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Ace Analyzer

Ace Equity Analyser

Ace Analyser database includes company information, equity markets, commodities markets, Derivative Markets and macro economy overview of India. It includes financial and non-financial information of companies and Sector. It covers annual reports from 2008 for listed companies.

No. of Companies

Listed / Unlisted / Indian / Overseas

Coverage (Annual Report)

Companies: 38000

Listed: 7800

2008 to 2017 

Unlisted: 30200


General Snapshot
Background Information
Board of Directors
Company News
Latest Events
Digital Annual Reports
Credit Rating
Award of Order/Contracts/Projects
Corporate Filing
Financials Financial Highlights
Financial Highlights Cons
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Cons
Balance Sheet Abstract
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet (New)
Profit & Loss Cons
Cash Flow
Cash Flow Cons
Segment Finance
Segment Finance Cons
Expenditure on R & D
P & F Consumption
P & F (Unit Wise)
Deferred Tax
Deferred Tax - Cons
Related Party Transaction
Related Party Details
Company Vs Industry
Lease Agreements
Employee Benefits
Banks – Sector Exposure
Ratios Financial Ratios
Financial Ratios Cons
Valuation Ratios
Valuation Ratios Cons
Cash Flow Ratios
Cash Flow Ratios Cons
Banks -(RBI)
Du Pont Analysis
SharePrice Stock Cues
Share Price
Bulk Deals
Block Deals
Deliverable Volume
Stock Return
Technical Chart
Beta Analysis
Average Volume
Technical Analysis
Daily Moving Average
Interim Results Quarterly
Quarterly Cons
Half Yearly
Half Yearly Cons
9 Monthly
9 Months Cons
Full Yearly
Full Yearly Cons
Result Balancesheet
Interim Highlights (Annual)
Trailing Quarter
Trailing Quarter Cons
Quarterly Segment
Half Yearly Segment
Yearly Segment
Digital Interim Results
Result Commentary
Result Analysis
TTM Cons
Products Finished Products
Raw Materials
Inventory (Closing Stocks)
Raw Materials (Imported & Indigenous)
Equity Shareholding Pattern
Capital History
MF Holdings
Bonus History
Dividend History
QIP Performance
Reports Director's Reports
Management Discussion
Auditors Reports
Notes to accounts
Chairman's  Speech
Corporate Governance

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