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International Conference on Future Libraries: 5

Academic and Research Libraries:

We invite original contributions involving research, models, practices or strategies envisioning the future of your library.  Papers should discuss on how libraries strategizing by refocusing their collection, demonstrating the value by learning commons, services models, research and data management services, digital scholarship and other multiple drivers to communicate its value for the institute success.

Contributions will address the overall conference theme and cover exploration and activities related to but not limited to the following topics: 

  • Designing learning spaces
  • Publishing industry
  • Research impact, ranking of Institutions and role of Libraries
  • Information literacy
  • Library instruction models
  • Data driven decisions, ROI and other metrics
  • Library Leadership
  • Performance and Impact assessment
  • Support for learning and research   
  • Collection building and custom /services
  • Copyright, scholarly communications, publishing research
  • Open access, archiving of IR and support for research
  • Technology and access to knowledge
  • Primary research data, data curation and Data management services
  • LIS Education and manpower challenges
  • Higher education and libraries 

Public Libraries:

Historically public libraries have contributed immensely in persevering the culture in analog world. In contemporary times, its role is even more significant to bring the access and benefits of technologies to all the citizens regardless of the social and economic stature apart from its pivotal role in digital preservation.

The role of public libraries in providing civic amenities, education and information learning, steady access to Government forms and services, public documents, greater access to computers and digital preservation of culture and archival docs is unparalleled. Cases studies, research papers and practices that redefine their role are solicited. The major subthemes are 

  • Historical role and current transformation
  • Studies on outreach, citizenship, learning skills, extending formal education and information literacy
  • Provision of academic/other knowledge resources, recreation and personal research
  • Strengthening informal learning, Collaboration with Institutions, NGO and other Organizations
  • Preservation of cultural heritage
  • Expectations from /public/users
  • Crowd funding and sustenance
  • Public libraries legislations and need for revisions
  • Philanthropy and community patronage

Digital Domain:

Digital domain is distressed with challenges of access, preservation and other regulatory restrictions.

While there is exponential growth in knowledge resources aided by ever evolving technologies, technology enabled restrictions, intellectual property rights, copyright and contract laws, licensing, and privacy and use of digital content has constricted the access instead of enhancing its reachability.

Papers in this theme exploring the strategies to overcome normalization of such restrictions in digital domain and case studies that have developed and chronicled the culture, demography, classics or digitized the manuscripts and classics are sought

  • IPR, copyright and DRM
  • Open access scholarly Communication
  • Privacy and use
  • Digital preservation
  • Digital archives, of culture and demography, trade, literature, classics etc.
  • Data repositories


Please note that your abstract will be included in the print and the online version of the Book of Abstracts only if you have paid the registration fee before the conference in accordance with registration deadlines. Please look at the Important dates page for further information.

Please send your abstracts to the following:

Dr K. Rama Patnaik

Phone No: +91 80 2699 3016

Dr Kishore C. Sathpathy 

Phone No: +91 9435175531

Quick Contact

Name: Mr. S M Manjunath  
Phone No: +91 80 2699 3296
Name: Mrs. Rosmy Bobby George  
Phone No: +91 80 2699 3558





  • 20th November 2018 – Last date for submission of  abstracts
  • 25th November 2018 – Notification on acceptance of abstracts 
  • 05th February 2019 – Last date for submission of full-text articles  
  • 15th January 2019 – Notification on acceptance of full-text articles​

Please send Abstracts not more than 200 words and last date for submission of abstracts is 20th November 2018, peer-review and notification of acceptance will be sent to authors by 25th November 2018, in order for them to included in the Abstract Book.

Delegates / Others (Indian)

INR 3000 + 18% GST= 540 = ₹3540/-(Excluding Accommodation Charges)


INR 1000 + 18% GST =180 = ₹1180/-(Excluding Accommodation Charges)

Foreign Delegates

USD 150 + 18% GST =27 = USD 177 (Excluding Accommodation Charges)