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Forum for Business Librarians



Forum for Business School Librarians will be inaugurated 11th  August 2023. The main objective of this group is to provide a platform for Library Professionals working in business schools & to exchange their experiences and knowledge.
Librarians working in Business Schools across India can become a member of this group. Initially the core group membership will be limited to 12. A committee comprising Senior Librarians will evaluate the profile of library and the brief bio of the Librarian . As a protocol, members will meet once a year to share best practices, and the latest developments in the field of business librarianship and discuss topics of mutual interest. 

Through this group we will:
  • Craft guides and tutorials on various research topics on Business and Management
  • Develop a comprehensive directory of business information resources on Indian companies and Industries.
  • Discuss and evaluate technologies for their implementation in libraries.
  • Exchange best practices on collection development, technical services, copyright assistance, business information literature and services for faculty and students.



Who can become a core Member?
Librarians working in Business Schools across India  
Membership will be approved by committee  comprising senior librarians on the basis of profile and a brief CV  of the librarians.
No membership fees are charged.
All India Business Librarians group size is restricted to 12
All other professionals, who wish to become associate members can attend the Annual Conference for Business Library Professionals.



Activities and Events:
  1. A meeting of the Core  group will be organized and hosted at IIM Bangalore every year on November 3rd week.
  2. Joint Conferences/Seminars/workshops will be organized every year which will be open to all the members (including associate members) of this group.
  3. Members attending the sessions will take care of their travel and stay.
  4. Select vendors/publishers will be invited to the sessions.



Core Members:
To be nominated after receiving expression of insterest from Business School Librarians upon invitation.


Topics experiential session for the first year:
  1. Core Competencies – Business Reference Librarian.
  2. Union Catalogue of all IIMs to be open to other business schools for collection assessment and copy cataloging.
  3. Information Literacy for lifelong learning.
  4. Core resources and services.

Discussion Forums:
To participate in Discussion Forum with innovative ideas, please find the below button:

Welcome Message!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce launch of Forum for Business Librarians on the eve of Golden Jubilee celebrations of IIM BANGALORE.  There are many conglomerates of library professionals in India, but unlike others, this will forum is intended to be driven by passionate professionals who wish to share their ideas on an open forum for professional development and represent the needs of our users.

After several rounds of discussions with senior colleagues and friends in the fraternity, it is observed that the competencies associated with Business librarianship are distinct given the vast knowledge resources pertaining to Business and Management education. 
The main objective of this group is to provide a platform for Business School Librarians to exchange ideas, practices and problems associated with Business Librarianship. To know more about its activities and membership, please browse this site.