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International Conference on Future Libraries: Day 3


Invited Lectures


Mr. P Jayarajan
Retired in 2003 as Head of
The British Council Libraries in India

Dr. Anil B Suraj
Visiting Faculty
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Dr. M G Sreekumar
Chief Librarian & Information Officer
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Dr. Arun Kumar Chakraborty
Bose Institute, Kolkata

Dr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy
Chief Librarian
Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata

Panel Discussion

(L-R) Rajendrakumar P Y, Former Director General, National Library of India, P Jayarajan, who retired in 2003 as Head of the, British Council Libraries in India, Dr. Arun Kumar Chakraborty, Librarian, Bose Institute, Kolkata, Dr. Akhtar Parvez, University Librarian, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Dr. S. Kamatchi, Librarian and Information Officer, Anna Centenary Library, and Dr. Basheerhamad Shadrach, Asia Coordinator, World Wide Web Foundation, during the panel discussion on ‘Transforming Public Libraries for Socio Economic Development’,.



Dr. M S Sridhar, Rapporteur General, who retired as Head, Library & Documentation, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, gives the closing remarks.

Dr. K. Rama Patnaik, Conference Director and Librarian, IIMB, gives the Vote of Thanks

The organizing team.