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IIMB Library Newsletter April 2021: Apr2021

April 2021




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Databases Renewed


Refinitiv-SDC Mergers & Acquisition

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Refinitiv, Access: Please note, SDC New Issues can be accessed remotely. Kindly go through the guide link ( to get instructions on how to install the platform and retrieve the information.,  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™, the online historical financial transactions database, provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bonds, Syndicated Loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more.

Coverage: Over 1,000,000 global M&A transactions from the 1970s to the present; including 300,000+ US-target and 700,000+ non-US-target transactions

Refinitiv SDC-Global New Issues

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Refinitiv, Access: Please note, SDC New Issues can be accessed remotely. Kindly go through the guide link ( to get instructions on how to install the platform and retrieve the information.,  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

It provides data on Global New Issues (IPO).It covers industry-leading capital markets transaction information to the global deal making industry.

Coverage: 1-Debt Capital Markets: Over 823,000 bond deals since the 1960s, including investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market corporate bonds and ABS/MBS/Agency issues 2- Equity Capital Markets: Over 259,000 equity capital markets new issues including IPOs, follow-ons, block trades, and convertible bonds since the 1970s.

Refinitiv - Eikon

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name: Refinitiv, Access: Please contact to to get the data [Standalone Database (Available in library only)],  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Database provides financial and economic information on equities, bonds, market indices, exchange rates, interest rates, derivatives and analysts’ reports from investment banks.

Data Coverage: Active Public Co: 50000 Private Co: 1.7 Million Reports Available 2009 to 2018 Download Format: Excel


Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Dow Jones Consulting India Private Limited Access: Campus wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

Factiva provides information globally on economic, financial and current news. It covers 32,000 sources from 200 countries in 28 languages. It includes 3,500+ newspapers like national, international, regional and current content and archives (e.g., The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, Les Echos, South China Morning Post, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Straits Times etc.). It also provides information on 25 million company profiles, 4,200+ journals, and magazines, 450+ continuously updated newswires including the exclusive combination of Dow Jones, Reuters, and The Associated Press.


District Metrics

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name: Akara Technologies Pvt Ltd, Access: Multiuser access, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

District Metrics(DM) is built with three major datasets, namely Census 2011, Household Purchasing Power and Indices of Economic Activities. While Census 2011 and Purchasing Power data is available for districts with rural and urban break-up and for over 500 most populous towns, indices of economic activities is available for districts which indicates the sectors that drive the income for the population in the district.

Consumer Pyramidsdx

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name: CMIE, Access: Multiuser access, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Consumer Pyramids is the largest survey of households of India. It makes estimates of income, expenses, savings, borrowings, investments and ownership of assets of households. It also makes estimates of the age, gender, education, occupation, health and financial inclusion of individuals. CPHS is conducted thrice every year. Thus, there are three Waves every year. The sample size of survey is around 170,000 households, and the sample is maintained as a panel surveyed over multiple Waves. CPHS includes the following databases:

a)-People of India dx: The People of India database is particularly rich in capturing labour market supply characteristics. It provides information on the employment / unemployment status of every individual over 14 years of age. It covers in details of duration of place of work, type of employment and nature of engagement. Data is available from Jan 2014 to till date.

b)-Aspirational India dx: The Aspirational India database offers several kinds of data that throw light on household assets and amenities, household sentiments, their perceptions, and decisions regarding purchase of assets or to make investments. It covers data on ownership of a dozen assets by households and insights into the standard of living of Indian households. Data is available from Jan 2014 to till date.

c)-Income Pyramids dx: This database presents information on income from wages, pensions, dividends, and interest of individual earning members of households. Each source of income is revealed separately. It offers income received by the household from sources that are usually not attributable to a specific individual of the household. These include private transfers, government transfers, business profits, profits from sale of assets, imputed income of home-grown agricultural products used for self-consumption, lotteries & gambling. It delivers monthly data for its sample households from January 2014 onwards.

d)-Consumption Pyramids dx: Consumption Pyramids delivers a monthly series of household consumption expenditure & snapshots of weekly expenses on select fast-moving expense items. The Consumer Pyramids Household Survey focuses on two questions. First, how much do households spend, in rupee terms, on consumption expenditure & second, what is the broad distribution of this spend. Consumption Pyramids also provides snapshots of weekly expenses on 27 items on which expenses are made with faster frequency. Data is available from Jan 2014 onwards.

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Newspapers Renewed || Newly Added E-books

New York Times

Resource Type:  Online,   Publisher: The New York times company, Access: One Time resgistration is required by using IIM-B email and this process will be valid only in campus by using this link: , Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

International New York Times provides information on news, data and analysis on Business, Technology, Science, Health, sports etc. It includes opinions of the scholoars on various contemporary topic. It included Time machine, a web based archive which contain the scanned images of the actual papers from 1851 to 2002.Videos are also available under different areas covered by NYT.

Title: Making Sense of Business Reference : A Guide for Librarians and Research Professionals; Author: Celia Ross; Publisher: American Library Association; Year: 2020 ; eISBN: 9780838919422

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Top Ten Journals

Total Downloads: 528

Total Downloads: 182
Total Downloads: 368

Total Downloads: 173
Total Downloads: 309

Total Downloads: 169
Total Downloads: 226

Total Downloads: 167
Total Downloads: 196

Total Downloads: 156


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Newly Added Print Books

Title: Towards the third generation university : managing the university in transition; Author: J. G. Wissema ; with contributions from Jan Verloop; Publisher: Edward Elgar; Year: 2009; ISBN: 9781848442160
Title: Changing governance in Universities - Italian higher education in comparative perspective; Author: Giliberto Capano; Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; Year: 2016; ISBN: 9781137548177
Title: Capital market instruments : analysis and valuation; Editor: Moorad Choudhry, Dider Joannas, Gino Lanuyt, Richard Pereira and Rod Pienaar; Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; Year: 2010; ISBN: 9780230576032

Title: The venture capital investment process; Author: Darek Klonowski; Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; Year: 2010; ISBN: 9781349377473
Title: Event studies for financial research : a comprehensive guide; Author: Doron Kliger and Gregory Gurevich; Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; Year: 2014; ISBN: 9781349493180
Title: The origins of asset management from 1700 to 1960 : towering investors; Author: Nigel Edward Morecroft; Publisher: Palgrave McMillan; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9783319847580

Title: World Scientific Reference on The Strategic Analysis of Financial Markets 2 Vols; Author: Steven D Moffitt; Publisher: World Scientific; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9789813143760
Title: TNT, the power within you : how to release the forces inside you and get what you want!; Author: Claude M. Bristol and Harold Sherman; Publisher: Simon & Schuster; Year: 1992; ISBN: 9780671765460
Title: Characterizations of univariate continuous distributions; Author: Mohammad Ahsanullah; Publisher: Atlantis Press; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9789462391383

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