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IIMB Library Newsletter February 2021: Feb2021

February 2021




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Training on Various Databases

    Springshare Tools to build library – 13th January 2021.
    CEIC – India’s Budget 2021-2022 – 4th February 2021.
    Geo Grade Database – 8th March 2021.
    Web Of Science Certification Programme – 28th Jan, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th Feb 2021.
    ETDs -Shodhganga / Shodhgangotri and ShodhShuddhi - 10th February 2021.
    Decoding the Predatory Journal menace by Elsevier – 18th February 2021.

Quick Links

Databases Renewed

Business Standard

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Business Standard, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Business Standard provides news on markets, companies, technology, etc. It covers the period 1999 to till date.


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Calcbench Inc, Access: Registration based: Multi-user (Only for Faculty & Students) Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

It is a research tool for financial statement analysis, financial accounting, and auditing of public companies using SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) XBRL data. It is web-based access to US Financial Statement data that allows for textual analysis. Calcbench will be useful in the classroom setting in courses that involves valuation and financial statement analysis.


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Capa centre for Aviation, Access: 2 Concurrent Users  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

CAPA includes 2500 airline and 90 airline group profiles including news, analysis & data of the airline sector. It covers of over 57000 aircraft including values, lease rates, and hours/cycles data, profiles of the major global suppliers across all industry sectors. It provides data on industry data tools which cover capacity, traffic, rankings, fleet, LCCs, Financials, Start up, Code Sharing and Alliances.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: CMIE Access: Campus wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

This database covers new and ongoing investment activities in India. It includes projects in the mining, manufacturing, and electricity and infrastructure sectors. Currently the database includes about 12,000 projects, which are classified by industry, ownership, status of implementation, type of investments, etc.

CEIC (Asia+G19)

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Internet Data Services Pvt Ltd, Access: Ten concurrent users Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Global Database: Global database covers more than 4+ million time series are covering 195+ economies. Granular country-level information on 18 macroeconomic sectors, such as inflation, exports, tourism and more. It includes detailed methodological references at the indicator, dataset, sector, and country levels. Key series feature for quick reference on key country indicators, such as GDP, GNP, FDI, and CPI. It focused coverage of key country players in 14 different industrial sectors. Thousands of primary local sources and reputable third-party data from international organizations, such as the IMF and World Bank. World Trend Plus: World Trend Plus enables convenient and in-depth fundamental analysis across countries and regions through a comprehensive set of standardized benchmarks Boosts planning with forecast and sentiment data, offering the latest outlook on the global economic situation Offers insights into investment opportunities through comparisons of countries’ competitiveness based on 250+ indicators. India Premium Database: With over 360,000 time series, across 18 economic topics and 15 industry sectors, the India Premium Database is the definitive go-to-resource for analysts, investors, and strategists, to assess and run analytical models, on the Indian economy. India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has young demography and a steady pace of reforms. Analysing the evolving economic dynamics requires access to a comprehensive array of variables for research and analysis. With records from as early as 1951, this database offers an expansive range of national and subnational variables with varying frequencies. Our relationship with local sources enables first-hand access to detailed, reliable, and timely information. Daily Database: 32,000+ Time Series (Financial Indicators) across different countries. Categories: Commodity Price and Futures, Deposit Rated, Disease Outbreaks, Futures, Fx Rates, Forward Rates, Government Securities, Interbank Offer Rates, Lending Rates, Monetary Data, Swap Rates.


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  CMIE, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

This database provides real-time information on prices, market intelligence, and historical data for agricultural crops. Covers data on prices for 200 commodities from `50 markets. It also contains statistics on area, production, and yield up to district level.

Crisil Research

Resource Type:  Online,  Company Name:  Crisil Ltd, Access: Campus wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Crisil research provides data on 70 industries like automotive casting, bulk drugs, coffee, cold chain, edible oil etc. It covers total 11 cities like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kochi, KolKata, NCR, Pune, Bengaluru and super 16 reports, SME reports & Agriculture report. Crisil provides access to data, research and analysis to track the performance and outlook of industries. It provides access to EcoView, a monthly document published by CRISIL, provides a comprehensive analysis of the Indian macro-economy. It examines trends in key variables and provides rigorous forecasts based on the fundamental economic analysis. It focuses on linking macro trends and issues to micro variables like company sales, profits, and borrowing costs.

Dion Insight

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Dion Global, Inc Access: Campus wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

Insight provides information on 8000 listed and unlisted companies. Information on financial disclosures, products, management corporate governance, market performance, operations and analysis. It also provides single window access to 35000 annual reports and prospectus of companies dating back to 1995. It also provides Equity markets: NSE / BSE Commodities: NCDEX / MCX / National Spot Currency: MCX-SX / NSE Debt: NSE Exchange announcements Live market data Latest and historical NAVs Portfolio composition, Portfolio allocation, Performance statistics , Compare funds Dividends.

Proquest Dissertations & Theses

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Proquest LLC, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database is the most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses. Covers more than 2.3 million dissertations and theses from all around the world.

EBSCO-Business Source Ultimate

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  EBSCO International Inc, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Business Source Ultimate database contains 5335 Journals & magazines in full text, including 2780 peer-reviewed journals. Also, it covers conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, etc. It includes topics: marketing strategy, business logistics, corporate culture, financial performance, investments, financial performance, etc.

Economic Outlook

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  CMIE, Access: Campus wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

This database provides an overview of the Indian economy. It covers data on Business, Macro-economics, Sectoral and Socioeconomics. It provides forecasts data on growths, inflation, and fiscal balance, the balance of payments, corporate earnings etc. it contains hundreds of original government publications. Economic Outlook keeps up to date on the macro-economic environment with incisive independent analysis, forecasts every quarter, and regular alert. CMIE Economic Outlook: Mobile App: India Economic Outlook. The App presents an analytical view of the Indian economy with the help of incisive essays, succinct tabulations, and explicit charts. It covers every major topic of the Indian economy with an emphasis on the fast frequency type of indicators. India Economic Outlook: The mobile phone App Features: 1. Contains most recent Economic Outlook analysis 2. Contains associated tabulations and charts 3. Contains latest Daily Newsletter 4. Contains all Fast-frequency data with the latest The App does not provide access to the full database of Economic Outlook. The objective of the App is to help professionals be always abreast of the current trends in the Indian economy. Indian Economic Outlook (Mobile App) It supports iPhone & Android - Please note: a) you can download the app “Indian Economic Outlook” from the mobile stores (Google Play Store & Apple Store) and log-in with using your registered credentials.

EMIS Intelligence

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Internet Data Services Pvt Ltd Access: Campus wide multiuser,  Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

EMIS covers Company, Industry and Country Intelligence data. It facilitates search company profile information and in-depth financial data for private and public companies. Company Screener tool helps to delve into deep company analyses and industry ranking. Industry data can be filtered and analyze to get latest industry trends across 100 industries, premium industry reports, and industry forecasts. Coverage: Around 35,000 listed & unlisted companies Reports: Available last 5 Years data Archive Data: last ten-year data available on request. .

EPWRF India Time Series (EPWRF.IN)

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  EPW Research Foundation, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Data services from Economic and Political Weekly Research Foundation include long-term data series online in about thirteen modules covering a wide range of macro-economic and financial sector variables in a manner convenient for research and analytical work. It also includes economic and market reviews, financial market reviews, money market reviews, theme articles, and papers on economic/financial market indicators.

Euromonitor Passport & CL Modules

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Euromonitor International, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

This resource from Euromonitor provides access to market research for consumer industries, country profiles for over eighty countries, and three million economic, demographic, and marketing statistics from around the world. Economies Economic Trends in 210 countries and 1,150 cities worldwide. Consumer Lifestyles across 85 markets, on consumer behavior, preferences, and attitudes purchase motivation. Consumers and demographic trends in 210 countries and 1,150 cities – analysis of socio-economic indicators, purchasing behavior and opinions, etc.


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Bridge People  Access: Campus wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

It is grammar checking technological tool which reviews and improves text by correcting grammar, spelling, word choice and style errors with accuracy. It also detects plagiarism by checking texts against over 8 million web pages.

Henry Stewart Talks

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Informatics publishing Ltd   Access: Campus wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

HS talks provide video lectures & case studies in the discipline of the business & management collection. It contains more than 900 animated, audio-visual lectures/case studies with additional material released each month. The contents comprising the collection are streamed. Hand-outs of slides may be downloaded. Access links may be embedded in course packs, reading lists, virtual learning systems. It includes subjects like Finance, Accounting and Economics, Global Business Management, Management, Leadership & Organisation, Marketing & Sales, Strategy and Technology & Operations.

Industry Outlook

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  CMIE, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Industry Outlook is a comprehensive service that provides detailed information on Indian industries. It includes the mining, manufacturing, utilities, and services industries. A total of 193 industries are covered. The service provides detailed historical data on capacity, production, foreign trade, sales, prices, the annual and quarterly financial performance of the industry, and its detailed break-up by companies.

Infraline Power Knowledgebase Sector

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Infraline Technologies Solutions Ltd. Access:  Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Infraline Energy knowledge base provides information on demand, supply, generation and transmission of power, nuclear, thermal and hydro. It also gives information on ongoing energy projects and reforms. Features: • Exclusive profiles of over 2000+ power projects • Insights to latest developments, sector performance and key statistics • Live Tenders, Events and Business Networking Opportunities updated on a real-time basis • Comprehensive coverage of Reports and Presentations • Exclusive opinions from industry experts in forms of interviews, discussions, conferences etc;.

Joint Venture

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:   Refinitiv  Access: Please note, Joint Venture can be accessed remotely. Kindly go through the guide link( to get instructions on how to install the platform and retrieve the information.  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Joint Venture covers over 60,000 formal Joint Ventures and 80,000 Strategic Alliances – amounting to over 140,000 partnerships in total, dating back to 1985. Features: • Identify deal trends, using hundreds of standard volume/trend analysis tables, and conduct comparable deal analysis so you can evaluate the market value and multiples of potential transactions.; • Analyse won or lost business and market share trends to feed into your strategic planning.; • View the competitive landscape with insightful data from Refinitiv Reuter’s league tables enabling you to assess your position versus your peers by region, deal type or sector.; • Stay current on deal trends and new issues ensuring that you have a sharp focus on the market, e.g. assess deal premiums paid, financing considerations, etc.; • Understand the banking relationships between corporate organizations and their existing advisors enabling you to identify new business opportunities.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Progressive Digital Media Private Limited   Access: Campus wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

Formerly known as Datamonitor, this database provides wide array of proprietary business research information including 31,000+ company profiles, 850+ Data books (company financials and global market reports), 7000+ industry profiles and 100+ country profiles.

OECD iLibray Complete

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Balani Infotech Ltd, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

OECD iLibrary is the repository for all OECD content features its e-books, statistics, reports, tables, charts and working papers on 17 different themes from 1998 onwards i.e. Economics, Education, Finance & Investment, Energy, Environment, Employment, Industry & Services, Governance, Agriculture & Food, Urban /Rural/Regional Development, Social Issues/Migration/Health, Taxation, Trade, Nuclear Energy, Development, Transport, Science & Technology and is the gateway to OECD's analysis and data. OECD iLibrary also contains content published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), The OECD Development Centre, The International Transport Forum (ITF) & Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Content Coverage: 11,755 ebook titles; 60,100 chapters; 1, 76,050 tables and graphs; 6,900 articles; 5,535 multilingual summaries; 5,615 working papers; 5 billion data points across 42 databases.

Proquest-ABI/Inform Complete

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Proquest LLC, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

The database features thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals such as Sloan Management Review the Economist, country-and industry-focused reports, and downloadable data. Apart from the above, its international coverage includes. • Economist Intelligence Unit country data, country finance, and forecast reports, views wire. • Oxford country provides, country forecast and economic forecast. • Industry reports from Business Monitor Online and First search.

Prowess IQ

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  CMIE Access:  Needs client installation and Register with IIMB webmail.  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

This is a database of the financial performance of over 27,000 Indian companies. It includes all the NSE and BSE traded companies along with unlisted public limited and private limited companies.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: CMIE Access: Campus wide multiuser (Registration required), Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

Prowessdx database is a web based databases accessible without any installation of client application. It covers data for about 35,000 Indian companies, which includes listed companies, unlisted public companies and private companies of all sizes and ownership groups. It contains time-series data since 1990. For updated information, please prefer Prowess.

Sage Video

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Sage Publishing, Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Sage video covers 454 videos and over 143 hours are available in this extensive and diverse collection. It includes in-depth interviews with experts from across the globe on topics as varied as innovation management, corporate social responsibility, and social media marketing. Sage videos provide videos in the discipline of “Business & Management”. It covers subjects like General Business & Management, Accounting, Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Information & Knowledge Management, International Business & Management, Leadership, Marketing, Operations Management, Organization Studies, and Research Methods for Business & Management, Strategic Management, and Other Management Specialties.


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Sage Publishing Access: Campus wide multiuser Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

SAGE RESEARCH METHODS ONLINE resource created to help researchers, faculty, and students with their research projects and links over 175,000 pages of SAGE’s renowned books, journal, and reference content.

States of India

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  CMIE  Access:  Campus wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

This database produces a monthly review on the states of India called the State Analysis Service. It covers statistics from official government publications and also scanned copies from the original official documents such as the statistical abstracts.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: CMIE Access:  Campus wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

Tradedx is a database comprising data for India's foreign trade and for World Trade. India's trade data is collected and disseminated by Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (DGCI&S) in two classification systems - Principal Commodities (PC) and Indian Trade Classification (ITC). PC data is of relatively faster frequency but it does not provide data by detailed classification. PC data is available for 168 commodities each for exports and imports. It is available for monthly, cumulative and annual frequency. ITC data is released by DGCI&S with a lag but is a more detailed presentation. It is available for commodity classification at the 2-4-6-8 digit level for around 20,000 commodities. World Trade data is updated yearly and is derived from the United Nations trade database. The classification of World Trade data is based on the Harmonised System (HS) of classification. It is available for annual frequency. In World Trade, data is available at the 2-4-6 digit level classification.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Prime Investors  Access: Campus wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari covers 32 regulators like Bank, National Housing Bank, Association of Mutual Funds of India, Company Law Board, Delhi Stock Exchange Ltd., Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and Reserve Bank of India, etc.

WTO iLibrary 

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Balani Infotech Ltd  Access: Campus wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

The WTO iLibrary comprises 18 themes mostly covering different aspects of the trade including the commercial Dispute Settlements that are core to their activity. It provides full publications, direct access to articles, chapters, reports, and working papers.

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Journals Renewed

CUP HSS Package (28 Journal titles)

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  CUP, Access: IP based unlimited concurrent access

CUP-HSS Package comprises 28 Journal titles under Humanities and Social Science Area along with complimentary access of 44 titles on non-perpetuity basis under Economic, Politics and International Relation.

IEEE (ASPP+POP) Collection

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  IEEE Xplore,  Access: IP based unlimited concurrent access

IEEE-ASPP+POP offers 190 highly cited, peer reviewed journal titles including Bell Labs technical journals, this package covers 125 conference titles under IT and technology area. Access to backfiles start from 2010 onwards.

SIAM Journal on Optimization

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  SIAM , Access: IP based unlimited concurrent access

The SIAM Journal on Optimization contains research articles on the  theory and practice of optimization.

SIAM Review

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  SIAM, Access: IP based unlimited concurrent access

The SIAM Review contain survey and review features papers with a deliberately integrative and up-to-date perspective on a major topic in applied or computational mathematics or scientific computing.

University of Chicago Press- Full Run Collection (86 Titles)

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  UCP, Access: IP based unlimited concurrent access

UCP Full Run Collection includes 86 Journals titles under various discipline like Economics, Politics, Finance, International Relation etc from Vol.1 Iss.1.

Sage Publishing Limited

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  Sage Publishing Limited, Access: IP based unlimited concurrent access

Journal titles from Sage predominantly cover subject of Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology and Medicine. Library has access to more than 729 titles. Perpetual Access started from 1999 onwards.

SIAM Review

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher:  Times Internet Limited, Access: One time Registration with IIM-B email ID

ET Prime brings in-depth, analysis-rich, and riveting stories revolving around anything and everything that’s shaping our world.

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Top Ten Journals

Total Downloads: 164

Total Downloads: 92
Total Downloads: 157

Total Downloads: 76
Total Downloads: 154

Total Downloads: 67
Total Downloads: 137

Total Downloads: 58
Total Downloads: 124

Total Downloads: 56

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Newly Added E-books

Title: Climate Change as Social Drama : Global Warming in the Public Sphere; Author: Philip Smith and Nicolas Howe; Publisher: Cambridge University Press ; Year: 2015 ; ISBN: 9781316217269
Title: The Capital Asset Pricing Model in the 21st Century:Analytical, Empirical, and Behavioral Perspectives; Author: Haim Levy; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2012; ISBN: 9781139017459
Title: Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology; Author: Mohammed Aslam and Aadil Amin Kak ; Publisher: Foundation Books; Year: 2011 ; ISBN: 9788175968653

Title: Caste, Society and Politics in India from the Eighteenth Century to the Modern Age; Author: Susan Bayly; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2008 ; ISBN: 9781139053389
Title: Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning; Author: Ankur Moitra; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2018; ISBN: 9781316882177
Title: Development with Global Value Chains:Upgrading and Innovation in Asia; Edited: Dev Nathan, Meenu Tewari and Sandip Sarkar; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2018; ISBN: 9781316221730

Title: Market in State: The Political Economy of Domination in China; Author: Yongnian Zheng and Yanjie Huang; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2018 ; ISBN: 9781108562119
Title: Management and Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival: A Resource Guide for Small Businesses Everywhere; Author: Jamey M. Long; Publisher: Anthem Press; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9781783089505
Title: A Concise History of International Finance: From Babylon to Bernanke; Author: Larry Neal; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2015; ISBN: 9781139524858

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Newly Added Print Books

Title: The foundations of behavioral economic analysis. Volume 5, Bounded rationality; Author: Sanjit Dhami; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020 ; ISBN: 9780198853671
Title: The foundations of behavioral economic analysis: volume VII further topics in behavioral economics; Author: Sanjit Dhami; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780198861959
Title: Hits and misses : the Indian banking story; Author: Madan Sabnavis; Publisher: Sage Publishing; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9789353886868

Title: Evolution of banking system in India since 1900; Author: O. P. Chawla; Publisher: Sage; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9789353284671
Title: Managing portfolio credit risk in banks; Author: Arindam Bandyopadhyay; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2016; ISBN: 9781107146471
Title: Influenza : the hundred year hunt to cure the deadliest disease in history ; Author: Jeremy Brown ; Publisher: Atria Books; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9781501181252

Title: Global compensation : foundations and perspectives; Edited by Luis R. Gomez-Mejia and Steve Werner; Publisher: Routledge; Year: 2008 ; ISBN: 9780415775038
Title: Patterns in circulation: cloth, gender, and materiality in West Africa; Author: Nina Sylvanus; Publisher: The University of Chicago Press; Year: 2016; ISBN: 9780226397221
Title: Power, politics, and organizational change; Author: David Buchanan, Richard Badham; Publisher: Sage Publications; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9781526458919

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