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IIMB Library Newsletter January 2021: Jan2021

January 2021




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    Web of Science – Clarivate Analytics webinar 1st session - 28th January 2021.
    Lexis Nexis UNI on 29th January 2021.

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Databases Renewed

Thomson-SDC Mergers & Acquisition

Resource Type:  Online,  (Client Installation Based)  Company Name:  Refinitiv, Access: SDC New Issues can be accessed remotely, kindly go through the guide Click Here Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™, the online historical financial transactions database, provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bonds, Syndicated Loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more.
Coverage: Over 1,000,000 global M&A transactions from the 1970s to the present; including 300,000+ US-target and 700,000+ non-US-target transactions.

SDC Platinum GNIDB

Resource Type:  Online,  (Client Installation Based)  Company Name:  Refinitiv, Access: SDC New Issues can be accessed remotely, kindly go through the guide Click Here Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

It provides data on Global New Issues (IPO).It covers industry-leading capital markets transaction information to the global deal making industry. Coverage: 1-Debt Capital Markets: Over 823,000 bond deals since the 1960s, including investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market corporate bonds and ABS/MBS/Agency issues. 2- Equity Capital Markets: Over 259,000 equity capital markets new issues including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades.


Resource Type:  Online,  (Standalone Database)  Company Name:  Refinitiv, Access: Please contact to to get the data.  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Database provides financial and economic information on equities, bonds, market indices, exchange rates, interest rates, derivatives and analysts’ reports from investment banks. Data Coverage: Active Public Co: 50000; Private Co: 1.7 Million; Reports Available 2009 to 2018; Download Format: Excel.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: eMarketer, Inc Access: Campus Wide Multi-user, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

eMarketer is an independent market research company that provides insights and trends related to digital marketing, media, and commerce. It provides updated data statistics and analysis on the Internet, e-business, online marketing, media, and emerging technologies. It also includes analyst reports, daily research articles, and e-business and online statistics. Charts, tables, statistics & articles can be downloaded in PDF, PPT, and Excel format.

OAG (Airline Industry)

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: OAG Aviation Worldwide Private Limited , Access: Please contact to to get the data, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

OAG Schedule Analyzer: This provides data across different dimension, airlines, alliance, departure /arrival airports, city, country, region, date, week, month, season & year, Data on 24 hours flow of flights for a given period, Top carrier, top departure/arrival airports (Seats / Frequency ), It also provides reports on airports, aircraft types, cities, countries & region. OAG Traffic Analyzer: This include Passenger traffic based on GDS Bookings, Unadjusted Books.

Gartner Research Reports 

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Gartner india Pvt Ltd Access: Campus wide multiuser. (Access with your IIMB email ID and Password) Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

This database gives information about research and analysis on the global IT Industry. Core IT Research: Magic Quadrants, Vendor Ratings, Hype Cycles, and other foundational research on more than 700 topics to help IT and business technology decision makers. Coverage: • Technology products, services, and trends • Global IT industry perspectives • IT management and organizations.

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Top Ten Journals

Total Downloads: 2249

Total Downloads: 1129
Total Downloads: 1877

Total Downloads: 1084
Total Downloads: 1588

Total Downloads: 1043
Total Downloads: 1442

Total Downloads: 947
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Total Downloads: 906

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Newly Added E-books

Title: A Behavioral Theory of the Firm; Author: Richard Michael Cyert and James G. March; Publisher: Barakaldo Books ; Year: 2020 ; ISBN: 9781839744228
Title: Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions; Editor: Sydney Finkelstein and Cary L. Cooper; Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited ; Year: 2017 ; ISBN: 9781787146921
Title: Artifacts and Organizations Beyond Mere Symbolism; Editor: Anat Rafaeli, Michael G. Pratt; Publisher: Barakaldo Books ; Year: 2005 ; ISBN: 9780203759592

Title: Beneath the China Boom: Labor, Citizenship, and the Making of a Rural Land Market; Author: Julia Chuang; Publisher: University of California Press ; Year: 2020 ; ISBN: 9780520973428
Title: Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West ; Author: Justin Farrell; Publisher: Princeton University Press ; Year: 2020 ; ISBN: 9780691185811
Title: Brilliant Personal Effectiveness : What to Know and Say to Make an Impact at Work; Author: Douglas Miller; Publisher: Pearson Education ; Year: 2014 ; ISBN: 9781292077581

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