360 Degree CEO,Generating Profits While Leading and Living with Passion and Principles

93 ) The Accelerating TechnOnomic Medium ('ATOM') : It?s Time to Upgrade the Economy

94 ) The Anti-Bubbles : Opportunities Heading into Lehman Squared and Gold's Perfect Storm

95 ) The Challenge to Be and Not to Do : How to Manage Your Career and Maximize Your Potential

96 ) The Commonwealth of Independent States Economies : Perspectives and Challenges

97 ) The DNA of Leadership: Creating Healthy Leaders and Vibrant Organizations

98 ) The Facilitative Leader: Managing Performance Without Controlling People

99 ) The High Cost of Low Prices : A Roadmap to Sustainable Prosperity

100 ) The History of Economic Thought: A Concise Treatise for Business, Law, and Public Policy Volume I

101 ) The Human Being's Guide to Business Growth,A Simple Process For Unleashing The Power of Your People for Growth

102 ) The Human Resource Professional's Guide to Change Management: Practical Tools and Techniques to Enact Meaningful and Lasting Organizational Change

103 ) The New Era of the CCO,The Essential Role of Communication in a Volatile World

104 ) The Penny Share Millionaire: The Ultimate Guide to Trading

105 ) The Presentation Book for Senior Managers: An Essential Step by Step Guide to Structuring and Delivering Effective Speeches

106 ) The Real Me : Find and Express Your Authentic Self

107 ) The Seven Principles of Digital Business Strategy

108 ) The Technological Entrepreneur's Playbook

109 ) Tough Calls : How to Move Beyond Indecision and Good Intentions

110 ) Towards a Safer World of Banking: Bank Regulation After the Subprime Crisis

111 ) Understanding the Complexity of Emergency Supply Chains

112 ) Venture Capital Networks : A Multi-Level Perspective

113 ) Welcome to My Trading Room, Volume I: Basics to Trading Global Shares, Futures, and Forex - Foundation of Trading

114 ) When Business Kills

115 ) World Wide Data,The Future of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Big Data

116 ) #Share: How to Mobilize Social Word of Mouth (sWOM)

Library Metrics

Library Metrics 

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