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TRACXN database tracks start-ups for more than 1900+ sectors globally. It covers new features like Deadpool List, BlueBox, and Soonicorn Club to help investors make better decisions. Founders are seasoned professionals and have worked for Sequoia Capital, BCG, Accel Partners, and Amazon in the past. It is a market intelligence platform for private market investing and corporate development. It offers a SaaS platform through which VCs, PEs, and helps discover companies at different growth and investment stages, track funding trends and patterns, and avail on-demand analyst support.

Access: Please register at with your IIMB email ID, it will be authenticated by the technical team of Tracxn, and you will receive an email with login credentials.

Please note, only reports can be downloaded in PDF format from the 'report section'.


16M + Companies covered on the platform
1978 + Sectors
9000 + Companies added on weekly
200 + Reports added on weekly
1M + Unfunded & seed companies 

200 + Geo Covered

1M + Business Model

Tracxn "Mobile App"

Benefits: You can get details on the following:

  • Comprehensive curated competitors of any company
  • Round by round funding info with key investors and amounts
  • Details on proprietary Market Taxonomy for every company
  • Snapshot of basic company details, including founding, location, and team.

Please note:

  1. For Android, you can download the “Tracxn” from Google Play Store and log-in with using your registered credentials.
  2. For iPhone, Type in your native browser (Safari), click on the Share / Upload icon, and choose “Add to Home screen.” Set the name of your choice for the icon created, Once Tracxn is added to the home screen of your iPhone. Click this icon and log into Tracxn using your registered credentials.

(For more information & video tutorial, please click on devices (Android/iOS) symbol on the right top after log-in Tracxn database)

(Kindly note, First-time users who use the Tracxn might need to Sign Up to log-in using IIMB domain- within the campus (One-time) from our library site to access Tracxn database)





Tracxn “Browser Extension”

Tracxn ‘Browser Extension’ helps to understand its business model, funding, investors, and positioning of the company amongst its competitor set and other key metrics quickly.

  1. This single click extension allows access to relevant data points without leaving the company's web page, enabling faster decision making
  2. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

Install Extension (one time):

Download and install the extension (based on the browser used) from the Tracxn Home page. To know about extension installation, please click on browser (Chrome/Mozilla) symbol on the right top after log-in Tracxn database.

Using extension for quick prospecting:

  • The extension turns green if the company is funded
  • Click an extension to review the company summary
  • The detailed profile of the company can be viewed by clicking ‘View Complete Profile’ at the bottom of the page in the extension

(Please note, you must log in using your registered credentials in the Tracxn database before using browser Extension.)