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IIMB Library Newsletter August 2021: August2021

August 2021




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Databases Renewed


Choice Reviews

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  Choice, Access: Campus Wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Choice Reviews is helpful as a selection tool, which facilities to select titles based on reviews. It publishes approximately 500-600 reviews each month in sub-disciplines like Humanities, Science and Technology, and the Social and Behavioural Sciences. 

Refinitiv-SDC Mergers & Acquisition

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  TSJ Media Pvt Ltd., Access: Campus Wide multiuser,  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

The Venture Intelligence Private Equity Deal Database lists cash-for-equity investments (since 1998) and exits (since 2004) in India-based companies by private equity and venture capital firms. The database also includes financial investments by Strategic Investors which function similar to PE/VC firms and often co-invest with them. The database also includes sub-databases tracking Angel Investing, Social Venture/Impact Investing.

Data Coverage: • PE/VC Investments from Jan 1998 • PE/VC Exits – IPO(PE) from Jan 2000.

Venture Intelligence - Capita Mergers and Acquisitions

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:  TSJ Media Pvt Ltd., Access: Campus Wide multiuser,  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

The Venture Intelligence Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Database lists inbound, outbound and domestic deals involving India-based companies. Each deal listed in this database typically includes the name of the target company and acquirer, their locations, the Industry & Sector (of the target), transaction amount and the deal date. Apart from the deal-by-deal listing, the database also provides aggregate M&A statistics.

Data Coverage: • Mergers & Acquisitions Database from Jan 2004.

Manupatra Database

Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name: Manupatra Info. Solution Pvt Ltd., Access: Campus Wide multiuser  Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Manupatra is Indian Legal information database comprising Legal and Business module. Database includes case updates from Supreme Court and all High courts, Orders of Tribunals· 1100 Central Acts with all amendments incorporated, Notification Circulars of 36 Government of India ministries including SEBI & RBI- updated daily. Full Text of Bills in Parliament & Ordinances, Agreements & Drafts, Committee Reports, Stamp Duty, Court Fees & Court Rules etc.

India Business Insight

Resource Type: Online, Company Name: Informatics Publishing Ltd., Access: Campus Wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari

Indian Business Insight covers 1,493,752 business stories summarized and compiled since 1993 and adds over 80,000 records every year. The database has an index of 96,320 organisations under 44 industry segments and 12,220 products. Besides, articles of INDIA BUSINESS INSIGHT are indexed under 75 Business concepts.

Data Coverage: • 91,000 companies • 44+Industries • 12,200+Products • 75+Key business terms • 325+Sources


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name: Bloomberg Data Services Pvt Ltd., Access: Available only Library Data Centre (Standalone Database), Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari

Bloomberg has data on more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies & funds. It covers most every publicly traded company in the world and has profiles on more than a million people. Navigation in Bloomberg is different from most other databases you use. Bloomberg is a decentralized command driven system. The commands are represented by codes.  


Resource Type:  Online,   Company Name:CARMA, Access: Campus Wide multiuser, Browser Support: IE, Chrome, Mozilla & Safari,  Type:  Installation based

CARMA, the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, is an interdisciplinary consortium. It helps to faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistics

Features: • To provide continuing education on research methods and data analysis (introductory to advanced level topics) for graduate students, faculty at various stages of their careers, and professionals • To serve as a resource for those who teach research methods and data analysis • To foster a sense of community among organizational scholars in research methods


Resource Type: Offline, Company Name: CMIE, Access: Campus Wide multiuser(Register with IIMB webmail)Browser Support: IE, Chrome,Mozilla & Safari


The CapExdx database contains the history of implementation of projects since 1995. Over 50,000 projects have been tracked. It includes projects those for infrastructure, manufacturing or even services. These could be implemented by the government, private sector companies or foreign companies.



Popular Journals

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Newly Added E-books

Title: The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation (2 ed.); Editor: Marshall Scott Poole and Andrew H. Van de Ven; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9780191881220
Title: Evolutionary Processes and Organizational Adaptation: A Mendelian Perspective on Strategic Management; Author: Daniel A. Levinthal; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9780191897375
Title: Superstar Sales : A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Build Rapport, and Close More Sales; Editor: Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh; Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser; Year: 2013; ISBN: 9781601635273

Title: Driving Innovation from Within : A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs; Author: Kaihan Krippendorff; Publisher: Columbia University Press; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9780231548366
Title: Ownership Structure, Related Party Transactions, and Firm Valuation; Author: Amrinder Khosa, Kamran Ahmed and Darren Henry; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9781108679008
Title: Advances in Experimental Social Psychology; Author: Mark P. Zanna and Mark P. Zanna; Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology; Year: 1998; ISBN: 9780080567440

Title: Architecture and Patterns for IT Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance: Making Shoes for the Cobbler's Children; Author: Charles T. Betz and Charles T Betz; Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology; Year: 2006; ISBN: 9780080488349
Title: Big Data Analytics : Turning Big Data into Big Money; Author: Frank J. Ohlhorst; Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated; Year: 2012; ISBN: 9781118225820
Title: Business Schools and their Contribution to Society; Author: Mette Morsing and Alfons Sauquet Rovira; Publisher: SAGE Publications; Year: 2011; ISBN: 9781446253830

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Newly Added Print Books

Title: The nonprofit strategy revolution : real-time strategic planning in a rapid-response world ; Author: David La Piana ; with Melissa Mendes Campos; Publisher: Turner Publishing Company; Year: 2018; ISBN: 9781684421794
Title: How clients buy : a practical guide to business development for consulting and professional services; Author: Tom McMakin and Doug Fletcher; Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Year: 2018; ISBN: 9781119434702
Title: The sales enablement playbook; Author: Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey; Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9781546744764

Title: The cult of We : WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the great startup delusion; Author: Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell; Publisher: Mudlark; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9780008389390
Title: Landslide : the final days of the Trump presidency; Author: Michael Wolff; Publisher: The Bridge Street Press; Year: 2021; ISBN: 9781408714652
Title: Elgar introduction to organizational discourse analysis; Author: arco Berti; Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing; Year: 2017; ISBN: 9781786436368

Title: Culture shift : a practical guide to managing organizational culture; Author: Kristy Bashforth; Publisher: SBloomsbury Business; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9781472966209
Title: Turn the ship around! : a true story of turning followers into leaders; Author: L. David Marquet ; foreword by Stephen R. Covey; Publisher: Penguin Business; Year: 2019; ISBN: 9780241250945
Title: Complex networks VI : proceedings of the 6th workshop on complex networks CompleNet 2015; Editor: Giuseppe Mangioni, Filippo Simini, Stephen Miles Uzzo and Dashun Wang; Publisher: Springer International Publishing; Year: 2015; ISBN: 9783319386508

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