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IIMB Library Newsletter June 2021: June2021

June 2021




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Databases Renewed


ACE Equity Analyser

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:   Accord Fintech Pvt Ltd.., Access: Campus Wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Ace Analyser database includes company information, equity markets, commodities markets, Derivative Markets and macro economy overview of India. It includes financial and non-financial information of companies and Sector. It covers annual reports from 2008 for listed companies.

ACE Knowledge Portal

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:   Accord Fintech Pvt Ltd.,  Access: Campus Wide Multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Ace Knowledge Portal covers data on companies, industries, mutual funds, macro economy as well as live markets.  It covers annual reports from 2005 for listed companies.


Resource Type:  Offline,   Company Name:  Accord Fintech Pvt Ltd., Access: 3 Concurrent users [Standalone Database (Available in library only)],  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

ACE MF is a desktop based application for mutual fund research, which comprehensive in data coverage with analytical tools. Data includes all basic details of the scheme and portfolios, asset-wise and sector-wise details, fund manager's details, NAVs since Inception, ratios, returns, dividends, MF news and several other data points.


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Akara Technologies Pvt Ltd, Access: Campus Wide multiuser (Registration will be done by library), Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

RBI releases quarterly data pertaining to deposits & credit, at a granular level, by category of banks. The data is an extremely valuable input for the retail banking industry. The GmB service provides the entire RBI data-series, along with the visualisation of data on the map for a granular understanding of the retail banking market in terms of its size, growth & market shares amongst category of banks. 


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Informatics Pvt Ltd., Access: 2 Concurrent users, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

MICA Indian Marketing Intelligence (MIMI) is a research product; it provides the secondary data for socioeconomic variables and market intelligence up to district level for all the states and union territories of India. It also provides Market Potential Index (MPI) and other data, in separate views for rural, urban, and the total Indian market for 630 districts. 

Epigeum Avoiding Plagiarism

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name: Oxford University Press., Access: Campus Wide multiuser (One time registration require with IIMB email ID), Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Avoiding Plagiarism' is online course and software solution on how to avoid plagiarism by correctly using citations & references and best practice in paraphrasing. This course covers types of plagiarism, Importance of citation and references, referencing systems, referencing tools, strategies of avoiding plagiarism, various news articles in plagiarism and more. 

Nav India (Complimentary access)

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:Capitaline Markets, Access: Campus Wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari,  Type:  Installation based

It is the most extensive and in-depth database on Mutual Fund Industry. It is a helpful tool to analyze the past performance of schemes.

• It covers all (44) AMC actively present in the Mutual Fund Industry and around 5000 schemes details.
• Schemes Portfolio data available for last five months
• AMC % change period available from 2008 to the latest
• AMC data covered for the last five-months
• NAV data available from 2010 onwards.

Nav India

Resource Type: Offline, Company Name: Capitaline Markets, Access: Three Concurrent users [(Installation based), Please contact for access.]Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari


NAV India is the most extensive and in-depth database on Mutual Fund Industry. It is a helpful tool to analyze the past performance of schemes.

• It covers all (44) AMC actively present in the Mutual Fund Industry and around 5000 scheme details.
• A powerful Query module helps to filter Schemes based on different parameters.
• Auto-update Excel Facility is available
• NAV data available from since inception
• Movement of Funds like Scheme value, % holding covered
• Sector-wise movement of funds historical data covered from 2003
• Statistical Ratios historical data available more than ten years


Journals Renewed

Resource Type: Online; Publisher: American Economic Association; Access: IP based unlimited concurrent User Access
American Economic Association is a learned society in the field of economics. The current subscription is having 9 Journal titles covering various aspects of Economics.

Top Ten Journals

Total Downloads: 315

Total Downloads: 62
Total Downloads: 129

Total Downloads: 48
Total Downloads: 115

Total Downloads: 45
Total Downloads: 86

Total Downloads: 42
Total Downloads: 72

Total Downloads: 42


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Newly Added E-books

Title: A Behavioural Theory of Economic Development : The Uneven Evolution of Cities and Regions; Author: Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9780191870989
Title: Banking on Failure : Cum-Ex and Why and How Banks Game the System; Author: Richard S Collier; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780198859673
Title: Between Power and Irrelevance : The Future of Transnational NGOs; Author: George E. Mitchell, Hans Peter Schmitz, and Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780190084714

Title: Changes by Competition : The Evolution of the South Korean Developmental State; Author: Hyeong-ki Kwon; Publisher: Oxford Univesity Press; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9780198866060
Title: Competitive Agents in Certain and Uncertain Markets; Author: Robert G. Chambers; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9780190063016
Title: Compressed Development : Time and Timing in Economic and Social Development; Author: D. Hugh Whittaker, Timothy Sturgeon, Toshie Okita, and Tianbiao Zhu; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780198744948

Title: Cross-Cultural Management Revisited : A Qualitative Approach; Author: Philippe d'Iribarne...[]; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780198857471
Title: Designing Organization Design : A Human-Centred Approach; Editor: Rodrigo Magalhães; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780198867333
Title: Doing Semiotics: A Research Guide for Marketers at the Edge of Culture; Author: Laura R. Oswald; Publisher: Oxford University Press ; Year: 2020; ISBN: 9780198822028

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Newly Added Print Books

Title: Ageism : past, present, and future; Author: K. McNamara and John B. Williamson; Publisher: Routledge; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9781138202962
Title: Ageism : stereotyping and prejudice against older persons; Editor: Todd D. Nelson; Publisher: MIT Press; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9780262533409
Title: Age discrimination : ageism in employment and service provision; Author: Malcolm Sargeant; Publisher: Routledge; Year: 2011; ISBN: 9780566089268

Title: Ageism and mistreatment of older workers : current reality, future solutions; Editor: Patricia Brownell and James J. Kelly; Publisher: Springer; Year: 2012; ISBN: 9789400755208
Title: Ageism in work and employment; Editor: Ian Glover and Mohamed Branine; Publisher: Routledge; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9780367249151
Title: The Hoshin Kanri Forest : lean strategic organizational design ; Author: Javier Villalba-Diez; Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9781498785501

Title: Economic development of Korea ; Author: Chuk Kyo Kim; Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9789813274907
Title: Passion for work : theory, research, and applications; Editor: Robert J. Vallerand and Nathalie Houlfort; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9780190648626
Title: Determinants of health : an economic perspective ; Author: Michael Grossman; Publisher: Columbia University Press; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9780231178129

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