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New Arrivals: eBooks

New Arrivals

New Accessions

Electronic Books

Advanced R
An Evaluation of the Benefits and Value of Libraries
Becoming a Lean Library
Coalitions and competition
Counting on Marilyn Waring : New Advances in
  Feminist Economics

Development economics in the twenty-first

Digital detachment
Econometrics in a formal science of economics
Economic theory and its history
Ethics and Diversity in Business Management

India Development Update : Unlocking Women's

India: preparation for the world of work
India’s foreign relations, 1947–2007
Managing change and people in libraries
Managing the reality of virtual organizations
Multilevel modelling using R
Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Strategic Management
Psycho-social analysis of the Indian mindset
The evolution of economies
The globalization of business
The Internet Power and Society
The Oxford handbook of diversity and work
The Oxford handbook of leader-member exchange
The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment
  and selection

The world that trade created
A Business Model for Entrepreneurship
A Handbook of Environmental Management
A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy, Second Edition
A Handbook of Industrial Ecology
A Monetary History of Norway, 1816-2016
A Narrative Approach to Business Growth
A New Generation in International Strategic Management
Business History
Business Models for Sustainability
Changing Stocks, Flows and Behaviors in Industrial Ecosystems
China and the Multinationals
Classics in Port Policy and Management
Climate Change and Flood Risk Management
Collective Knowledge Management
Comparative Ocean Governance
Competitive Strategy
Complexity and Crisis in the Financial System
Contracts and Trust in Alliances
Cooperative Strategies: Alliance Governance
Corporate Culture and Environmental Practice
Corporate Governance in Modern Financial Capitalism
Corporate Governance of Sustainability
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Performance
Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe
Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century
Corporate Strategies under International Terrorism and Adversity
Corporate Strategy
Corporate Strategy and Firm Growth
Creating Ecological Value
Cross-Cultural Management in Practice
Culture and Group Processes
Economic Advice and Rhetoric
Economic Instruments for Water Management
Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility
Emerging Asian Economies and MNCs Strategies
Emerging Dynamics of Sustainability in Multinational Enterprises
Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Excellence
Entrepreneurial Growth in Industrial Districts
Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Entrepreneurship in Recession
Environmental Policy and Corporate Behaviour
Fast Growing Firms in a Slow Growth Economy
Flourishing in Life, Work and Careers
Free to Fail
Furthering Environmental Impact Assessment
Global Clusters of Innovation
Global Outsourcing Strategies
Growing the Virtual Workplace
Handbook of Chinese Organizational Behavior
Handbook of Conflict Management Research
Handbook of Contemporary Research on Emerging Markets
Handbook of Corporate Sustainability
Handbook of Developments in Consumer Behaviour
Handbook of Economic Organization
Handbook of Emerging Market Multinational Corporations
Handbook of Employee Commitment
Handbook of Entrepreneurial Cognition
Handbook of Gendered Careers in Management
Handbook of Healthcare Management
Handbook of Human Resource Management in the Middle East
Handbook of Intuition Research
Handbook of Management and Creativity
Handbook of Marketing and Finance
Handbook of Organizational and Entrepreneurial Ingenuity
Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Innovation
Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Social Capital
Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Spatially Integrated Social Science
Handbook of Research on Born Globals
Handbook of Research on Business Angels
Handbook of Research on Comparative Human Resource Management
Handbook of Research on Corporate Entrepreneurship
Handbook of Research on Customer Equity in Marketing
Handbook of Research on Employee Voice
Handbook of Research on Family Business, Second Edition
Handbook of Research on Global Corporate Citizenship
Handbook of Research on Innovation in Tourism Industries
Handbook of Research on International Advertising
Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management
Handbook of Research on Islamic Business Ethics
Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management
Handbook of Research on Management Ideas and Panaceas
Handbook of Research on Managing Managers
Handbook of Research on Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility
Handbook of Research on Mergers and Acquisitions
Handbook of Research on Sport and Business
Handbook of Research on Strategy and Foresight
Handbook of Research on Strategy Process
Handbook of Research on Sustainable Careers
Handbook of Research on the Learning Organization
Handbook of Sustainability Assessment
Handbook of Sustainable Development Planning
Handbook on Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions
Handbook on Ethics and Marketing
Handbook on Green Infrastructure
Handbook on International Alliance and Network Research
Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship
Handbook on Research in Relationship Marketing
Handbook on the Economics and Theory of the Firm
Handbook on the Globalisation of Agriculture
Handbook on Waste Management
Handbook on Water Security
How Can HR Drive Growth?
How Concepts Solve Management Problems
How to Get Published in the Best Management Journals
Improving Irrigation in Asia
Industrial Ecology and Spaces of Innovation
Innovation Spaces in Asia
Innovation, Technology and Economic Change
International and Global Strategy
International Perspectives on Business Innovation and Disruption in Design
International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology
Language in International Business
Making Fishery Agreements Work
Management Consulting
Management Education for the World
Managing in Dynamic Business Environments
Managing the Contemporary Multinational
Managing Virtual Teams
Managing Wetlands
Marketing Rural Tourism
Measuring Organizational Performance
Merger and Acquisition Strategies
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mobile Telecommunications Networks
Multinational Enterprises and the Challenge of Sustainable Development
Networks and Institutions in Natural Resource Management
Neuroeconomics and the Firm
New Perspectives on Firm Growth
Operations Strategy in Action
Organisational Transformation in the Russian Oil Industry
Payments for Environmental Services, Forest Conservation and Climate Change
Promoting Sustainable Electricity in Europe
Reputation Risk and Globalisation
Research Companion to Green International Management Studies
Research Handbook of Entrepreneurial Exit
Research Handbook on Digital Transformations
Research Handbook on Directors’ Duties
Research Handbook on Employee Turnover
Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Finance
Research Handbook on Executive Pay
Research Handbook on Export Marketing
Research Handbook on Shareholder Power
Research Handbook on Sustainable Co-operative Enterprise
Research Handbook on the Globalization of Chinese Firms
Restructuring Work and Employment in Europe
Rethinking Corporate Governance
Rethinking Voluntary Approaches in Environmental Policy
Routines, Strategies and Management
Shale Gas and the Future of Energy
Social Capital in Business
Software Ecosystems
Sport Management
Stakeholder Theory
Stakeholders, the Environment and Society
Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic Challenges for the Base of the Pyramid
Strategic Innovation in Small Firms
Strategic Reconfigurations
Strategies for New Venture Development
Strategies for Sustainable Technologies and Innovations
Technology Strategy and Innovation Management
The Internationalisation of Business R&D
The Role of Elites in Economic Development
World Yearbook of Education 2015, Elites, Privilege and Excellence: The National and Global Redefinition of Educational Advantage

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