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Company Profiles: EMIS

EMIS (ISI Emerging Markets)

EMIS provides country data from local and international sources. Provides Company profiles, financial analysis and research and Industry analyses, research, statistics, top companies in a selected industry. EMIS financial score reflects the company position with the internal financial strength.


This database covers about 80 emerging markets and 1.4m+ Companies (around 100 unlisted companies)It includes financial statements, Annual statements, Interim statements, 5,40,000+ research reports every year (Broker research and Non-broker research reports)3000+News Publication, 2700+ Research Publication and 25000+news articles everyday.

Access: Campus Wide Multiuser.

Steps: How to Access EMIS

Ex: Report of Wipro Company

Step 1. Go to the IIMB Library website: or Venus site >>select Databases tab >> A to Z >> EMIS Intelligence

Step 2. Click on Client log in >> Select My full subscription >> Continue >>Type Company Name “Wipro Ltd” >> Search

Step 3. Select Report from left side of the window >> Click on file to download or click on ‘Add to My EMIS’ to add to dashboard.



EMIS_Access Video