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International Conference on Future Libraries: Workshop1


Workshop on
Good Practice Research Data Management

Workshop Registration

Date: 27th February 2019                                                             Time: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM                                                                                 Duration: 3 hours

Expected audience and pre-requisites:

Researchers in Social Sciences and Humanities, Business, Economics, Management, and Engineering. Experience conducting a research project with some data collection or handling involved. Learners may bring their own laptops to participate in the workshop, or work in pairs with one laptop.


Research data management (RDM) refers to good practice in planning, collecting, storing, using, sharing and preserving the data generated in any research project. Good data management practice offers a number of benefits to researchers, from ensuring continuing availability of their data to new collaboration opportunities and improving one’s impact. Both research funders and publishers increasingly expect that data resulting from research projects should be made available for scrutiny and reuse, whenever legal and ethical requirements allow. Academic libraries often provide their researchers with repository platforms, not just for deposit of open access outputs but increasingly for datasets as well.

When open data sharing is not possible, a public record of the data should be made available, noting its location in a repository or other conditions of access. In most cases a version of the data should be kept safe and retrievable for a specified period of time after the end of the project. In all cases, the creation of a data management plan (DMP) can help to clarify what should become of the data, as well as how it should be handled during the life of the project. This interactive workshop will convey essential lessons for both novice and experienced researchers who may not yet be well-versed in research data management.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session you should:

  • Understand why you need to manage your research data effectively and efficiently,
  • be aware of technical and ethical issues surrounding research data management,
  • know some practical solutions to these issues, including for human subject research,
  • have confidence in creating an initial plan for managing the research data for your study.


The trainer will make use of learning materials created by herself and her team at the University of Edinburgh for staff and student workshops, as well as two online open educational resources: Research Data MANTRA (MANagement TRAining) and the Research Data Management and Sharing MOOC on the Coursera platform, co-created by the Universities of North Carolina and Edinburgh.



Ms. Robin Rice, Data Librarian and Head, Research Data Support Services, Library and University Collections, University of Edinburgh, UK