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Telecom Industry

This guide provides information on locating resources on the Telecom Industry from the databases subscribed by IIMB.

ACE Analyser

Steps: Please go to ACE Analyser>> Click on ‘Query’ from the top bar of the page >> select ‘Industry’ from the list as required (Example: scroll down the list and click on ‘Telecommunication- service provider’ ) >> Select industry type like ‘All’/ ‘Listed’/ ‘Unlisted’/ ‘Listed finance’ (Example: click on ‘All’) >> select the required company and click (>) to move further >> click on the ‘Go’ option>> now filter the information by choosing options like general/finance/ratios/IPO information/equity, etc. and keep tick marks of selected parameters >> then click on ‘Compile’ from the bottom menu >> and click on download to export data.


Steps:: Please go to Capitaline >>Select ‘Industry’>> choose any one of them (Telecommunication service provider- medium/ Telecommunication service provider - small/ Telecommunication service provider - large, Telecommunications equipment) as per requirements>> then click ‘Go’>> click on the required company from the list as shown>> select the field from the left side of the menu bar like general/finance/ratios/IPO information/equity, etc. >> download the data as excel format.

CMIE Industry Outlook

Steps: Please Go to Industries on the left side >> choose “Telecommunication services” under Communication services>> select any one tab like Analysis, overview, Annual financials, Quarterly Financials, Stock returns, Capex, market share, demand & supply, or forecast as per your requirement to download data.

Crisil Research:

Steps: Please log-in with your registered credentials >> go to Industry  >> Choose ‘Technology, media & telecommunication’ under ‘Industry’ >> click on the required section like ‘Telecom data services’/ ‘Telecom services (Example: click on ‘Telecom services’) >> Choose any tab like event analysis, industry overview & profiles & peers as per your requirement >> click on Pdf generator from left side icon to download the file.

Dion Insight

Steps: Please go to Research tab >> Click on “Select Industry” >> Type Industry name or select Industry from Industry Fundamentals (e.g., Telecommunications-Equipment) >> select the parameters from the left panel to download the data as per your requirement.

EMIS intelligence:

Steps: Client log-in to EMIS >> Click to ‘Continue’ >> Go to ‘Industries’ tab from the top >> Then click ‘Companies’ under data tab>> select region (Example: INDIA) >> select industry from the dropdown list (Example: Telecommunications) >>Click ‘Apply’ >> Click on export to download all data, or you can use “Refine” option from the left corner to filter your result, if you want to view certain company information then click on linked companies one by one and download data accordingly.


Steps: Please go to Factiva>> click on Industry from Companies/Markets tab from top>> Choose Telecommunication/ Telecommunication services >> Choose any section like Industry Snapshot/Peer Comparison/News/Analysis and Profiles to download the data as per your requirement. For more details, please click here.

Frost & Sullivan:

Steps: log in with your name &  IIMB mail id >> search your term in the search box/ go and click on ‘Browse’ option from left side panel >> click on ‘Information & communication tech.’ as Industry >> choose the Sector as shown under Industry menu(Example: select ‘Communications services’) >> choose the Sub-sector as shown under Sector menu(Example: select ‘Broadband services’) >> you can filter your result by region/country/ type of document from the top menu >> click on listed results to download the report as per your requirement.

ICRA Industry Report

Steps: Please log-in ICRA database >> click on Research Tab to select Industry Under ‘Telecom services’/ ‘Telecom tower’ >> click on any one report from listed results to download the same.

(Please contact for credentials)


Steps: Search the topic in the search box/ click ‘Sectors’ from the top menu bar >> go to the ‘Telecoms &IT’ option under ‘Sectors’ >> scroll down the page and find various kind of information on that topic like ‘Industry profile- archive’/ ‘Thematic analysis’/ ‘Case studies’/ ‘Analyst insights’/ ‘News’/ ‘Deals’ (Example: ‘Case studies’) >>to view the full list click on ‘View all’ under each section of information >> click on the required information (Example: The Future of 5G: Technology could advance global economy and society after COVID-19)>> click on export from top to download.

Refinitiv Eikon:

Steps: Log-in to eikon, then click on “My Apps” top left corner >> Click on Markets & select Industry >> Select Telecommunication Services under Technology >> again choose & click available parameter under telecommunication Services >> select country >> refine your search as per available filters/tab and download the data as per your requirement.

Please reach out to to get credentials. You need to either install the app or access it via the web.


Steps: Click on ‘Statistics’ from the top menu bar >>go and click on ‘Technology & telecommunications’ under ‘All industries’ tab >> scroll down the page and find the required area under various ‘Topic’ section of ‘Technology & telecommunications’ >> click ‘Show all topics’/ ‘Show more’ to see full topic list >> Click the required topic from the result and download the report as pdf/excel/png/ppt format as per your requirement.


Steps: Go to ‘Topics’ from the top >> Then go to the ‘Categories’ just beside the ‘Topics’ >>scroll down the page & click the required topic(Example: click on ‘Telecoms & utilities’ >> then click  ‘Telecoms & utilities(general)  under that)/ or you can search directly as ‘Telecom industry’ in the search box >> Use the filter section from the left panel like Date range/Show only/Search in/Categories/Location/Source (Example: Search in- Articles) (Example: Location- India)>> click on the required information as shown >> go to the top right panel to download it.

Other Databases:

ABI/Inform Complete:

You may search using the keyword (Telecommunication/ Telecommunication services) to get related reports, books, articles, etc., and filter the same as per your requirement.

EBSCO Business Source Complete:

You may search using the keyword (Telecommunication/ Telecommunication services) to get related journals, trade publications, magazines, etc., and filter the same as per your requirement.

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