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CAPA (Airline Industry)

Steps: Log-in CAPA database>>Click on Data tab>>Select Fleet>>Select Result Range from the left side>>Click on Search>>Click on Export to export the data>>you may select particular columns to export the data. (Please contact for accessing CAPA database)


Steps: log-in CEIC database >> Click on India Premium Database >> click on Transportation, Post and Telecom Sector >> Click on Aviation >> select the check box to download the data. Please click here to learn more about data extraction.

CMIE Industry Outlook

Steps: Please Go to Industries on the left side >> choose Transport Services >> click on Air Transport & Allied Services >> Choose any parameter & select any one tab like Analysis, Annual financials, Quarterly Financials, Stock returns, Capex, market share, or forecast as per your requirement to download data.

CRISIL Research:

Steps: login to Crisil >> Go to Industry tab >> select Travel & choose Airline services >> Choose any section as per your requirement >> click on Pdf generator from left side icon to download the file.

(Please note, Crisil registration will be done from back-end batch-wise. You will receive an activation email from Crisil. If you face any issue, please contact Kindly do not register yourself.)

Dion Insight

Steps: Please go to Research tab >> Click on “Select Industry” >> Type Industry name or select “Airlines” from Industry Fundamentals >> select the parameters from the left panel to download the data as per your requirement.


Steps: Please click on Industries tab >> choose any one industry >> click on anyone like reports, charts & interviews to download as per your requirement.

EMIS Intelligence

Steps: Client login to EMIS >> Type the keyword Air Transportation” >> click on any reports from listed results >> filter your search Industry reports/Industry News/Industry Statistics as per your requirement.


Steps: Please click on Industry from Companies/Markets tab >> Choose Aerospace/Defense industry >> Choose any section like Industry Snapshot/Peer Comparison/News/Analysis and Profiles to download the data as per your requirement.

Frost & Sullivan

Steps: log in with your name and institute email ID >> click on browse to select industry >>choose the sub-sector under Aerospace & Defence  >> Filter Region/Country/Type & click on listed results to download the report as per your requirement.

ICRA Industry Report

Steps: Please login to ICRA database >> go Research tab >> select Airlines from the corporate sector list >> download the report as per your requirement.

(Please contact to for ICRA access)

Steps: Please click on the login tab on the top >> click at “Through IP LOGIN.” >> click on “Transport” section >> Again, click on Transport tab >> select the report from the listed result as per your requirement.


Steps: Please go to Sectors tab >> Click on “Aerospace & Defense”  >> filter the results like geography, content type & date to download the data as per your requirement.


Steps: Log-in OAG database>>Click on top right Schedule Analyser or Traffic analyse>>Select schedule changes report>>Define parameter from left side like period, types of flight, carrier, origin & destination, equipment and service type>>Click on Run option on bottom>>Click on top Export option to save your report with name and different format like CSV, XLS, etc.>>go to Job Bin to download reports.

(Please contact for accessing the OAG database.)

Passport Euromonitor

Steps: Please click on Industries tab >> choose Travel industry >> Select Airlines & Geography from Country Reports section >> Click on “Go” filter your search from the left panel and click on the download symbol on the top left corner >> Enter your name & Password to get the report.


Rdcapex (Airline Industry-Fare Module)

Steps: Log-in Rdcapex >> click on APPS tab >> Choose Fare Analysis or Financial data >> filter your search from Query Builder/Time-series/network scatter as per your requirement to download same.

(Please contact for accessing the Rdcapex database.)


Steps: Please click on “All Industries” from Statistics tab >> click on Aviation from Transportation & Logistics section >> choose reports from listed results as per your requirement to download the same.

Other Database/ Aggregators:

ABI/Inform Complete:

You may search using the keyword to get Air industry-related reports, books, articles, etc. and filter the same as per your requirement.

EBSCO Business Source Complete:

You may search using the keyword to get Air industry-related journals, trade publications, and magazines, etc., and filter the same as per your requirement.

Airline Industry Videos:

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